anyway like. dont attack people who are upset that they were full-out queerbaited by bbc sherlock. this was very deep queerbaiting. so many characters in this series are queer-coded (villains and main characters). 

these arent fangirls crying because their ‘OTP’ was stomped on. these are queer people who were led right up to potential representation and then had it thrown in their faces. and im really tired of people trying to brush it off as something else. 

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“I have a regular daydream. I show up at your door, pretending to be locked out just to spend the night at your place.” Harry says, words weighed down with sadness. “And you even offer to sleep on the floor, but I insist that no, I’m the guest and so on and so forth, and you can’t sleep. I can hear you shuffling in your bed on the floor. And I can’t either, I’m just staring at the ceiling, wondering. At some point I just can’t take it anymore and I come down to your bed. And you look surprised. Or you act like it, at least. Because we both know you’re not. And then I just kiss you.”

Louis’ mouth is in the shape of an O.

“But I can’t do that.” Harry sighs, beyond frustrated, hand tousled in his hair. “Because I can’t use any of my regular moves on you.”

“Your regular moves sound nice.” Louis says, and it’s fragile, said with a delicate hand pressed to his own chest.

God, this is awful. Harry feels the tears coming before he can stop them, he extends and retracts his hand.

“Fuck, this is torture.”

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ruby rose is so incredibly easy to read as adhd and/or autistic honestly

  • difficulty regulating focus; can talk for hours about weapons but has trouble doing things like homework or paying attention in class
  • very excitable; appears to have some trouble regulating her volume
  • difficulty with social cues
  • tendency to daydream & her train of thought can be hard to follow
  • doesn’t handle boredom well
  • possibly irregular sleeping patterns
  • experiences hyperfixations/special interests i.e. weapons
  • impulsive and sometimes reckless (probably more adhd than austism but not necessarily an exclusive trait)
  • likes to make schedules & lists which help some people manage their executive dysfunction
  • has a tendency to get words mixed up (in v2–”Like the mushroom?”  “Those are truffles.”  “Like the sprout?”  “Those are brussels.”) which could be due to difficulty retaining/recalling information
  • perceived as “childish”
  • flawed sense of time/distance (thinking it would take 2-3 weeks to reach Mistral instead of the much longer journey it was)

feel free to add on more if you have any !

i picked up a new class of year sevens today and i was writing on the board (in very illegible overly loopy cursive) and one girl was like “miss rose, i think you’re a very similar person to your handwriting” and i was like “why do you think that sweetheart?” and she was like “it’s very pretty but a lot of it is just unnecessary”

and can i just say i don’t think i’ve ever been dragged that hard in my life let alone by an eleven year old



I hv this feeling/headcanon that despite having type-disadvantage against Guzma, Nanu could still beat the shit out of Guzma with ease if they were ever battle (fortunately or unfortunately for Guzma, Nanu tend to be lazy & not willing to fight 99.99% of the time >w>)

that, & ol’ Nanu probably treat the “Your boy, Guzma” like a literal 10 or 12yo boy, despite Guzma’s annoyance. Sometime the older man will also tease &/or verbally embarrassed the team skull boss whenever he has the chance as well; at least he was kind enough to only do it when Guzma was alone by himself X’D

last but not least, Guzma’s floofy hair was surprisingly fun to draw! 8D ♥ 


memories // panic! at the disco

can we all just appreciate how b99 avoided both desexualising and hypersexualising Holt’s and Kevin’s relationship

queer relationships in fiction tend to either be completely desexualised to make them ~less threathening~ (Modern Family is a great example of this) or hypersexualised either for titillation or because that’s what society believes being queer is all about

and b99 just casually mentioned that Holt and Kevin had sex, in the same vein they tend to do for other couples, foregoing both of the usual portrayals (see also the “magical genitalia” comment in the prior ep)


if you wanna help a disabled person with something thats fine.

but please dont forget to ask first, please dont assume they need your help because theyre disabled.

im not just saying this because helping someone when help isnt needed can inconvience them, im also saying it because if you dont know the disabled person’s situation, you could possibly make the situation worse/harder for them if you try to help.

so please, always ask first, do not help them without their permission.