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Can we see "King" Chabashira?

and “King” Chabashira!

I’ve never drawn these two before (i actually haven’t drawn most of the ndrv3 kids…) so apologies if they look a little weird ^^ 

And please keep the requests coming! Next I’m going to be doing Kiibo, then Amami, and Iruma ^^

Card Suits AU - Characters List

So in this post I’m just going to be going over which characters are in which kingdom, and their role in said kingdom uwu

Kingdom of Hearts

- King: Ouma Kokichi

- Queen: Iruma Miu

- Jack: Kiibo (Posted w/ Amami)

- Ace: Angie Yonaga

Kingdom of Clubs

- King: Saihara Shuichi

- Queen: Akamatsu Kaede

- Jack: Momota Kaito

- Ace: Harukawa Maki

Kingdom of Diamonds

- ”King”: Chabashira Tenko (Posted w/ Toujou)

- Queen: Yumeno Himiko

- Jack: Shirogane Tsumugi

- Ace: Gokuhara Gonta

Kingdom of Spades

- King: Amami Rantarou (Posted w/ Kiibo)

- Queen: Toujou Kirumi (Posted w/ Chabashira)

- Jack: Hoshi Ryouma

- Ace: Shinguuji Korekiyo

(Also, please feel free to request which character you’d like to see a design of, otherwise I’m pretty much going to go straight down this list in order.)


We got the first few copies of Tenko King Volume 1 off the printer to check ‘em out and make sure they look good, before printing the full run – and at the risk of sounding biased, THEY LOOK GREAT!

Could not be happier with how they turned out, and the amazing support, encouragement, and patience from our backers who helped bring this to life.

So excited to get the rest printed and shipped out!

So… instead of sleeping… I decided to finish this Tenko King fan art. In case you’re not in the know, Tenko King is the upcoming adventure comic by my fellow Strip Search combatant, Father x2 and all around swell (read: old) guy: Tavis Maiden.

Did you want to be a part of history? You still can. Send this guy your love and money and tell all your friends that you knew about Tenko King before it was cool. Cause trust me, it’s gonna be cool.