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“Ya know–” The golden-haired girl begins, limbs stiff and ridged as she all but hobbles her way through the doors of the TARDIS. “M'startin’ to wonder if it’s more than just a co-incidence that after a mjoirty ov’ our adeventures I’m flippin’ drenched in slime, or some sort ov’ horrid stuff, and you always seem to be bloody ’gunk-free’” Rose complains, but there’s humour hinting in her soft brown orbs. Oh she needed a shower badly, and to get out of these clothes that were covered in some sort of purple stuff. 


Cassie shivered as she sipped her tea. It was raining again, it always rained. How could anyone stand to live here? But she understood sometimes. On the summer days when it didn’t rain and the warm air filled with sweet smells and flowers blossomed, everything seemed to be so alive. She sighed softly, stroking the large ginger cat in her lap. It was silent aside from the pounding of rain on the window she was staring out of. 

A large bang like the backfiring of an engine resounded throughout the house, causing Cassie to jump. Her cat hissed and hid beneath the sofa. She stood up, moving the curtains aside to try and locate the source of the noise. A large blue polie box had landed in her garden.

Cassie walked to the door, her hearts in her throat. She opened the door and walked out. “Hello?” She called, watching as billows of smoke came out of the machine. SHe was soaked within seconds.

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Fuck, Marry, Get Drunk With: The Doctors of the-thief-and-his-box, talktothe11thdoctor, and tenfromgallifrey. Include why.

Can’t I just get drunk with the three of them? I’m sure they’re fun when they’re drunk… no? I can’t? Alright then… this is awkward

Fuck: the-thief-and-his-box 

Well, he’s… what’s that word again…? … Oh, right Unf. He’s adorable, and well, I always like men I can corrupt if you know what I mean. *winks* Of course, this is all in the hypothetical sittuation in which I didn’t have a choice, right? Because I’m not the home wrecker type, he’s married, I don’t want River to try to kill me and end up accidentally killing her just for self deffense. I like him alright, but more like a friend. He’s attractive, I’ll give you that, but I don’t know him enough to marry him, so yes, if I had no choice, I’d choose him and if I did have a choice, I’d probably still choose the handsome Doctor, Have you not seen him?.

Get Drunk With: tenfromgallifrey

Get Drunk with fladoodely? Yes! Anytime! He’s crazy, alright, but the good crazy, not the creepy crazy like Jefferson. It intrigues me how he’d be if he was drunk. Crazy people are ussually fun when they’re drunk… or incredibly sad in my case. Wow, I hope he’s not incredibly sad when he’s drunk or if we got drunk we’d cry together and no one wants that. But as far as I’m concerned, I still don’t know him that well, so getting drunk with him is my limit.

Marry: talktothe11thdoctor

You mean if he wouldn’t be married already, right, grey face? Because I wouldn’t marry him if he was still married to… no, ok, we both know I would still marry him like that. Because… Vegas… well… ok that was not my fault! I would not try to get him drunk in Vegas to marry him if I was in my right senses! That was a grey face’s fault! I don’t know what the problem is with grey faces!

What was I saying? Why would I marry him, right. God, I really babble a lot. Ok, there are A LOT of reasons why I wouldn’t marry him, probably the same reasons why I would marry him. First of all, if you ask me if I had to spend the rest of eternity with one person and one person only, yes, I’d choose him. I’d follow him anywhere and I would never leave him. Don’t judge me ok? Yes, I know I always say I don’t care for people, that I won’t allow myself to care and blah, blah, blah. But I do care for him, a lot, I just won’t admit it outloud. But I don’t need to say it, he knows I’ll always be here for him. And I feel things for him I can’t really explain. I trust him, that’s a very important part when it comes to marriage and I know he would never hurt me which is far more than I can say about anyone else. I also know, and hate, that he would probably put his life in danger for me. But I’ll never let him do that. I need him and he needs me and guess what? The new odds say I’ll probably live longer than him, that’s why I gotta keep an eye on him. I never regenerated so I get a lot more regenerations than him and if I ever get to see him die I don’t know what I would… right, yes, babbling, sorry.

He’s one of my greatest friends, and he makes me laugh and he would never hurt me, I trust him, we have fun together, he’s taking me on adventures I could only ever dream of and when I’m with him I never feel alone and I don’t hate myself when he’s around. And I can’t say I share that with anyone else. I’d marry him, yes, even if that meant having to hear that horrible TARDIS sound all the time, and hiding my guns, and seeing him wear those hideous hats… all of it. It would be worth it.

All of this is hypothetical, right? Because I wouldn’t really marry him. That was all a very distant option. I wouldn’t… no… never. I’d rather be single, really. Nope. No, no and no. All hypothetical…