MUTTON CHOPS. MUTTON. CHOPS. *dies laughing*

In othet news, I knew I could trust you Neil. Everyone else was freaking out about the mad 80’s hair on Crowley. But I had faith, and it has been REDEEMED.

*gasps laughing from the floor* chops ha ha …

In other news, I was overall lukewarm towards Sheen. Tenant was the apple of my eye.

But seeing these production pics, I’m feeling the begining of love. Look at his face! Look at his stupid, adorable face! He’s like a happy little lamb.

Imagine having recently started dating the Doctor and having already expressed your desire to “get jiggy” with him. He’s already said no, not because he doesn’t want to (he REALLY wants to) but because the whole different species thing adds “complications” that could be “unpredictable”. Imagine continuously making innuendoes to try and change his mind. Imagine his smirk every time his resistance crumbles just a little bit from your words.

“I’m a little busy!”
“You and I COULD be getting busy right now, you know. In private.”
“*gif* Stop it, you.”

(Is this too PG-13? XD What even is this blog rated? Do blogs have ratings? I don’t even know anymore ;D)

Imagine the Doctor accidentally walking in on you while you’re changing. Then, for the entire remainder of the time you know him, each time you mention it, or even tell him you’re going to get dressed, he spaces out with wide eyes.

“Alright I’m gonna go change now, Doctor. Sound good?”
“Doc… C'mon, we talked about this… Hellooooo? … Doctor!”

Imagine the Doctor needing someone to risk their life to save the day. You fit all of the requirements and as his companion, you’re completely prepared to take the risk. When you try to point this out to him, he immediately shuts you out.

“No. Not you.”
“What? Why not? I can fit through that hole and I’m the only person here who-”
“I said NO! Stop it, someone else can go.”