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For International Mens Day I would like to direct everyone's attention to!!!

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I pick this character specifically because he is constantly going on about how “manly” he is and how awesome masculinity is.

But he isn’t a jerk, he is loud mouthed and rash but he is also inspirational, brave and selfless.

He defines masculinity as being able to fight for what you believe in regardless of whether or not people agree with you! To trial in the face of adversity.

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If there is a wall in your way then knock it down! If there isn’t a bridge to cross then build one yourself! 

Thats the definition of masculinity! It isn’t dangerous or toxic! Its the drive to take action for what you think is right and anyone who should get in your way be damned!

But hands down the best thing about Kamina is how he inspires people!

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He inspired people to take up his attitude, his way of being masculine! And EVERYONE exhibits these values by the end of the show, regardless of their sex!!!

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EVERYONE!!! Its because of Kamina’s masculinity that the universe was saved!

Bravery, vigour, courage and valour!

These are the traits that define masculinity, so let them be the traits that define you!

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Gurren Lagann Op. 3 

Can you hear my voice calling out

Through the darkness, trying to shout.
Trapped within the void of the night
I call out for the light.

If the world I long to see
Holds a meaning worth it for me
Every tear and every smile,
Will all have been worthwhile

I was crushed by the dreams that never followed through
And let my wishful thoughts die
Before I could taste the air above the ground, touch the boundless sky

Then I began to run, leaving the fears I had behind
Now my feelings keep on pulsing with the beat of my heart
A brand new day has come, new destinations we can find
And together we will build our dream, tomorrow never dies

Ive found the answer now; its always been before my eyes