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"Uh... you do know that you used all of the hot water, right? And if you haven't... we really should get in the habit of say... keeping Erin from puncturing holes in the walls and using herself as a living heater...?" ~tenebraedevoratrix

Silas’s wander around the bathroom before having eye contact with his teammate, “I shower in cold water ever since I arrived here at Beacon. And who’s Erin?”

"You Are Just as Dead if They Kill You With a Pointy Stick" (closed with tenebraedevoratrix)

tenebraedevoratrix //aaayyy You rp with Gen-mun, don’t you?

Cinder hated sparring. She was never very much of a close up fighter. Ranged attacks were more her thing, but then again, she supposed it was useful to know how to defend against them.

“Excuse me,” She said politely to the woman next to her.

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"Uh... Argenta... do you happen to know anyone who might try and steal Erin's pillows?" Evelyn asked, referring to the now rather irritated girl who started locking herself into her room as of late... "Because she seems a bit... angry at the moment." ~tenebraedevoratrix

“Erin–” Argenta was momentarily confused before realizing who that referred to. “No, I’m afraid I don’t. I have noticed her mood, though.” Whoever was responsible likely didn’t know what hole they were digging for themselves. “She can have some of the extra pillows if she wants?”