From the popular book/movie franchise, three of Panem’s most prominent characters come to life with this household! Featuring brave Katniss Everdeen, kind Peeta Mellark, and rebellious Gale Hawthorne, you can play out The Hunger Games your way! And you can choose the guy Katniss ends up with! All outfits are based on ones seen in the films, and all traits are made to go with each character’s personality. No CC/CAP!

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You won’t believe all the things you have to sacrifice
just to give you peace of mind.
And you take what they give
as if it did suffice;
still –  it’s just a waste of time.

(I’m telling you sincerely, I need the comfort
of your loving
to bring out the best in me)

My Best of 2013

Everyone else is posting their “best of” lists for 2013, so here is my list (these are all my opinions! Don’t like it, I don’t give a shit. :D). And because I love gifs so much (as evidenced in my Sims 3 legacy), I’ll be using those to help elaborate (the ones that actually want to work, anyway…)!

Best Movie of 2013:

If this were 2012, I’d say the second part of Breaking Dawn. But alas, it is not. But I do have one picked out for this year:

At first I was against seeing/reading this series because it was a Twilight competitor. I saw the movie first (as always, by pure coincidence) and was confused. Then I read the book and I remembered seeing some of the things happening in the movie. So I watched it again and got hooked. The second movie, I think, is better than the first. Both seem to follow the books well, but something about this one just screamed “attention to every little detail.” They only left out like two major things, and even then they managed to pull it off. Can’t wait for the third one (to be split, of course, into two parts)!

Best TV Show of 2013:

Anyone who knows me well knows what I’ll choose:

This show has everything! Vampires, love triangles, mysteries, sexy scenes/actors, and do I even have to say it?

I guess I do considering all my pictures I have consist of witty Damon quotes or just say Team Damon. So yes, I’ll say it - Ian Somerhalder! Ah, that man is the epiphany of perfection (and I don’t just mean looks, trust me). I’d give anything to just meet him and get his autograph and a picture with him, which I’d cherish forever.

While we’re on the subject, I love Twilight too, but when it comes down to it:

Yeah. That.

Best Book of 2013:

I presume this has to be a new book, which lets several of my choices out. Luckily, I have a backup plan in mind. I’m still reading it now but I know what my choice is:

Meg Cabot has been my favorite author for many years, ever since I first read The Princess Diaries. Heather Wells is my favorite of all her characters, and she’s even part of the inspiration for my Sim self, Kenzie Howell. Heather is a size 12 former pop sensation who is now a residence hall director at New York College. Five books about her are out, each one involving her diving into some perilous situation to expose a killer. And of course, no intriguing story would be complete without a hunky guy to have a crush on in between battling inner demons in the form of one’s ex-boyfriend (who is actually the brother of your current crush). I strongly recommend this series to anyone who loves mysteries! The best part? I love that Heather is a size 12, not a size 2! Three cheers for Meg in making such a lovable character!

Best Song of 2013:

This is harder to choose than my favorite movie, and that’s a rarity. I guess it’s because more songs came out this year than movies that sparked my interest. But I still have to go with:

I love Katy Perry! She’s awesome and so talented! She also likes The Sims. :p But yeah, this song is so addictive! And the video, well, that goes without saying…

Best Video of 2013:

Of course, that’s the best music video, but come on, what’s not to love? Cute jungle animals (she paints their toenails and brushes their teeth!) and it’s perfect for the song! As for best regular video, I don’t know, the only videos I really watch are the ones I have on DVD. I don’t know what this “What does the fox say” rage is all about. I have yet to investigate it. Do I care? Nope!

