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30 Days of TeniPuri

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9. Your favorite tennis match or story arc

Favorite Tennis Match? 

I have a lot. And it’s so unfair to just pick one. So I’ll have a top five.

1. Tezuka vs Atobe

My favorite tennis match would have been Tezuka vs Atobe. It was pure tennis skills, somewhat dramatic…really epic. It was when everything about PoT-tennis was still, basically, realistic. I still can not accept the fact, though, that Tezuka lost because of his injured arm but still, I guess, the totality of that match was just beyond great. :)) It was one of those early matches where two of the greatest beasts are facing each other. Tezuka and Atobe were just damn great here.

And that was the time that the infamous Hyoutei/Atobe chant debuted. See? No wonder, I never hated Atobe even after that match. XD;;

2. Ryoma vs Atobe

When I say it was awesomeness, it’s awesomeness.

How did it started? Synchronized laughing. How did it ended? Atobe getting his hair shaved off. 

It did started great and ended awesomely but the best parts of this match are the happenings between the beginning and the ending. Atobe’s Insight. Ryoma’s full Muga no Kyouchi mode. Atobe’s World of Ice. Echizen (Nanjirou) Zone. Fantastic. I actually admired how well it was made in the OVA. The music’s so cool, the styling and Atobe’s WoI animated was damn gorgeous!

Atobe was playing for Hyoutei. Koshimae was playing for Seigaku. Having the cockiest characters give their all for their team. Man, that’s just really awesomeness.

3. Golden Pair vs Niou/Yagyuu

Screw the anime! This was the most legendary doubles match. 

This was the coolest doubles match for me. The Switch was crazy cool! The moment where Niou revealed the trick…OHMYGOD, I just had my jaw dropped. That conceited smirk he got…unbelievable! It was also amazingly hilarious how all of those times it was actually the gentleman, Yagyuu, who was being a jerk. XD Awesome mind raping is awesome.

And then the birth of Oishi’s Territory. It was wonderful. Doubles matches are usually ignored by some fans but they are amazing, really. And Oishi’s Territory is one of the best tactics created.

And then, dammit, you see the animated version. It was so unnerving. I am clenching the remote control of our tv so hard from irritation whenever I try to watch the animated Kantou Finals D1. It was that painful. I was mainly irked by the fact of how weak they made Niou in comparison with Yagyuu. Grrrr.

4. Tezuka vs Sanada

(LOL @ the image I used. It’s Tezuka and Sanada’s shoes. XDD)

OKEY! The ultimate broken techniques in full action. FuRinKaZan vs Tezuka Zone. Tezuka Phantom vs Rai. It was crazy. Even emotional at times. Now, that’s really great.

5. Tezuka vs Kite

Only because Hyoutei and Shitenhouji watched it.

And more importantly, the Three Demons watched it!

Sanada being badass with Seigaku regulars not knowing about Hyakuren..“Fools. They go to the same school and they don’t even know." Whack!

Yukimura first shown with his uniform…"It’s been a while…since I’ve seen Tezuka use ‘that’.” *me is happy* It implied that Tezuka, Sanada and Yukimura had history together. I assumed right away that they played for the same school before middle high. Several chapters later, Sanada’s flashback revealed different things but still…I was happy that they knew of each other even before.

Again, screw the anime for omitting those parts instead put Oishi to explain everything. I was like WHATTHEHELL!?!? What’s the problem with you people?

And one more thing why i liked this match was that this showed Koshimae that Tezuka was still the real boss in Seigaku…“I remember you telling me once to become Seigaku’s pillar of support….I will take it from you. I will take Seigaku’s pillar from your hands.”

Okey, i think top five is not enough. HAHAHA. Okey I’ll have ten!

6. Ryoma vs Sanada (MANGA!)

The anime version just SUCKS! BIG TIME!

It can’t even be compared on how awesome this match had been.

Ryoma battling his first big BEAST, ruthless opponent. It’s epic. Ochibi countering Sanada’s techniques with his own..Kaa versus Fu..I had goosebumps. And then Cool Drive appeared. It was so intense I was on the edge of my seat the whole time! Yeah, I could agree that Ryoma should have lost here but this page…


I just loved that page. Sanada was really stronger then, stats wise. But, Ryoma, in my opinion, played better here.

And then, my favorite pages…the awarding. LOLOLOLOL @ Sanada

Why my favorite? It was because of how crazily different it was in the anime. In the anime, Sanada took the medal graciously but here in the manga, it was entirely different. See the image above. Proud and Almighty. That’s the Rikkai that I know. XD;;

But the best part of this was the people’s reaction on Rikkai’s refusal to step down on their throne..Davide’s specifically.

