So it’s that time of year, that special day, when you want to celebrate your favourite minor prince of tennis character’s birthday. And you know, after last year I thought, how could I improve? what totally cool thing could I do to show my dedication? And… well, yeah.

So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHINEN! Please stay your lovably weird ass self, I know I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m putting in a birthday wish on your behalf for an on screen appearance and a line of dialogue. Here’s to you! 

Higa 40.5 Profie Translation: Tanishi Kei

Okay! I can’t let a Higa birthday pass without posting a translation, actually I’ve got two. Anyway, I love Tanishi, seriously love. He’s a gigantic, aggressive, gluttonous, belligerent asshole. But enough about his good points. He’s larger than life in every way (and 82% muscle), wears his emotions, good or bad, on his sleeve, and is fiercely loyal to his team of ineffectual villains. And I think he’s cute.

So here’s Tanishi’s extended 40.5 profile for those who care to read it, and in a little while I’ll post his Shinteni 10.5 profile. HBD Tanishi-kun!

(Once again I’m gonna say that my translations are by no means perfect and I’m willing and happy to receive corrections if I’ve made a mistake.)

Translations of Higa’s basic fanbook stats can be found here. There are full translations of Chinen, Kite, Aragaki and Shiranui’s profile pages on the fanbook lj community.  Kai’s can be found in my translation index here.

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