(via Adam Tendler on Instagram: “It’s that time of year when I stare lovingly at George Crumb’s Little Suite for Christmas, A.D. 1979, hoping someone asks me to play it. #passiveaggressive #learningitthistime #soundslikemessiaen”)


Here it is, a harrowing display of courage as I take on yet another hot button topic for MTV Style: sweating. Basically, antiperspirant is terrible for you, so I made it my mission to find an antiperspirant alternative that didn’t leave me smelling like a hippie at Coachella. I can’t guarantee I will solve all your sweating problems, but I can guarantee I make the face you see above at least three times. Watch the video HERE!

88x50 by Adam Tendler.
Jordan: “The story is about this guy who just graduated from music school and wants to do a free series of modem American music in all 50 states over the course of a year. There are 88 keys on the piano and he wants to play in 50 states - hence the title.

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Ever wanted eyelash extensions, but wished someone else would try them for you first?!? Well, I teamed up with MTV Style to do some very serious, very hard hitting investigative reporting on eyelash extensions, so feel free to learn from my emotional journey.

This video was insanely fun to make and I’d like to give a huge thank you to MTV Style for not making me do a tutorial!

If you’re watching the last shot and thinking, “Hmm, Anna looks totally out of it and has big circles under her eyes,” you are totally on point and I had the same thought! I’d been lying on my back for almost 2 hours having lashes applied and my head felt like it was swimming. Then I had to go on the street and say lines while Soho tourists stared at me. I would have had a panic attack had I not been so relaxed.

Read the whole article HERE, and look for more videos coming soon!