I just want to share my favorite Etsy shop with every

This is Tender Loving Empire, and they’re awesome.  I’m wearing the yellow “Rainy Bearded City” shirt, and I also own the “I Love You” shirt (which is also my favorite shirt), and several other items (including some they no longer have in stock).

Right now they just have t-shirts, but they make other clothing items as well (I have two hoodies from them, which are ultra comfortable).  Check them out if you want.

The Honest Truth
The Honest Truth

Typhoon, a Portland, OR Orchestral Alt Rock ensemble are taking the music scene by storm! Check out this track from their latest LP, A New Kind of House, and follow their tour dates and their SXSW appearances! You can buy this amazing LP here: http://bit.ly/etUl2C

3/16 - Austin, TX- IODA @ Emos Annex ( corner of 6th + Red River )
3/17 Austin, TX- BMI/Dub Frequency Party @ Malverde ( 400 West 2nd)
3/18 -Austin, TX@ Homeslice ( 1415 South Congress Ave ) 1pm
3/18 -Austin, TX- Nail Day Party @ the Ghost Room ( 304 W 4th st )
3/19 Austin, TX- BAMM.tv / Pop Montreal @ Palm Door ( 401 Sabine St )
3/19 -Austin, TX- Red Ryder @ Central Presbyterian Church ( 200 East 8th St ) 9:30- 10:10 Pm
3/25 - Boise, ID @ Neurolux
4/8 Portland, Or @ Doug Fir , Album release
4/9 Salem, Or @ Cherry City Music festival


Prosthetic Love, Typhoon

My favourite version of this sone


pain, love (i’ll never be your lover) by typhoon

this is a very well-shot, well-recorded video of Typhoon playing the song that I recorded them playing at the Dirty Dog this weekend (and which Ryan identified as a song of which no studio version exists).

This is a great video, but I think the performance that I saw was a little better, and I wish I’d shot the whole thing. 

Shake by Jared Mees & The Grown Children

This band never ceases to amaze me. This upbeat, sing until you can’t sing no more song represents them to a tee. Their lyrics spew straight out or your throat that leaves it begging for more. I can safely say that Jared Mees & The Grown Children are my favorite band because of that exact reason.

“I’m trying to shake all these blues away, only good thoughts can stay, only good thoughts can stay.

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