Mad To Be Normal at the Glasgow Film Festival

Interview with star David Tennant and director Robert Mullen about bringing the complex character of R D Laing to the screen.

eight-nine-tennant  asked:

Hey, so i dunno if you noticed, but on mobile your icon perfectly covers Shitty's shorts, to the point where it looks very nude lmao just wanted to tell you in case you didnt know haha

haha this is not the first ask i’ve gotten about this. i will admit it was not intentional but it makes me very happy so i have never changed it. i think shitty would approve.

Edit: in case anyone wants to see. lol 

my icon was made by the beautiful @ziimbits and art is by ngozi. 

anonymous asked:

Are you sure DT is really going bald? Or is it possibly just the angle and way his hair was laying? I am distraught

Well, his lovely dad was bald, I think. It’s only the matter of time when our David will go bald as well….

Okay, in fact I have no idea. Maybe it was just an unfortunate way his hair has set. But let’s be real it’s quite a big spot. His hair roots (is this the correct name in English?) couldn’t just move xd Okay, I have no idea :’D I wish him to keep his hair as long as possible, because = perfection. I guess we have to wait for other pictures of the back of his head.