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got any music recommendations with some jazzy-feel? :)

Rehabilitating A Broken Heart (10)

Bucky x Reader AU

Summary: Bucky Barnes is an arrogant asshole. He loves parties, girls, and having everything revolve around him. After a horrific car accident that causes him to lose his arm, he’s sent to physical rehabilitation where he meets Y/n, a spunky, takes no shit, physical therapist that has Cerebral Palsy. There, a strong connection forms and she shows him the ropes of living a normal life with a disability.

Word Count: 1.8k+

Warnings: fluff, language, becca is a little shit



Italics is Y/n

Bold is Bucky

Chapter 10: It’s a Hard Knock Life

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It takes until Monday morning for the bruise on my face from Steve’s punch to really show up. The skin is an array of ugly blues and purples and it’s tender to the touch. I don’t know how I’m going to explain myself to Y/n because I’m certain she’s going to ask what happened and I don’t know if I have it in myself to lie to her again.

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Hell on Earth, Part 9

Title: Hell on Earth, Part 9

Castiel x Reader (AU)

Word Count: 1,687

Warnings: smut (yes, finally), a tiny bit of fluff, some angst.

A/N: Sorry if this is terrible. Oh, and sorry for the terrible photo collage. But, it is what it is. So, here you go!

Hell on Earth Master List

Cas lifted you into his arms, using his hands to wrap your legs around his waist. His lips smacked against yours the moment you wrapped your arms around his shoulders. And god, did he taste good.

Cas’ hands gripped your ass as he turned towards the bed, slamming the door behind him with his foot. His clothed erection pressed against your aching sex, causing you to moan into his mouth, just before he tossed you onto the mattress.

“Sex in a bed. That’s something I never thought I’d have again,” you chuckled as Cas sucked on the curve of your neck. You could feel his lips curl against your skin as he slipped a hand up under your shirt. His fingers smoothed over your skin as his lips moved up to realign with yours. Within seconds, his tongue was dominating your mouth, making you moan against him again as your hips rolled up against his.

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5SOS as: cities → luke as: london
Luke as London is the feeling of dark brick grazing the pads of your fingertips, the feeling of your forehead pressed against rain soaked window panes. he is the low thrill of exploring places deserted by others, quiet squares lined with silent trees and old churches half forgotten and veiled in dust. as London he is the tangle of grey paved streets that leave you breathless with the crush of people, then the relief as you crest the top of the hill and see the city in all it’s ancient glory spread out before you. he is the endless graffiti that coats the brick walls, realised in aching reds and stinging yellows and tender blues. Luke is the rumble of the trains that pass beneath your feet, a constant thrum within you that passes through your bones. he is the sense of a thousand unknowns that hang in the air around you, an ever-changing yet constant presence beside you. he is fingers that capture a stray lock of your hair and tuck it behind your ear, fingers that capture the curve of your waist and tuck you close to his body. his kisses are the slow burn of coffee sliding down your throat, with the lilting sweetness of sugar dissolving on your tongue. your love would be a secret only you two could decipher, held close to your chest and protected from the cold winds of the city. Luke as London is proud and self assured, serendipitous and enigmatic.

“Family Matters”

Day 7
- Happy Family

”Always together…we were like family.”

Story Rating: G+
Warnings: Some suggestive content, language.
Summary: As days go by, we’re gonna fill our house with happiness. The moon may cry, we’re gonna smother the blues with tenderness. When days go by there’s room for you, room for me, for gentle hearts, an opportunity. As days go by, it’s the bigger love of the family.

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carry on countdown day 4: punk/pastel au

ahh ok yall were so nice about my fic yesterday that im doing it again. so here’s a pastel!simon / punk(ish)!baz for you :)) i promise it’s mostly not as angsty as it seems in the beginning……….

thanks again @carryon-countdown !

Baz loved to watch Simon Snow. Ok, not in like, some weird-creepy-stalker way. Just in the way that people like to watch the ocean, or the sunset, or the night sky. Looking at Simon was like looking into the heart of a far away galaxy, the kind that’s all swirling colors and sparkling motion and infinity.