Davide: “That guy’s the same as always. Such a heart-breaker. But the heart-breaker had his heart broken. Heh.”

And those Yamabuki players approved! XDD;  MUWAHAHAHA. Davide, I love you to bits. No offence meant Gen-chan, you know how much I adore you? But hahahahaha!

7. Fuji vs Shiraishi

I will always respect Shiraishi (And him playing with no-aura style is something I really admire) for pwning the famous tensai…at the beginning of this match, at the very least. But then, Fuji’s awakening. When he announced the final counter. Hecatoncheires no Monban.  MY GOD. I had goosebumps. 

Fuji lost in the end. But it was fine. Shiraishi’s a legit player, anyway.

8. Kirahara vs Fuji

You know all those fuss over how Fuji’s a tensai player? I was not getting that on my earlier involvement with PoT. I thought he was good with the triple counters.  I thought the animation of the triple counters are pretty. But that was it. Nothing special. I like Fuji, the character. But as a player, meh. That’s my case, until his match against Akaya. 

Close Eyed is AMAZING. I thought I was so amazed at how Fuji played even BETTER when he got blinded. Okey, so, I concede. THE GUY IS A TENSAI. 

My forever favorite part would be the moment where the Rikkai crowd shut up and thought that they might actually lose to someone better. WOW. I was in awe.

And then, in the anime, you get angel Fuji beating the crap out of the devil Akaya. Plus the dramatics parts with Tachibana. EEW. EEW. EEW. I just couldn’t watch again..

9. Inui vs Renji

Data against Data, anyone? This was a mind-raping awesomeness. Seigaku lost twice already and Renji was dominating. Inui wasn’t on himself. He abandoned his data. And then…

..the comeback. When it was revealed how Inui purposely drawn the match to be the exact match they had years back..

My eyes grew larger. My heart beat faster. It was so DAMN great. I was thankful the anime made it closer to the manga. Yehey!

10. Eiji/Oishi vs Choutarou/Shishido

The birth of Synchro. Fantastic.

Kantou Finals D1 was the coolest doubles match. But the best doubles match was between Golden Pair and Silver Pair (as the fanon refers them too). Although, they lost, I thought this was the best battle of the best doubles pair in the Nationals.

The match between GP and, the best doubles pair then, Bunta/Jackal, I thought, would be the best. But it was disappointing because of the insertions of Ryoma’s recuperation. GP was only toying Bunta and Jackal then. And then, I realized, oh yeah, it was because they already had their best match against SP. By the way, kudos to SP for bringing out a good rival against GP. Mirage, that’s crazy but awesome.

In this match, I had my love pouring for GP. Their aspirations, their hard work, their harmony…their flashback. These pages…and specially that one where Eiji promised that they would become the no.1 team in the nationals ( I remembered he said that after their lost against St. Rudolph)…I cried so hard.

and oh can I another one? hahaha. Okey, because this was an unoffical match.

Ryoma vs Akaya

Why? I really thought that Ryoma was so cool when he was in MugaBlitz-mode and then started speaking in English. And Akaya was so hilarious pretending he understands it. XDDD;;

I know I am missing something here. The match between Ryoma vs Yukimura. Don’t get me wrong. The match was really cool. But I’m still miffed by the fact that it wasn’t Tezuka who faced Yukimura in the finals. Really. That’s the sole reason. I am actually fine, by now, on how Ryoma won. Achieving SSJ. Crap. No, really, I actually understands now better the concept of Teni Muhou no Kiwami (<–see, I spelled that without error). I actually liked it. Having fun playing tennis. Very nice. But still, Tezuka and Yukimura would have a better match. AHHHH!

Favorite arc?

My favorite arc is the Nationals Arc with all those crazy-DBZ tennis moves and auras that defied physics and common sense. :P

And it was sweet and heart-warming to finally see my Seigaku babies achieved their dream…to be the National’s no. 1 team. :))

Shitenhouji’s Cinnamon Rolls

Looks like a cinnamon roll but could probably kill you: Shiraishi Kuranosuke

Looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll
: Ishida Gin

Salty, vinegar-flavoured cinnamon roll: Zaizen Hikaru

Fortune-cookie cinnamon roll (with meaningless philosophical advice inside): Chitose Senri

Eaten-too-fast cinnamon roll: Oshitari Kenya

Too sugared, covered in glitter glaze cinnamon roll
: Konjiki Koharu

Sinnamon roll: Hitouji Yuuji

Super Ultra Great Delicious Cinnamon Roll: Tooyama Kintarou

Forgotten on the shelf cinnamon roll: Koishikawa Kenjirou