I wasn’t going to report on this but I keep getting asked about it so, here is basically what’s going on - 

By now you’ve probably all heard that Harvey Weinstein is accused of raping multiple women and basically being a sexual predator throughout his entire career and has been fired from the Weinstein company. If you didn’t know, he is also the man that gave Ben Affleck his big break in Hollywood (along with Matt Damon) by buying the script for and green-lighting their movie ‘Good Will Hunting’ for which they won Oscars. Reports are coming out now that Damon and Affleck knew about Weinstein’s actions and played a part in covering them up.

Since the story broke, Affleck has issued a statement condemning Weinstein but it absolutely backfired on social media. And since then multiple women have come forward accusing Ben Affleck of groping them, including Annamarie Tendler (John Mulaney’s wife) and ‘One Tree Hill’ actress Hilarie Burton who responded to his statement by posting a video of him grabbing her breast during an interview from a few years ago, at which time she was 21. Rose McGowan has also tweeted that Affleck definitely knew about Weinstein and did nothing, calling him a liar and telling him to fuck off. Rose McGowan and Affleck stared in ‘Phantoms” together, which itself was a Weinstein movie. So that is basically what’s happening so far. 


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Ben Affleck dubbed 'Buttman' as more groping allegations emerge

Ben Affleck has become the subject of shame and mockery after more allegations of groping emerged this week.
The apology came after Burton admitted that she had not forgotten the incident:
Affleck, who is about to appear as Batman for the second time in DC’s big-budget superhero film Justice League, has been called “Buttman” on social media since make-up artist Annamarie Tendler became the second woman to allege that he touched her.
Days after condemning the actions of his former colleague Harvey Weinstein, who has been accused of three incidents of rape and countless accounts of sexual assault of young female stars, Affleck publicly apologised for touching actress Hilarie Burton live on camera in 2003.

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