tender patch


Pairing: Crowley x Reader

Warnings: language, kind of fluff?, implied smut.

Part 2

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You stared up at the smug King of Hell as he lounged on his throne, smirking. He slowly rubbed his light stubble as one of his minions rambled on about soul collections and demons who went rogue. But the King’s mind was elsewhere. His hazelnut eyes flicked over to you every few minutes, dark and hungry.

“Get to the point!” He roared, refocusing on the babbling idiot.

The minion stammered and scrambled, terrified that he would end up like the last poor demon who stood before Crowley. “Sir, numbers are dropping, and we need your guidance.”

Crowley rolled his eyes and snarled. “You want me to fix your incompetence? Ha! Why don’t you go out there and bloody try harder!” With the wave of his hand, the demon disappeared, leaving the two of you alone.

The King lifted himself from his seat, his eyes locked on you. He gently tugged on the lapel of his suit jacket as he descended the few steps and glided over to you.

“Do we have an agreement, or not?” You snapped. You hated coming to the overly cocky salesman for help, especially since being anywhere near him made you feel downright sinful. But, he was your last hope. “What’s in it for you, anyway?” you snapped, trying to keep your distance. It was hard, feeling how his close proximity made your entire body tingle.

Crowley chuckled as he moved a straight hair from your face. “I help you get the boys out of their pickle,” he whispered as his finger traced your jaw line, “and I can cash in the numerous favors you already owe me.” He huffed a laugh as his eyes locked on yours. “In exchange for anything.” His eyebrow raised, making your stomach flutter.

You licked your lips, trying to make it look like it was a tough decision. But, the truth was, you knew what he was thinking. And all you wanted him to do was shove you up against the wall and take you as he wanted. “Fine.” You extended your hand.

Crowley bit his lip as he stared down at your hand. “Oh, darling, that’s not how it’s done.” The King smirked as he closed in on you. “My deals are sealed with a kiss.”

“What?” you scoffed. “I’m not selling fucking my soul, Crowley.”

“Protocol, love.” He leaned in, holding his lips just inches from yours. “If the King doesn’t obey the rules, who will?”

Your eyes shot down to his lips briefly before meeting his eyes again. “Huh,” was all you could get out before his lips were on yours. But, this wasn’t a deal sealing kiss. No. This was hungry, demanding. His tongue dominated your mouth as he slowly walked you backwards, pressing you against the brick wall behind you.

Crowley lifted his lips from yours, keeping his face close. “I’d like to cash in on one of those favors.”

Your jaw trembled as heat rose in your core. “I think that can be arranged,” you breathed as he pressed his erection against your clothed sex.

Crowley’s hand gripped your hip as his lips found the soft spot on your neck, his stubble causing a sweet burn. His lips traced up your skin, finding the tender patch of skin just below your ear. “Good.”  

Getting my gear ready for the Women’s March on Washington ✌✊ ❤💜💛💚💙

(I’m pretty proud of myself. I found a $6 Hanes, bought a pack of transfer paper and designed the sweatshirt myself. Cost me less than $15)


◦ pairing: reader x jin

◦ rating: m

◦ word count: 1.7k

◦ a/n: I was really craving cinnamon rolls…but like…this is what we got instead…

m a s t e r l i s t

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“Mmm–” your eyes lit up, satisfied with the thin creamy substance you swiped off your fingers. The sounds you were making with your mouth were obscene. Your tongue drifted along your lip, coated in the white color. Jin cleared his throat, trying hard to tear his eyes off your mouth, trying hard to listen to the tick of the clock over the wet lapping sounds that floated innocently off your tongue.

You dipped two fingers and brought them to your lips, again cleaning them deliciously. Jin clenched his jaw, his dull nails unconsciously curling into his palm. “Can you put that down–” he blurted, sounding angrier than he intended.

Your eyebrows knit together and your lips fell to a pout. “What? It tastes good.” To be fair, you had no idea what he was imagining that you were doing.

“There won’t be any left for the cinnamon rolls,” Jin grumbled, his hands slipping into the pockets of his sweatpants. He winced, wishing he could just relieve himself somehow. He continued to watch you intently. Your pink tongue was so thorough. The thought wouldn’t leave his head.

