My first impression of PDP girls and speculation about who and what they may become.

Ayumu Uehara

  • Personal favorite #1
  • Her clothing is modest but not ugly. Reminds me of Riko.
  • HAIRSTYLE IS OVER 9000. She has a side bun, a half bang, and a braid around the side bun. Kotori and Mari is nothing compared to her.
  • Wears earrings, cord bracelet, and hairpins.
  • She would be the leader wouldn’t she? She gave a different aura than Honoka or Chika. She seemed… calmer.
  • Definitely ChikaRiko child with that eye and hair color.

Kasumi Nakasu

  • Kotori?
  • For some reason she emits the same yandere aura.
  • Finally a gray girl who is not a 2nd year.
  • I thought that she was that Otonokizaka student from episode 12. But no she is a different person.
  • I can’t judge much about her personality but she most probably will be similar to Pana.
  • Possibly PDP #2, as her position in the special page is the same as Eli and Riko (for those who are wondering, yes Eli and Riko are the number 2 in their groups, providing advice for their respective leaders).
  • She also reminded me of Onodera Kosaki for some reason.

Shizuku Osaka

  • Personal favorite #2
  • The first familiar face. Though I did not remember ever seeing her in TenFes…
  • A drama club member and apparently quite good at it.
  • A student of Seiran High. Sachiko is one of her idol group members.
  • Seemed to have an Umi-like personality, though perhaps a lot milder than Umi.
  • Her simple outfit is also a plus point.
  • Also, she is a first year.

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