Okay. I can’t. No, that’s fine.

just finished watching "The End Of Time" special. i don't think "in emotional shambles" even begins to describe it.

holy fuck. that special has got to be some of the best 2.5hrs of television EVER made. I’m in a current state of total mindfuck.

i don’t know if i’ll ever be able to embrace Eleven as “THE doctor.” not after David Tennant. no one. 

i promised myself i wasn’t going to lose it…then he had to go and leave Rose as the last person he visited and tell her how she was going to have an amazing year…damn him. the way he looked at her…i cant even.

but the cherry on top was when he was about to regenerate and teared up and said “I don’t want to go.” that just made all of the fucking feels come on like a waterfall.

i should probably wait until im not a wreck to start season 5 but i really want to know how i’ll feel about Eleven. i wanna see him in action and finally meet this infamous Amy Pond. 


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