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Requsted: No

Summary: Ashton’s little kitten loves to disobey him just to feel punishment, because they both loved it. Also, if she is good enough, there is always a reward in the end for good behavior for daddy.

Word Count: 2,718 [i got so carried away lmaoooo. i need holy water eye drops after reading this to myself.]

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Just a Drink Part Four

Written for the prompt “Scully lesbian encounter with a beautiful stranger “When was the last time you did something just because you wanted to?” 

Part one here Part two here Part three here

Rating: NC17 from here on out.
Pairing: Scully/OC


“If I speed, we can be there in three.”

“Then speed.”

The three minutes feel a lot like three hours. Scully shifts uncomfortably,  pressing her thighs together in a desperate attempt to relieve some of the aching tension, and to protect Leyla’s leather interior from the pool of arousal soaking through her panties –  and probably through the slinky material of her dress. When she chances a glance at Leyla, she sees a ticking jaw and knuckles popping white against the steering wheel. She feels a surge of excitement at the knowledge that Leyla is just as impatient as she is.

The car finally comes to a stop in front of an apartment building, which Scully vaguely recognizes as being a couple thousand rent dollars out of her budget. She opens her own door and is stepping out of the car when Leyla appears in front of her.

Scully groans helplessly as Leyla’s fingers push into the dip of her lower back, bringing their bodies together. Their lips connect, and Leyla catches Scully’s bottom lip roughly between her teeth. “Inside,” Scully gasps against Leyla’s mouth as she struggles for air.

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a sight to

olicity hiatus fic-a-thon | prompt: summer vacation
set between season 1-2 (I know, throwback)

tagging: @scu11y22 @misaralullaby @queen-of-spaz @maryhn @ladyimara @felicityschattycathy @lovethishealthylife @tjmartinez98 @felicityollies @theirhappystory @lucyyh @muslimsmoak @thebookjumper (if you wanna be tagged/untagged, let me know :)

A sight to die for.

Sun-kissed shoulders and golden strands of hair lightly blowing with the wind. Tiny freckles painting the small tender patch of skin on her shoulders.

He feels like reaching out to brush his fingers over it ever so slowly, smiling at the simple thought of her softness and warmth beneath his lips. Of the wonderful sigh of surprise she’d let out at the mere contact, just a whisper of a touch but so much more for him.

Yes, basked in this sunset glow, the now-comfortably warm sand beneath his skin, Oliver allows himself to admit he has a thing for her shoulders. That his eyes gravitate towards the way she navigates a room, so petite yet commanding with her ever-present strength that is as inspiring as terrifyingly scary at times. That he’s maybe purposely reached out to her that way, a tap so fast that could go unnoticed –except it didn’t, by her, as anything does–, but that leaves an echoing effect to his whole being.

In the calm surrounding this moment, his eyes are focused on them, on her, on everything before his eyes that helps him breathe a little easier.

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A Helping Hand. // Ethan Dolan // Smut

You huffed rolling over on your side, trying desperately to ignore the throbbing between your legs. This had been happening a lot more than usual. You’d be ready to fall asleep until this overwhelming intense throbbing sensation took its place between your legs. You’d be left all hot and bothered all night long, you’d gotten zero sleep because of it this week. You were too embarrassed to say something to anyone, and you didn’t know the first thing when it came to fixing the problem yourself.

You were so innocent, and you’d never pleasured yourself. Let alone thought about pleasuring yourself. You clamped your legs tightly together hoping the feeling would waver away, but that didn’t help it only made the situation worse. You sighed and got under your covers prepared to just bear with the new feeling and head to bed until you heard tapping on your bedroom window.

Already knowing it was your best friend Ethan you unlocked the window and raised it allowing him to climb in. His parents had been arguing a lot lately and even mentioned divorce. With his twin brother away for sports, and his sister off at college Ethan was stuck dealing with it alone. So he started coming over on nights when it was really bad and just slept on your floor. It didn’t bother you, because you were so close.

“Hey.” You mumbled tiredly as you handed him a pillow and a blanket.

“Hey.” He mumbled under his breath trying to hide the emotion behind his stone expression.

“You want to talk about it?” You asked plopping back down on your bed.

“It’s fine.” He said laying down on the floor.

You accepted that he didn’t want to talk and just laid back down.