Best Game of 2013:

Considering I only play two games (mostly), that isn’t too hard of a decision to make, except that none of them are new/came out this year. I play three games avidly: The Sims 3, Guild Wars 1 and 2, and Nancy Drew games. That’s it. Rarely do I play anything else, and mostly I’m on The Sims, whether it be for writing, building, or, as of late, taking pictures. So, just because of that (since I haven’t bought or played a new game in forever), I’ll vote for that:

I like the third game the best, and am still on the fence about the fourth one. The graphics in the third are better, we get a lot more stuff than we did before (hello roller coaster, fairies, CAS-able supernatural creatures!), and we now have the pose player and all kinds of other goodies to make playing the game (or building or taking photos) even better! Plus, online connectivity is NOT required, and there are no quests you “have” to get through to progress like in MMOs (Guild Wars 2, for example, which I have yet to complete on even my main character yet and it’s been out for more than a year already).

My biggest gripe? The company, EA. They suck, to put it bluntly. They can’t do customer service to save their lives, all their games are full of bugs and glitches that require patches to fix, and those just cause even more bugs and glitches, so it’s a never-ending cycle. I guess it’s a good thing that I save my games assiduously.

Best News Story of 2013:

Uh…I don’t know, the fact that we all get to celebrate another year? No, just kidding. The birth of the baby prince, George, was pretty big, and I did enjoy getting to see him! And who didn’t find this adorable?:

He was just born and he’s waving already! D'awww!!!

Okay, well that concludes my Best of 2013 list! Are there other categories? I don’t know, I copied this one from elsewhere. lol Enjoy! And feel free to copy this from me and fill out your own!

Oh, and one last thing:

Art Deco doesn’t necessarily mean “fire.” So, if one of your latest projects goes up in flames, or that fancy new stove overcooks something, fear not! Just call this fire department and the local firefighters will get to you lickety-split! In their downtime, the firefighters can enjoy a home away from home with a rec area, kitchen and dining area, bedroom, bathrooms with showers, chief’s office with private bathroom, back patio, and more

For more information and pictures and to download, go here!

From my Parallel Universe series, this is Alicia, a very curious young woman, with her home. Alicia loves a good adventure, but due to her clumsy trait, her adventures don’t always go as planned, which makes her dramatic. Her house is a very unique one with the second floor bigger than the first floor, as well as a hedge maze and various curious items from extra tall desks to teacup chairs to countless hearts. Includes a living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, indoor garden, and more! CC-free!

To download and for more information and pictures, visit my blog!

From my Supernatural series, this is Coraline, a young mermaid, with her home. Coraline loves to swim, fish, and sail, and she also loves the heat. Because of her keen swimming abilities, she’s devoted her career to helping those who can’t live underwater by being a lifeguard. Her home is a houseboat, perfect for her since she loves the water. The three-story home features an open living room, bedroom, bathroom, upstairs kitchen and patio, rooftop patio with fire pit, and more! CC-free!

To download, and for more information and pictures, visit my blog!

I’m a gamer, and now your Sims can be, too! And they can proudly show it off with these t-shirts! Available for both males and females, teen through adult, in everyday, athletic, and sleep wear. All textures are the same for both, but some of the shirt colors were changed to reflect the appropriate gender. Each gender also has one extra gender-specific texture. Game on!

Download here!

Terms of use:
*Do not reupload my creations and claim them as your own.
*Please give me credit where it’s due.




From my Around the World series, this is Sienna Harper, a young Australian woman, with her home. Sienna is both a tomboy and a girly girl who loves exploring the Outback and Great Barrier Reef. She hopes to one day become a deep sea diver. Her wardrobe reflects both of her lifestyles, from beachy to adventurous. Her house is a traditional modern Australian one (when I researched Australian homes, the majority were modern style) with hints of the Outback inside. Features include an open kitchen and dining area, living room, bedroom, bathroom with walk-in shower, patio with pool, and more!  There’s also no shortage of kangaroos and koalas. CC-free!

To download and see more pictures and information, visit my blog!


As part of the Simatography 5 facts video revival project, I present five facts about me! They all pertain to me in real life, but also to my Sim self, Kenzie Howell (except the career part). I tried to narrow it down to just five, but thanks to some joking encouragement, I had to include the bonus fact for laughs. And I am cracking up! Anyway, enjoy!

Happy Halloween!

