the signs as ridiculous-ass things that actually happened in Prince of Tennis

Aries: Marui making the ball roll along the top of the net
Taurus: the ball splitting in half and half landing on each side of the net during Ryoma vs Kinta
Gemini: Ryoma vs Atobe’s tiebreaker ending with a score of 118-117
Cancer: Tezuka killing the dinosaurs with tennis
Leo: Ryoma blacking out and playing “subconsciously” vs Akaya
Virgo: Ishida hitting the ball so hard he knocks Kawamura to the very back of the bleachers.
Libra: Shishido stopping a 200km/h serve with his bare hand
Scorpio: Fuji beating Akaya nearly effortlessly while temporarily 100% blind
Sagittarius: Eiji’s shadow clones
Capricorn: Atobe taking Momo to pick up Ryoma in a helicopter he had on standby, just ‘cause
Aquarius: Kaidoh hitting the ball around the net, under the ref’s chair, and back in bounds
Pisces: Fans Sent More Than 100,000 Valentine’s Day Chocolates to “New Prince of Tennis” Characters

the signs as stuff that's happened in tenipuri things
  • aries:kirihara falling asleep on his bus ride back home and ended up all the way in tokyo
  • taurus:jirou playing tennis in his boxers
  • gemini:"tennis" being a swear word during the volleyball episode
  • cancer:comedy tennis
  • leo:tezuka pulling down inui's pants while inui is floating across the grill
  • virgo:kintaro and echizen destroying the courts while playing a game of tennis because kintaro decided to turn himself into a human tornado
  • libra:'well if it isn't sunday!'
  • scorpio:eiji cloning himself so he can play doubles with himself even though he's in a singles match
  • sagittarius:atobe blowing up the world not once but twice with a single bomb
  • capricorn:ryoga (who is canonically ryoma's older brother and looks exactly like him but older) eating an orange with the peel still on
  • aquarius:tokugawa getting stabbed by a skeleton while playing tennis
  • pisces:fuji killing a man