That night that feeling between your legs kept you up all night. You had been tossing and turning all night trying to find a comfortable position. You had really soft sheets so the noise was keeping Ethan up with you. You groaned in frustration as you mushed your face in your pillow.

“Y/N?” Ethan called out.

“Hmph?” You asked sitting up a little.

“Are you okay, you’re moving around a lot?” He questioned.

You sighed and turned on your lamp and sat up completely.

“Promise you won’t laugh?” You asked looking straight at him.

He chuckled “Of course.” He answered concerned.

“Lately…Lately I’ve been having this weird feeling.” You said hesitantly.

“Elaborate.” He said rubbing at his eyes.

“I um…I’ve been having this feeling down there.” You whispered.

He stared at you for a second before realizing what you meant.

He put a hand over his mouth silencing his laughs and giggles.

You threw your pillow at him and crossed your arms.

“You said you wouldn’t laugh.” You whined.

“Wait…Wait I’m sorry.” He said between laughs.

“Ethan, I’m worried. What if there’s something wrong with me?” You said worriedly.

“Don’t worry it’s natural.” He said standing and walking over to you and sitting next to you on the bed.

“This is embarrassing.” You said putting your head down your cheeks turning rosy.

He lifts your chin up and smiles.

“Nothing’s wrong with you, it’s perfectly normal to feel this way from time to time.” He smiles stroking your cheek with his thumb.

“Thanks Ethan.” You smiled.

“Let me help you.” He said with a serious face.

“E-Ethan we’re friends.” You stuttered.

“And friends help each other let me help you.” He said scooting closer to you.

Without answering his question you swung your leg over his and straddled his lap.

He pressed his lips against yours snaking his strong arms around your waist. He pulled you onto the bed and flipped you both over so he was on top. He looked down at you taking in your beauty, admiring your features. He moved your hair out of the way and he kissed you again before working on your neck. You took the opportunity of tangling your fingers in his hair. He grabbed your thighs and wrapped them around his waist as he left a trail of kisses from your neck to the valley of your breasts. He pushed himself off of you momentarily to take his shirt off. That encouraged you to mimic him and pull your shirt off.

You reached behind you to take off your bra but he removed your hands and mumbled sweet nothings in your ear as he unlatched your bra clasp allowing your breasts to fall free. You moved your hands to his belt buckle and he kicked his pants off the rest of the way. He gently pushed you on your back and came up to kiss you again. He left a trail of kisses from your lips to the hem of your black spandex shorts.

He looked up at you searching your eyes for any sign of hesitation. You nodded your head and he looped his thumbs in both your shorts and underwear. He pulled them both down in one swift motion. He pushed your legs back and spread them. You sat up a little, craning your neck to watch. He reached up and held your hand before giving your bundle of sensitive nerves soft kitten licks. You threw your head back as a wave of pleasure shook your whole body. You wanted to clamp your legs together the pleasure becoming too much for you all at once. But his strong arms held them back.

“Oh…my god…Ethan.” You moaned your body moving in sync with his movements.

“Let go princess.” He said pushing two fingers into your velvety folds.

His deep raspy voice alone was enough to send you over the edge.

“Oh…fuck Ethan..I-I’m.,” You couldn’t finish your sentence because a feeling of pure euphoria swept through as all of the blood in your body rushed to your core. You curled your toes and came on his fingers.

You panted heavily as he climbed back on top of you smiling.

He held both of your hands above your head as he aligned himself up with your entrance. You’d been with one other person before and that was almost a year ago so the feelings you were experiencing felt new. He carefully pushed in allowing you to adjust. You let out a big sigh before motioning for him to move. He rolled his hips into yours filling you up. It didn’t take long for him to find the rough patch of tender muscles inside of you. You clamped a hand over your mouth to silence your moans but he removed your hands and hushed you with a kiss. You gripped onto his bicep as you writhed beneath him. His thrusts were becoming sloppy and rougher and you knew he was close.

“Ethan…I’m close.” You whined.

“Cum for me Princess.” He encouraged.

He watched as your mouth formed and ‘o’ shape as you released.

He pulled out and came on the sheets beneath you before he collapsed beside you.

“That was amazing Ethan.” You said panting.

“Anything for you Princess.” He mumbled tiredly.

