And Baby Makes Three (part 2)

Notes: Part 1 found here. From late-night chats with @fruitysmellz

An AU where Neji lives and everything turns out improbably wonderful. 

In this part - cravings, nut-cakes, and Tenten terrifying Hiashi. Based off actual stories from expectant mothers. 

The Hyuuga clan is used to difficult pregnancies. The peculiarities of their bloodline limits means that conception is difficult to achieve in the first place, and miscarriages sadly common. It is a dark joke among them that only the Hyuuga could deal with such pregnancies, because without the Byakugan’s ability to see the developing fetus, even more miscarriages would occur than already do.

They are used to exhausted and weakened women, all their energy and chakra redirected to the high demands of the growing fetus. The Hyuuga blood limit is particularly demanding in its development, with the highly complex genetics of the Byakugan exacting a high toll in chakra and the mother’s health. The Hyuugas are used to enforced bed rest, highly regimented diets, and closely-watched daily routines.

That is why they find Tenten’s cheerful vitality strange and just a bit confusing. She no longer spars, but does spend much of her time performing katas and shadow-boxing with Neji. Tsunade herself is her personal physician (“After that dramatic announcement, I just have to see this through to the end,” explains the Hokage) and assures them that not only can Tenten maintain this level of activity, it’s actually good for her and the baby. It takes a reputation the size of the Hokage’s to keep the Hyuugas from asking Tenten to take it easy, please.

True, Tenten is a jounin - field promotion from the Fourth Shinobi War, with enthusiastic commendations from Darui of Hidden Cloud - and with larger-than-normal chakra reserves for a kunoichi, which explains her less-than-stellar chakra control. It’s well-known that the higher the chakra capacity of the mother, the better off the child. Still….

Tenten leaps up to the roof in order to enjoy the sunset light, a leap easily twenty-five feet high, and every watching Hyuuga winces. 

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Some character designs for upcoming comics drawn by me, written by Skye. The story is something about poems… and its supposed to be funny. Or something like that.
Last days I’m pretty not sure what to write in descriptions of my stuff.

I like Yongrui the most. I’m kind of happy about how his appearence came out, but I’m not sure about the other two. Tengfei is ok.
There are also four another characters to design. (Brother of Yongrui, his two mates and old teacher of poetry.)

That comics will have 12 pages. And I’m not sure If I am even able to finish it.

[wip] And Baby Makes Three

Notes: Inspired by many late-night chats with @fruitysmellz!

Here’s how Tenten finds out she’s pregnant. It’s not through a pregnancy test. It’s not because she’s been throwing up in the mornings. It’s not because she notices she’s missed her period.

She finds out in the room of her comatose boyfriend, who has been unconscious for two months, missing the climactic end of the Fourth Shinobi World War. She is haunting his bedside, as always, her face pale and her eyes dull. The room is especially full at the moment - Hiashi is there, and Hinata, and the Hokage checking on her high-profile patient. Lee and Gai are there. Kiba is there, accompanying Hinata, and his mother as well, dropping by to exchange quiet words with Hiashi. Naruto is there, as he often is, hangdog expression as he looks at Neji. He blames himself, though no one else does.

Then Hyuuga Neji, coma victim, bolts upright, his Byakugan at full power. Everyone stares. There is a moment of silence.

The first thing he looks at is Tenten’s eyes. Then his eyes swing downward towards her belly.

“Oh my god, we’re pregnant!” he chokes. These are his first words in almost eight weeks.

Reflexively, the other Hyuuga in the room have activated their doujutsu as well. Hiashi, surprised, is the first to speak.

“…holy shit, he’s right.”

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