New York (Children Playing with Laundry Cart)
Helen Levitt  (American; 1913–2009)
Dye transfer print
© 2016 The Estate of Helen Levitt

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Paring: Steve x Reader

Characters: No one yet 

TW: Guns, Violence, Homeless reader, Injury.

 A/n: more angst from hannah, here you go! This time its a Steve series! Also @nataliaaroma is forever immortalized as a cat 

You wrapped your arms across your chest, keeping your jacket closed. You tugged on your hood as you pushed you way through the crowds of New York. They were following you, they had found you and all you had to do was get away. You looked back, your heart pounding in your chest. You took the opportunity to slip away into an alley, and cut some corners on your commute.

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