You rolled over on your side and covered your naked bodies with the duvet.

He pulled you into his arms the soft thump of his heart beat against your skin lulling you to sleep.

The Valkyrie- Chapter 4

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“…So what’s the plan? Do we even have a plan?” You rubbed the grip of your sword, palms sweaty.

Loki leaned against the massive, mossy boot of a scowling dwarven statue flanking Erebor. “I will distract him, and you drive your sword through that fleshy bit on the beast’s chest.”

“We are not prepared. There are too many variables, too many unknowns-”

“I’m sure we will improvise as needed.”

Loki, ever the optimist.

A line of elven soldiers stood high on the mountains away from Erebor, their leader astride a white Elk. Thranduil and his men would be here to witness the deed, but not intervene. The thought of them abandoning you if ever there was a time of need irked you, but it was the terms Loki and Thranduil had agreed upon. Without you present.

You could have said no. Walked away from this ludicrous mission. You supposed Loki could have commanded you to do it regardless, but he had never forced his will upon you before.

Even if he would have no shot at killing the beast without you, he gave you a choice. And the promise of freedom.

Slay the dragon for me, and I will release you from your life-debt.

You sighed. Then you drew your sword, and stepped into the gaping crevice in the side of the mountain. You felt an invisible hand squeeze your shoulder, then the warmth of Loki’s breath near your ear.

“My talents are better hidden in shadow; even if you cannot see me, know that I am always near.”

“As opposed astral-projecting from a safe distance outside the mountain?” You snapped. Loki didn’t answer.

The stench of mold and decay hung ripe in the bowels of Erebor. You silently stepped past the charred, crumbling husks of dead dwarves down the ashen stone stairs to the treasure room. Gold gleamed and glittered, piled high and shimmered low like rolling hills far as the eye could see. For a moment you stood gaping at the hoard.

Such staggering wealth. Such insatiable greed.

The gold began to sweep and swell, like a rolling ocean of dazzling light, the clinking and tinkling growing louder and louder, until it was thunderous waterfall of gems and jewels and gold, revealing a puckered, leathery beast of burnt rust and blood, speckled with glints of melted gold. Its wings fanned out, wide and billowy like sails. Its talons were black and wickedly curved. Its jaws were the gates of hell; a yawn was all it took to melt the glitter of gold into a steeping pool of molten death.

You knew then, why the elves stayed far, far from the mountain.

You felt the shiver of adrenaline rush through your veins, let it wash over you and ignite your core. You felt your senses heighten, your entire flesh wound tight and ready. You grinned, feeling delicious. You had found your greatest adversary. If you died tonight, it would be worth the fight.

THIEF! It rumbled, its voice like the grating of iron. ASSASSIN!

You danced across the slick quicksand of cascading gold, and leapt onto the dragon’s tail. You could feel the radiating fury from his glowing scales. The creature was brutality and death encased in armor. As it twisted, you grabbed ahold of one of its bony spines, wrapping your legs around it tight and slamming your blade in the jagged spaced between its scales. It glanced off in a shower of sparks and snapped in half between shifting scales, the pieces clattering uselessly down the side of the beast and swallowed by the rush of gold below.

The tender spot at the serpent’s breast, then.

You leapt from one spine to the next, clinging for dear life as the monster writhed and roared, wings conjuring winds so fierce they threatened to rip you away.


You crawled down towards its shoulder as you would scale the side of a volcano. The world shook about you, your ears ringing from its bellows. Finally, you see it. A tender, pale patch nestled between two scales the size of palace gates. You only had one sword left; you had to make it count.    

As you raised your blade, the beast screeched and smashed its claws down upon you, closing you in an iron grip.

I WILL POP YOU LIKE A TICK! It hissed, its claws bearing down and crushing you. You felt your shoulder crack, your left arm folding in on itself in a sickening crunch.

Valhalla, you thought. But you knew the gates would be closed for you. The traitor. The dishonored.

“Let’s make a trade, shall we?” Came a familiar voice. Then the beast bellowed. Through the crimson haze of pain, you are vaguely aware that all the treasure, the mountains of gold, were suddenly gone. All that was left was the bare, grey stone of the empty treasure chamber.