Simon lived in his own world. You could tell by the way he stared out windows during class, his chin resting in his hand like he knew Baz was watching and posed just for him. You could tell by the way he would bob along to the music playing in his headphones as he walked down the hectic school hallway with a pleasant smile. You could tell by the way he reacted when people called him names (names that need not be repeated here, as you can surely imagine) for his pastel clothes, his baby pink hair, his painted nails. They would spit their cruel words at him, and Simon would simply cock his head, a mildly pitying, mildly confused expression on his face, and give them a look that asked—without making a sound—why they were so insecure that they felt the need to strike out at him. And then, without a word, he would carry on.

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Darling, Do You Remember Me?
Lightnin' Hopkins
Darling, Do You Remember Me?

SATURDAY BLUES REVIEW: Darling, Do You Remember Me by Lightnin’ Hopkins - There were many incredible and influential blues guitarists over the years like Buddy Guy and B.B. King. and Robert Johnson.  But for my money, Lightnin’ Hopkins tops them all.  The Texas country blues legend was in many ways the glue between the old school blues of the early 20th century and the more modern artists in the 60’s with the rise of the electric guitar and bigger bands.

What made Hopkins so unique was that he could be a one-man show with vocals and lead and rhythm all in one.  He often played without the benefit of a band, yet you felt nothing was lost as the sound was so full and complete.  On Darling, Do You Remember Me, a tender ballad from the Soul Blues album, it is just the man and the song just floats above you, yet there is so much happening on the guitar even as subtle as it is.  Enjoy and have an relaxing long weekend.

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he sounds etheral in mmith, i hope you are still alive

Not gonna lie, I’m hanging on by a thread! The oncEEEE youUUU go withoUUUUUt it at the end!!!! I mean come on!! And Mitch’s solo!! And he just sounds so tender and soulful and almost blues-y and I get Chris Isak vibes which @fuzzypurplestuff can testify that I’m super weak for!!

What a man!! 😘

I would like to think that if the moon was a woman that she would be brilliant and daring, but also tender and sentimental. She would be dripping in jewelry, in the deepest blues and the most luminous silvers, and wearing the most exquisite lace, satin and silk. Her presence would awaken the night-blooming flowers and charm the majestic creatures that lurk in the shadows.

Macaroni (pt. 2) // Luke Hemmings

Requested; Yes

Summary; Luke is a struggling single parent and you’re his son’s teacher.

Warning; Smutty McSmut smut

(part 1)

15 minutes, 15 minutes till 7. You were a mess, walking frantically throughout the apartment trying to find your purse. You were already ready because you knew that this would happen, it always does. Just when you think you’re prepared you loose something at last minute. You decided to throw on a simple winter outfit to fight the chilly atmosphere outside. Luke warned you ahead of time that it was a casual date so you didn’t have to go breaking your back trying to find some kind of fancy outfit.

Knock. Knock.

“Shit!” Mentally slapping yourself for not finding your purse in time, you made your way to the door. Opening the door, you couldn’t help but let your eyes wander. He wore dark skinny jeans that really defined those legs that seemed never ending and he wore a black Red Hot Chili Peppers shirt along with a simple leather jacket to protect him from the cold. Why did you just now notice those broad shoulders? Of course, you couldn’t miss that lopsided smile and for a second you forgot what he was doing there in the first place. His hair was flat yet a bit disheveled to the side, tempting you to run your fingers through it. A warm blush caressed the tip of his nose and highlighted his pale cheeks. Then you noticed a lip ring resting on the bottom of his plush lip… those lips.

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Family Matters Theme Song

It’s a rare condition, this day and age, 
to read any good news on the newspaper page. 
Love and tradition of the grand design, 
some people say it’s even harder to find. 

Well then there must be some magic clue inside these tearful walls 
Cause all I see is a tower of dreams 
real love burstin’ out of every seam. 

As days go by, 
we’re gonna fill our house with happiness. 
The moon may cry, 
we’re gonna smother the blues with tenderness. 

When days go by, 
there’s room for you, 
room for me, 
for gentle hearts an opportunity. 

As days go by, 
it’s the bigger love of the family.