A Gamer Girl's Version of Valentine's Day

So I told Tenelen that I want a Skyrim themed feast for Valentine’s Day. Complete with mead or ale. Either way, I want a long table with Venison Stew, made from the ingredients listed in game of course, with our friends all there singing Ragnar the Red. More importantly though, I think I want to play video games all the rest of the day. Just him and me, playing Heavy Rain probably, with some popcorn. With some Netflix on the other TV, playing Spice and Wolf maybe?

The point of this is, I’ll probably be happier finding out who the killer is than I would be having to get dressed up and go out.

I’ll still wear my pixel heart earrings though.


The first of many guitar videos to come. Tenelen had to play this for the Music Department Heads at our school in a process called juries. I’ll be singing three pieces for my juries tomorrow, but I probably won’t put those up because we don’t have any way to capture good voice quality yet. Over the summer some investments should be improving our recording capabilities, we just have to get some money in the bank first. =3