good times were had. I had david sign the part of the play where he has an orgasm on stage (see top left). because why the fuck not. 😁 he was in way too much of a rush to notice, anyway. but it amuses me. I have his signature on plenty of tickets and other stuff, so this was a spot of self-indulgence.

the pic is shaky but he is handsome as ever. I very much enjoyed watching him be a debauched lech tonight. 😘👌


David Tennant Don Juan in Soho Stagedoor 18th March 2017 

“I Will Stop Your Mouth” - Digital Oil Painting

Much Ado About Nothing is probably my favorite Shakespeare play, so I wanted to combine Billie’s version with David’s version! Billie was a great Hero, I liked that she didn’t really get back together with Claudio in the end, but I think she’d make a great Beatrice, too!

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I haven’t posted here in like 5ever, but I think it’s worth posting today to mark this milestone - me and @dunderklumpen are at the wyndham theatre to see david tennant!

last time david did a play here, he was doing much ado about nothing with catherine tate. me and laura were barely a blip on each other’s radars, but in the following months we bonded over tennant squeeing and doctor who nerdiness. now we’ve been friends for six years, we’ve seen david tennant twice (including tonight) and john simm in two different plays (but four times 😂).

so tonight we’ve come full circle! back where the seeds of our friendship and mutual squee were sown.

❤️ to my dw and david tennant followers still hanging about. 😘


David Tennant Don Juan in Soho Stage door 17th March 2017