The Tenth Doctor and Alec Hardy introducing their partners to important people from their past (and then dashing off)

Doctor Who - Series 2, School Reunion
Broadchurch - Series 2, Episode 1

He’s like fire, and ice, and rage.

(Tenth Doctor Cosplay from Doctor Who Series 2 to Series 4)

RADIO PREMIERE: David Tennant Stars In Terror In The South Seas: The Beach Of Falesa Today   

As part of BBC Radio 4’s Robert Louis Stevenson season, David Tennant today stars in the first of two adaptations of stories from the Scottish writer’s collection South Sea Tales. David takes on the role of Wiltshire in a new production of Stevenson’s classic novella The Beach Of Falesa, which is broadcast as part of the miniseries Terror In The South Seas. The tale was written by Stevenson after he settled on the island of Samoa.

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Check out the Radio Times this week, this little spot illustration is to supplement an article about a new radio drama ‘Terror in the South Sea’s, based on the novellas by Robert Louis Stevenson set in 1890 Samoa.

'David Tennant stars as Wiltshire, a trader freshly arrived on a Samoan Island. He marries a native girl, only to find himself tabooed by the rest of the inhabitants.

At the height of his powers, Stevenson tackled the most pressing theme on the islands - the vicious effects of colonialism including slavery, racism, sexual exploitation and the conflict between traditional and modern values. The subjects are as vivid today as in 1894, and these compelling and violent stories feature some of the most driven, dangerous and obsessive characters in fiction. Joseph Conrad drew on these novellas for Heart of Darkness.’

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