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Those Time Forgot

As part of @wipweek Day 1: Oldest WIP, here is the next chapter of TTF.

Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Characters: Echizen Ryoma, Fuji Yumiko
Notes: Gen, Fantasy AU

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Random Talks In The First Day At School #1
  • My Friend: In the next 10 years, there gonna be someone who uploads stuff like Tenipuri and says " If you still remember this, you must have had a wonderful childhood "
  • Me: LOL As if Konomi-sensei will let Tenipuri end in the next 10 years, it's been more than 10 years and the boys are still middle schooler
the signs as stuff that's happened in tenipuri things
  • aries: kirihara falling asleep on his bus ride back home and ending up all the way in tokyo
  • taurus: jirou playing tennis in his boxers
  • gemini: "tennis" being a swear word during the volleyball episode
  • cancer: comedy tennis
  • leo: tezuka pulling down inui's pants while inui is floating across the grill
  • virgo: kintaro and echizen destroying the courts while playing a game of tennis because kintaro decided to turn himself into a human tornado
  • libra: 'well if it isn't sunday!'
  • scorpio: eiji cloning himself so he can play doubles with himself even though he's in a singles match
  • sagittarius: atobe blowing up the world not once but twice with a single bomb
  • capricorn: ryoga (who is canonically ryoma's older brother and looks exactly like him but older) eating an orange with the peel still on
  • aquarius: tokugawa getting stabbed by a skeleton while playing tennis
  • pisces: fuji killing a man

THIS IS ALL I COULD ELABORATE THIS WEEK i want to slap myself in the face. I really wanted to do something else for my otp but i’m working on some other tenipuri stuff T_T

So please enjoy Shishido growing his hair out again and their beautiful height difference. None of these are prompts, i am sorry @tenipurishippingweeks does this count as Silver & Light? Thank you for your hard work :D