ZOO! *\(^0^)/*

안녕~! I had a really fun outing with my chingus to the zoo last Saturday! :D

I was really happy because it was finally an official outing with EVERYONE, even Mr. Busy came, LOL. It was also to celebrate my friend Jane’s birthday and she was really lucky because if u went to the zoo on your birthday, u don’t have to pay for the admission fee! >< We took a really jerky shuttle bus to the zoo and spent S$4.50! -__- On our way to the zoo, we took turns in writing Jane’s birthday card on the bus and I took so long to complete and by the time I finished, we were already at our destination, lol. XD This was all due to xp’s fault, she kept on talking and distracting me with her singing, hahahaha!!! xD Hence, I couldn’t think of anything to write, hehe~

So we paid for our tickets and I made a really silly and hilarious blunder..You see, there will be a picture of an animal on your ticket and we were comparing with each other which picture of animals we got, what I got was a zebra yet I told my friends I got a giraffe, LOL!!!!! xDDDD ROFL!

After we got our tickets, off we go explore the zoo! We even met some koreans and one boy was shouting into my ears “APPA~~~~~~~~!”, LOL! However, Billy wanted to eat and so we ate at Ah Meng’s Cafe, food was really expensive!! S$7.00 for a plate of chicken rice!? Thank God xp and I bought Subway to share, haha! After eating, our Dear Birthday girl also arrived and this time really began our exploration of the zoo! ^__^

Saw so many animals, reptiles, zebras, giraffes, otters, lions, etc, etc.!! :D What left a really deep impression on me was the cheetahs! They were in an enclosure and you could view them behind a glass pane and one particular cheetah went straight to the glass pane and kept on pacing here and forth! It was like the cheetah was right in front of you!!! So scary yet so thrilling! ;) Oh, and one thing I had to mention was the faeces of the otters would smell like the aroma of coffee at first, but once it spreads to your nose, it gets stinky and so yucky! D: I always had this wrong impression I was smelling coffee but it would struck me later it was the faeces of otters, lol! Happy times always seem to pass so quickly and soon it came to the closing of the zoo! :<

We all made our way out and omg, there was so many people at the bus-stop! >< Took a really jerky bus back to town and we decided to have dinner at Holland Village! c: All of us were so tired and lacking of water by the time we reached Holland Village. ;A; Finally decided on Swensens and the first thing we asked for was water, lol! xD We kept on asking the waiters to help refill the jugs, hahaha!! I ordered a mushroom baked rice, yum yum! :> As Jane needed to leave straight after dinner, we had to give our presents to her!! :D 

*PRESENT TIME* :D Eileen and Sean went to choose the presents again and they bought her 2 bottles of nail polish and one necklace! Jane didn’t seem to be really happy with the presents at that time,lol but she tweeted after that she really liked the nail polish after trying out! :D After Jane received her present, xp “surprised” me by giving me my advanced bdy present too!! Haha, or shall I rather say I wasn’t that surprised because of Corrine who was so bad in concealing my birthday card, hahaha!! And, I was soooooooooooooooooo x100 happy I got a Version C SJ album and a dress!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D Plus, the birthday card! D.A.E.B.A.K

Thanks to Billy and Corrine, my well wishes became so hilarious to read! I laughed so much reading every one of them! n______________n Yes, I will enjoy listening to my album and wear that dress! ^^

Jane left 1st and we left too after finishing! Time for a group shot! Jasmine was so brave, she asked a foreigner to help us take! hahaha!! Yeah, and it was HOME SWEET HOME! :))))))))))

AHHHHHHHHHHHH, so many fun, laughter and happy memories! ;W;

I’ll miss all of you so much! ;~~~~~~~~~~~; How I wish time stops last Saturday! It’s already Tuesday and I have got so many things to do and get busy with! ><

For now, let’s end on a happy note~ I just wanna say a BIG THANKYU to all my precious ELF! ♥ I really appreciate the birthday card and present and everything!!! Love all of you so much!! Let’s have an everlasting friendship too like SJ, ok? :)


P.S. I spent so much money!!!!! T___________T I’m so broke now!!! SS4 tix are so ex too!! ottoke??????? 

P.P.S Oh the hilarious blunders we made did not just end with me,haha! 3 Facts I learnt : Corrine didn’t know what a flamingo is, xp couldn’t differentiate a pig from a rhinoceros and I don’t know which is a zebra and which is a giraffe, LOL! XD

To the lucky 7 URLs listed above, congratulations! You’ve won a place in my heart! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ. Not much of a prize to you maybe, haha. ㅠㅠ I don’t usually do things like this, but never doubt for a second that I’m super appreciative towards you guys. Thank you for keeping me company on here and I hope we’ll keep our friendship strong even as time passes! (◕‿◕✿) 사랑합니다!

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YUPP! Think need to do till very late tonight again! >< YAHHH! :C tmr till 3pm! /sighs/ and mid sem tests are coming too! ;A; NO!! hahaha so not!! :P

icic then hurry go do now la LOL!! hwaiting!! ^^ aiya 3pm oso quite early liao leh haha! unlike me! /sighs even more/ ohhhhhhh study hard kkkk! :)) ANIYO,i know u love this nickname v.much in your heart, no need shy de! ^^ and i gg liao, annyeong~ <33333 *hearts*


..•:*¨¨*:•♫ ♪ 소평아, 생일 축하합니다!♪ ♫.•:*¨¨*

*throws confetti*

Happy Birthday to my Dearest ELF ♥♥♥~ *\^0^/*

Hope you enjoy today to the fullest and 화이팅 for today~!!! ^^