"People Are Awesome: Nashville Judge Orders Arrested Occupy Protesters Released"

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“When the arrested protesters went before the judge who was to sign their warrants, the judge sided with the protesters, ruling that the police had ”no probable cause“ to arrest them. He said that the city hadn’t given the protesters enough notice before evicting them, adding "Fourteen hours is woefully inadequate time within which to allow the group an opportunity to comply with the newly enacted rules, regulations, curfew and permit requirements.” All 29 protesters were released immediately.“

So... back from Tenessee, and for some miracle, in one piece.

Beloved people of the third floor, you honestly have no idea how glad I am to be spending  New Years here. Don’t get me wrong , I love my father and my brothers as much as I love my own life, but dear God…they are exhausting. I don’t know which is worst, my overprotective father, or the other two that insist on pulling me around everywhere, playing every sport under the sun even if they are three times my size and I truly, madly, deeply suck at them. And no, Mercy, I don’t care how attractive you think Eric is that doesn’t justify how many times he hit me with a ball in the head, I think I lost half of the neurons I had when I left. Even  Xavier- the “dark and tortured” painter and musician- kicked my ass. Thanks God for Laurie who seems to be the only sane over there.

Tenesse Williams

“But there was only hot swing music and liquor, dance halls, bars, movies and sex that hung in the gloom like a chandelier and flooded the world with brief deceptive rainbows”

I love this quote;  it has a wonderful, wistful tone that lies low in the head, slowly washing over your synapse in the most pleasant and simple way. I think that the lines retrospective nature give it his quality. Had it been more present and imperative, I’m not sure that it would have had the same effect at all. To make this a current statement, would have made it sound pompous and assaulting, the nature of the quote is such, that it cannot be said with any urgency or immediacy or it will sound like a statement of solid fact, rather than good natured, erstwhile opinion.

It’s a quote that, for me, perfectly encapsulates escapism.  We have drank rivers of whiskey in these same bars, and danced into the warm embrace of oblivion, a thousand times. All of them prove to be wonderful mechanics for distancing yourself, and, at the end of the day, isn’t that the point in human life. The person will forever lie to themselves completely, elevated above every other animal, occupying the high throne of humanity. We are master illusionists deftly pulling smiling rabbits from tired hats, forever repeating the same trick, that never gets boring.