Okay so I’m a little late with a few of these; I was going to post some every day up until Halloween, but that didn’t happen due to other projects getting in the way. :D Anyway, Happy Spooky Day!

Want to drop in for a bite?

I’ll put a spell on you…

Trick Or Treat!

Happy Spooky Day!

Based on the epic love saga’s books and movies, Forks comes to life with three of the most popular characters in the series. This version features human Bella Swan, vampire Edward Cullen, and werewolf Jacob Black. All outfits are based on ones seen in the movies, and all traits are made to go with each character’s personality. No CC/CAP!

To download, and for more information and pictures, visit my blog!

Happy Halloween! Now your whole Sims family can get in on the fun with these Spooky Day-inspired sweatshirts! Available for male and female adults and young adults, and male and female children. Base game compatible. Stencils all made by me, original mesh by EA.

Download here!

Terms of use:
*Do not reupload my creations and claim them as your own.
*Please give me credit where it’s due.



Back/side view of skeleton:


Back/side view of skeleton:



In anticipation for the 13th season of SimsFilmFest (formerly known as SIFF), I finally broke down and bought the Sims 4 movie stuff pack! Or whatever it’s called. :D

Kenleigh’s basement has been remade. The Japanese-themed room used for meditating and yoga has been moved, and the main part of the basement is now a cinema. Check it out!

It also includes its own bathroom.

Now all that’s needed is a ton of friends to invite over! :D

In the meantime, mmmm, cheddar popcorn while watching College Cram!

Kenleigh, it’s time to start watching the SimsFilmFest submissions. Watch your cheesy movies and eat your cheesy popcorn later.

Okay, keep the popcorn…

Om nom nom

From my Supernatural series, this is Chandra, a typical young vampire, with her home. Chandra is usually found brooding over the mysteries of life, preferring to be alone, though she hopes to one day turn everyone into a vampire like herself. She’s also a technophobe with no sense of humor due to growing up in a different time. Her house is a gothic-style one with authentic gothic and vampire items throughout. Features include an open floor plan, bedroom, bathroom, and more! CC-free!

To download, and for more information and pictures, visit my blog!

Wedding Dress Shopping, part 5

Kenzie: “Jillian. Why? Just why?”

Jillian: “Because your wedding is in June, and not all bridal gowns have to be long. It’s stylish these days for brides to wear a short dress.”

Kenzie: “Just so you know, I was serious about strangling you with my bra.”

Kenzie: “Yeah…no.”

Paige: “Is that a lace overlay, or what is that?”

Cheyenne: “Looks like paper cutouts from a classroom.”

Jillian: “Have to agree with that. I think we need a bigger ‘no’ pile.”

Constance: “I know I’m a little behind on the times, but what is that supposed to be? Something from the future?”

Jillian: “Looks other-worldly to me. Like something an alien would wear.”

Paige: “But it’s unique, and it fits her good.”

Kenzie: “Tell you what. If I get transported into the future and have to get married there, I’ll wear this dress.”

Cheyenne: “That’s pretty! I love the flowery design in the bodice.”

Paige: “I love the flowing skirt, and how it really shapes around you.”

Kenzie: “Yeah, this one looked too plain at first, but when I looked closer, I saw the flowers, and I love those. ‘Maybe’ pile!”

Kenzie: “My butt is so big!”

Constance: “Your butt aside…”

Kenzie: “Don’t you dare say something about my bra.”

Constance: “I was going to say that I like the neckline, but yes, if only it were higher up in the back.”

Kenzie: >.< (stink eye)

From my Supernatural series, this is Luna, a young werewolf, with her home. Luna is very athletic and quite the daredevil who hopes to someday be leader of the pack. She’s mastered her lycanthropic nature, so that shouldn’t be hard to accomplish. Luna also loves being outdoors, preferably at night, and loves exploring. Her house is a cozy cabin in the woods with everything made from natural materials. Includes an open floor plan, bedroom, bathroom, laundry room, and more! CC-free!

To download, and to see more pictures, and information, visit my blog!