WHAT HAVE YOU DONE! Smaug shrieked, its voice cracking. THIEF! The thought of losing all its treasure at once would likely drive it mad.

“Release the Valkyrie, and I shall restore your gold,” Loki said calming, his voice echoing in the empty chamber. It was Loki’s magic, you realized. Merely a mirage.

Suddenly you were tumbling through the air, down into darkness, fire, and stone. Landing in the warm, open arms of a familiar figure.


In your haze, you reached and touched his cheek. Then you blacked out.


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Other fics

This fic posted 5/13/17 only on lemonconfessions.tumblr.com . This fic is not posted anywhere else, so please feel free go ahead and report any rip-off posts on FFN and AO3 if you see any <3  

afg ch.5 scene 1

you guys have been waiting for 3 weeks now so i think you deserve a little more than a snippet or a scant few lines. so heres the first scene from the chapter. im comfortable sharing it bcs theres like fucking 20 more pages lmao


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That Word

evanescent!anon submitted:

A/N: Okay, so I saw this text post about forcing someone shy about saying the t-word to say “stop tickling me” to end a relentless tickle attack and I thought it was SUPER CUTE and we all know Dean is the dork who can’t say that word so this happened. And it’s Marina’s birthday!! Happy birthday, I hope you like this gift! ^.^ ~evanescent!anon

It’s the world’s worst-kept secret: Dean Winchester has a very ticklish tummy, and, though he’d never admit, loves having it—as well as the rest of him—tickled.

When Cas first discovered tickling, Dean futilely tried to conceal is excitement, demonstrating on Cas and all the while dropping subtle teases and hints in hopes of retaliation. He wasn’t disappointed. As it turned out, Cas was an expert tickler, and wasn’t above using his grace to torment Dean, though it was deemed ‘cheating’ long ago.

Lately, Cas had been noticing something rather peculiar. Dean seemed to be completely unable to utter the word ‘tickle’ or any variation thereupon. He had many clever workarounds—‘sensitive’ in place of ‘ticklish’, ‘it feels funny’ in place of ‘it tickles’, and so on. Upon this realization, Cas also took note of the fact that Dean turned red whenever he or Sam said the word.

A plan was forged in the angel’s mind to force Dean to blush and squirm so adorably. He was positively elated when Dean very intentionally plopped his feet on Cas’s legs during a movie they were watching in lieu of anything better to do. It was a normal habit; Dean knew he was going to be tickled, and Cas knew he knew, and it was a wordless exchange of giggly fun, in a sense.

Only today, Castiel thought, it won’t be wordless.

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Late Night Cuddles and Kisses - George Weasley Imagine (requested)

Request: Can I have a really cuddly imagine with George. My name Is Destany

((Hope you enjoy! Sorry its really short!))


Destany’s pov~

Cold air nipped at my bare shoulder like small chaste kisses on a child’s forehead. The clear stained glass window directly across from the bed was cracked open allowing waves of crisp fresh air to drift in and out. A pair of lips latched onto my back catching me by surprise. George’s lips vibrated against my skin as he chuckled. His arm was soon wrapped around my waist pulling me down towards him so I was lying fully on my back.
“George! I was concentrating!” I mused scrambling away from him and staying still on the far side of the mattress. George’s brown orbs opened in disappointment reaching his hands and interlocking it with mine.

“I’m sure you had been. On what might I ask?” The bedsheets tangled themselves up and all around our bodies molding us as one. I hummed aimlessly forgetting my train of thought while I lost myself in his graceful touch. George let his hand travel to my cheek, resting there for a second, brushing a few loose strands away. Sucking in a deep breath, I resumed to his pervious question.

“I don’t know, stuff. I was also wondering about how no one had caught us up here yet and how we managed to squeeze past the protection spells and shields boarded all around these dorms.” Certain precautious bounds had been set up by Dumbledore himself to reassure the students and staff that no students of opposite sex were granted permission in the same bedrooms and dormitory bathrooms.

“Maybe we got lucky, there is a slight chance that there aren’t any spells put up and Dumbledore only made up the rumor to scare us from trying.” George offered thinking it through thoroughly. He had a point, I’d give him that and I could really careless because if anything was up, we got past it so all was well.

