tendo choi cosplay


♥♥♥ Hey guys! ♥♥♥
The past SDCC, my friend and I cosplayed as Hermann and Newt and My job was to do Newt tattoos to print them in tattoo paper.

I decided to upload them for all the Newt cosplayers out there to use!
The ONLY CONDITION IS, To take a picture or tag me here or in instagram
ALSO! In the pack of tattoos, you are going to find Tendo Tattoos and Desmond Miles Tattoo~♥

Have fun cosplaying!



Here are pictures of my genderswapped Tendo (Tina?) Choi cosplay, partially inspired by this lovely piece of artwork. This is my first time trying this sort of thing, and I’m pretty proud of myself. :)

The shirt is my dad’s, the pants are mine, and the suspenders and bow tie were recently purchased. If you’ve never tried to find a cheap red bow tie, it is hella difficult. I ended up breaking down and going in halfsies with my dad on a pricier one at a department store. He said he’d pay half if I let him wear it around Christmas time, and I readily agreed.

The rosary, presumably, belonged to my mom. I found it around the house a while back, and, since I’m not religious, up until recently has been hanging on my doorknob.

I’m actually really happy with the way the hair turned out, and the lipstick? Come on, we all know that if Tendo was a chick, she’s be rocking some awesome pinup-style makeup.

Hope you enjoy!