tenma ranger

Ei Hamura well known for playing Shoji of the Heavenly Gravity Star made his own Ranger keys because he is a Super Sentai Fan and even brought the Tenma Ranger key he made with him to be shown on camera. Here’s a comparison of his Ranger Key and the ones Toei made. Mr. Hamura’s key is on the left. What do you guys think?


[BATTLE] Dairanger vs. Necklace Priestess & Ring Priestess.

When Kasumi and Kou were talking on a pier, Necklace Priestess showed up. She captured Kasumi and Ring Priestess incapacitated Shouji with a restraining band. Kou ran off and found Kasumi’s mother playing tennis. The woman was more concerned about her game than her daughter, though.

Once Shishi Ranger freed Shouji, the five Dairanger regrouped to fight Ring Priestess. 

Ring Priestess faced off with Tenma Ranger. The monster pretended to leave before blasting Tenma.

Tenma Ranger shot his opponent with his Dai Buster. Finally, he unleashed his Pegasus High Speed Revolving Kicks maneuver. Ring Priestess retreated since she was outnumbered.

From: Episode 19

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[ATTACK] Linear Fist Central Bullet Train.

In episode 11, Magnet Priest magnetized the Dairanger so they couldn’t come near each other and perform their finishing attack.

However, the heroes came up with a way to utilize their magnetism - the Linear Fist Central Bullet Train (リニア拳・中央新幹線; Rinia ken chuuou shinkansen) maneuver. The other Dairanger propelled Tenma Ranger forward, allowing him to strike the enemy at superhuman speed.

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