The Barbie Facebook page has lots of photos dedicated to dads who play Barbie dolls with their daughters. I was inspired to take it up a notch:

Fun fact: That bedspread and pillow were my very first attempts at sewing! I feel proud.

Closeup of the toys. I’ve had these since I was a little kid and was excited to bring them back out!


Full shot of the set (would you believe it took me almost a week to complete this small corner room of 12″x12″ walls?):

Snip, snip part 2

So, remember how I basically shaved a Barbie head and put a wig on her? I broke down and bought two more wigs. And like I said, they’re interchangeable, so I can always change it if I want to!

So, to recap:

Option #1:

Option #2:

Option #3:

I like them all, but options #1 and #3 for some reason didn’t want to go onto the doll’s head very well, even though they’re the same size as option #2. Weird…

But after looking, as of right now, I’m going with option #2. My real-life hair is nowhere near that long, though when I was a kid, I wanted it to be. :D Option #1 is okay, but it’s kind of “big” and it sticks out a little more than I’d like it to. And you can see in option #3 how the bangs either fall into the doll’s eyes or reveal her original scalp. Plus, it’s the same hairstyle I used on my Guild Wars 2 doll, and I was like, “I don’t want two dolls with the exact same hair!”

So, as of now, the second option is what my doll is wearing! Go me!


I had a request to post a picture of the upcoming Barbie astronaut and astronomer Barbie set from @aquadreammachine so here we go!

Also, the page I posted previously showing upcoming releases has been updated! Look at this!

That, ladies and gentlemen, is a Barbie HUSKY! The closest dog to a wolf! MUST HAVE IT!


Amazon now has the astronomy ladies! Click here!

It’s Summertime!

June 21 (tomorrow for me) is the official start of summer. It’s been hot enough here lately that it might as well have started two weeks ago.

My dolls are ready to take full advantage and have some fun in the sun! Introductions are still pending. ;)

Getting some help with the sand castle:

I think her Lagoona Blue doll is too big for that sand castle. :D

Taking a closer look:

Ah, relaxation.

New diorama scene is up! The dollies are in the mood to be under the sea. :D


Karlie the mermaid with her pet seahorse:

Awww, a little mermaid. Get it?! :D

No doll seashells? No problem!

I LOVE this outfit! It’s from a 1999 Barbie princess story clothing series. There was a regular princess, mermaid, Egyptian princess, and a genie.


She’s got a bag of treasures!

Love the poseable Barbies!

I’ve been saving this doll so I could show her off in this outfit. She’s the blue-shirt Made To Move Barbie. :D

Monster High Minis! Abbey is guarding the treasure chest!

Lots of life under the sea!

This lobster appears to have been woken up from its nap. It doesn’t look amused.

And one final shot showing off my diorama lights. I can change the colors and even make them animated. Currently, they’re a cyan/blue color to make the dolls appear to be underwater.

More photos are on the way! Thanks for looking!


More Snowflake Day goodies! The winter festival has at least come to Riverview in the small crannery building. It’s not big enough to have a half-pike, but there’s still lots to do. Pictures in order:

“Dad finally got the lights on the house! Simple, but festive!”

“Why did I talk myself into this? Ice and I do not mix!”

“Ugh, I’m going to lose my balance, I know it.”

“Dude, I’m flattered, but I have a boyfriend…” *starts backing away*

“Damn it, what did I just say?! Now look what you made us do!”

“I can spin…

and I can twirl! Yes!”

“That’s right, you see it. That is me, skating backwards!”