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City Of Roses #001:

Radiation City: “Hide From The Night”

(Here we go again with another new CP feature. City Of Roses will hopefully be a weekly bit focusing on the many amazing artists from right here in Portland, Oregon.)

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After reading several articles about Radiation City over the past year, it’s kind of hard not to develop a crush on the band as a whole. Besides having one of the more inventive approaches to song arrangement that I’ve heard in a very long time, the band is well-known for being fiercely loyal to a fault regarding their live sound as well as the sounds they put to tape. It’s this kind of devotion to their craft that has apparently led to disagreements with several sound guys and bouts of infighting within the group itself. And this is where the crush comes in. I can’t help but pledge my heart to a group that fights kicking and screaming to be heard correctly not just by the the other members in the group, but by the world at large.

“Hide From The Night” starts out traveling down one path, only to plunge off of the road at seemingly random moments, never fully allowing anyone listening to approach any semblance of stasis whatsoever. It’s a trick that some artists attempt to pull off and the result does everything but skip ahead to the next track for you. Radiation City have perfected this device and allow it to feel charming. Each segment of music, though varied and individualistic, blends together in a beautiful combination. The last twenty-five seconds of this song never fail to send shivers up my spine.

[Cool Nightmare is available now from Tender Loving Empire]

Going for ADDS on 11.8: Various Artists - 'Friends & Friends of Friends Vol. 4' (Tender Loving Empire)

Click to download


Friends and Friends of Friends Vol. IV is the latest in a series of musical compilations designed to promote the music of Portland, OR and beyond to local and national listeners alike as well as propagate relationships between independent bands and labels who wouldn’t normally get a chance to collaborate.

These two discs contain a sampling of some of our current favorite musical talents. We feel privileged to know these artists, or to know someone who knows them. Many thanks to the bands and labels for making this collection possible, and THANK YOU for listening to and supporting independent music.

Focus Tracks: Disc 1: 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 22 // Disc 2: 1, 2, 3, 5, 9, 16
FCC: Disc 1: #8 // Disc 2: #13

Radiation City

When a jazz classic from 1954 can be remixed, covered, and modernized, I’m all over it. You should be too. Radiation City has sounds that remind me of a nice breeze. From their Facebook page: “Your parents’ record collection spent some time on the Event Horizon, and this came out.”  They list Flaming Lips, Dusty Springfield, Beach Boys and house music as some of their influence, all of which combined just make me more curious and eager to hear their creations. 

Nylon Mag: “let’s just say it’s really good." 

Daytrotter: "a belly-full of magnificent dynamic tension" 

TIME: “charmingly evocative”

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For this Portland-pride shirt, Brianne Mees and Sam Guerrero teamed up to create perhaps the friendliest “gang-sign” ever. It’s the kind of “gang-sign” that says, “Hey, let me buy you a coffee,” or “Oh I’ll carry your recycling,” or “Do you need help changing your bike tire?”

Need this shirt in my life. I just wish that they had done without that ugly script under the hands.

p.s. I definitely just tried to throw this up. It’s hard : /


pain, love (i’ll never be your lover) by typhoon

this is a very well-shot, well-recorded video of Typhoon playing the song that I recorded them playing at the Dirty Dog this weekend (and which Ryan identified as a song of which no studio version exists).

This is a great video, but I think the performance that I saw was a little better, and I wish I’d shot the whole thing. 

Shake by Jared Mees & The Grown Children

This band never ceases to amaze me. This upbeat, sing until you can’t sing no more song represents them to a tee. Their lyrics spew straight out or your throat that leaves it begging for more. I can safely say that Jared Mees & The Grown Children are my favorite band because of that exact reason.

“I’m trying to shake all these blues away, only good thoughts can stay, only good thoughts can stay.

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Every so often, I go into Tender Loving Empire to ogle pretty things that I’m in no position to afford at the moment. My most recent trip yesterday had me coveting some pretty pretty earrings; I was particularly gravitating towards a pair that was made out of wood chips.

Winter's Skin
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Song To Get You Through The Goddamn Day #-013:

Y La Bamba: “Winter’s Skin”

Though I was unable to attend last night’s Y La Bamba album release party at Mississippi Studios, I was able to wrangle a copy of their new album Lupon through a bit of insider dealing last evening. I’ve heard them perform “Winter’s Skin” on a handful of occasions and each and every time, little excitement shivers course through my body. I’m beyond excited to have a my own pristine, lovely copy of this song (and the whole beautiful record, for that matter) to play at any time I deem necessary. Which I can only imagine will be quite, quite often.

Premiere - Jay Z’s Life + Times

Rad City and G-Force met on a basketball court. Their relationship began as rivals but evolved into a fruitful collaboration between like minds. After the band finished their sophomore record, “Animals in the Median”, G_Force expressed interest in remixing one of the songs, which snowballed into remixing the entire album, aptly titling it “A Different Animal”.

Learn more about the project here

“Zombies” is the first remix to be released from this collection. The cut showcases the vocal talents of TxE, the group for which G_Force produces beats.

Listen to the album version of “Zombies”.

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Friends and Friends of Friends: HOLY TENDER LOVING EMPIRE!

So, yes, it’s cold as hell (I’ve always said that phrase, but kind of wondered how that works), there’s something going around, and it’s stupid and raining in Portland. Whatever. Getcherass down to Holocene tonight. Anything that you might be whining about will be healed in the soothing waters of the musical river that flows from the blooming delta of Tender Loving Empire. Tonight, Holocene will be the epicenter of blossoming debauchery and frivolity. Dancing will be imperative. You’ll be sweating so much you’ll think you’re back at PDX Pop Now! in the middle of summer. You’ll be so drunk on friendship and silliness (and booze, yes), that you’ll think you’re at a family party. But the thing is, you will be at a family party. And this is the best family you can find.

Adventures! With Might, Radiation City, Brainstorm, E*Rock, and Finn Riggins will be present to keep you warm, by way of dancing or otherwise. Tender Loving Empire is celebrating the release of their compilation compact disc (which features said bands, and a shit ton more). It’s 21+ (sorry kids), 8 measly dollars, and the party starts as soon as your sweet face shows up (like, 9ish). Oh, and the first 50 people who show up get a free compilation. See you tonight!


Tender Loving Empire is a store and record label around the corner from Ace Hotel Portland representing some of the best local artists and musicians, including Y La Bamba and Jared Mees and the Grown Children, who happen to be playing at Ace Hotel Palm Springs tonight for Lucha Libre. TLE held a recent showcase for MusicfestNW, and we stopped by their shop earlier in the afternoon to see the latest goods. A local artist always decorates the store monthly in a kind of residency. When you’re in the neighborhood (locals and tourists alike) it’s always worth rounding the corner from our front door to theirs. They have clothes, books, music, and, as you can see, calculators made out of felt. A couple months ago, there was a full-sized and functional piano made out of cardboard. Just sayin’.

Photos by Hunter Gatherer