tendo choi

Reminder that Tendo fucking Choi loves Christmas and decorates his console in LOCCENT. The decorations stay up until Three Kings Day, when he makes paper crowns for the entire J-Tech crew.

He once broke the record for the amount of complaints lodged against him to HR (yes, more than Newt Geiszler) for playing “Feliz Navidad” by Jose Feliciano for two days straight in the Shatterdome.

Don’t ask me why, I just wanted to paint something, and instead of working in old linearts, I ended dooling something New. Also, I like the guys together. I imagine Tendo being Besties with Newt and having a good relationship with Hermann…
Those red pants belongs to Alison, And Newt totally bought those clothes to Hermann, and he pretends he dislike them, but he totally loves them.

primary colour flashy trio

(I may turn thins into a print because i liked it)

Happy (late) Valentine’s day, you guys! This is super cheesy looking but I had fun drawing it, nonetheless.

Everyone is just happy that the two scientists finally declared their love for each other! SO HYPED………

also the peeps around Tendo are random but I remember reading a fic a few years back where Tendo was a bisexual who is into poly relationships and that sort of always just stuck with me as a headcanon 

so much love in the shatterdome

  • Me: This character is gay and interested in this other character.
  • Canon: Uh, actually that character is straight.
  • Me: This character is bisexual and interested in this other character.
  • Canon: No, they are actively in a straight relationship like RIGHT NOW.
  • Me: This character is bisexual and polyamorous and interested in this other character.