tenma is adorable

I could talk about Tenma’s adorableness literally all day - he is the most cute character in the whole world - I feel like he’s maybe cuter than Kirino is beautiful? NO I DIDNT SAY THAT IT DOESNT COUNT Anyway

I’m sorry this is so repetitive but everything from his voice to his face to his personality is pure maple syrup and pancakes… Every time I think about him I wanna squeal out loud. I love Kirino the most but Tenma brings out the part of me that wants to squee over his cuteness~

I know some people find him a little bit annoying and honestly I can see why but he could never annoy me…

I feel like TenFei is cuteness overload. A cinnamon roll and a bunny rabbit together. The universe would explode.

Tenma is so innocent and pure. The only time he was ever truly angry was in the InaDan crossover movie when Fran said she wanted to erase the world. I’ve never heard anger in his voice like that before. ‘You can’t do that Fran!’ But it only lasted for that one line. Then he became sympathetic again. He’s such a sweet, sweet boy~

Kay Tenma rant done for tonight. Heads up - will probably make a Tenma rant every so often. I need to get my love out. I share my love for Kirino through buying merch but I need to talk about Tenma~