Sighing anxiously, I tossed over with my back to George and pushed my body so it was firm pressed flat against his sculpted chest. A patch of tender kisses settled along my neck like a trail of bread crumbs leading back home, which George soon found as him lips met mine. I was taken aback by the suddenness of affection and smiled into the kiss, repositioning myself awkwardly so he could gain full access. George’s hands traced up and down my side length sending tidal waves of shivers to cover me. I let my hand reach up to his ginger hair and pulled faintly but harshly enough for a tingling moan to leave his lips.

“Damn Destany, the things you do to me.” He stated securing the blanket around the both of us. I laughed snuggling deeper into his side, but it came out as more of a muffled sound due to the fleecy blanket coating half of my face. George’s head stayed stationary on my own and his hands located mine intertwining our fingers. The room no longer felt icy and empty, in fact more alive than ever before. George spoke sweet nothings throughout the rest of the evening and my mind drifted in and out of consciousness, his heart melting words being the only vail to my awaking.

“You can sleep if you want. I don’t mind. I’ll carry you to your room when Fred returns.” Rubbing my tired eyes I nodded again. The thought of sleep felt like a long awaited vacation and I was taking the trip to Paris. Closing my eyes, a gentle hand swept over my hair, drawing various shapes and words onto my s/c back.

“Mmmhhh…. I love you George.” I made sure to squeak out before full sleep overtook me. When no response was given I had halfly assumed he couldn’t hear me and not much energy was left for me to repeat myself so I just went with it. That was until a smooth voice spoke out,

“I love you too, Destany. Now get some sleep, my darling. I’ll be here when you wake.”


- Daizy xxx

Day 345: Together

Post battle Bush Medicine fluff for Cuddly Anon!

The camper was dark when Medic arrived. It had taken him longer than he’d liked to finish patching everyone else up, and the last rays of sunlight glinted off the aluminium siding as the campsite finally came into view. The hour wasn’t terribly late as of yet, but Sniper had always been one to follow the rhythm of nature rather than the hands of a clock.

In his hand was a worn black bag. A relic of his past life, but one that had been rediscovered in the past few months when he’d somehow fallen in with a man who prefered folk remedies to actual science. Bandages and iodine, swabs and sutures, it had seemed like ages ago since he’d used anything so mundane.

There was a key in his pocket that unlocked the door and he stepped inside to the smell of sweat, dirt, and two day old coffee. Clothes were piled on the floor where they had been lazily discarded as their owner crawled his way to bed. In what little light remained, Medic could see the angles of Sniper’s shoulder and hip as the marksman lay curled up on the bunk.

“How are you feeling?”

“Fine.” Sniper grunted his response, his voice muffled by blankets and pillows.

“Is that so?

Sniper shifted in the bunk, and Medic didn’t miss the stiffness in the movement. Of course, if a few aches and pains were the worst things Sniper had brought off the field, it was a good day.

The black bag was set down on the table to be forgotten until morning as Medic readied himself for bed. His clothes were neatly folded and left on the table as he made his way into the small bunk that had become his second home. Sniper scooted forward just a bit to give him a little more space and Medic settled himself behind. He pulled the blankets back over them both and draped an arm over Sniper’s waist before resting his chin over Sniper’s bony shoulder to nuzzle the dark hair that was somehow untouched by grey and always smelled of campfires.

Silence settled over the camper as both men slowly relaxed. Medic let a foot slip between Sniper’s legs, gently rubbing up and down to feel the sinewy muscle before tangling them up together. His hand felt the slight softness around Sniper’s middle, an endearing trait that spoke more to Sniper’s ability to have stayed alive this long than to any lack of fitness on his part. Fingers ghosted over scars both old and new. There was a soft hiss as they strayed across a tender patch, and Medic knew that he’d be tending to the bruising in the morning.

“Sorry, luv. Not gonna be much fun tonight.” Sniper murmured. He rolled over to face Medic, who rolled over onto his back to let Sniper lay his head on his chest. “Ain’t as young as I used to be.”

“Neither of us are, mein liebe.” He looked down into Sniper’s tired eyes and ran his hand through the thick campfire tinged hair. It was true. Neither of them were getting any younger, and respawn only kept so much of age’s advance at bay. More frequently than not, this was their own comfortable routine; enjoying the stillness of night far from prying eyes. And neither of them would trade it for anything.

Medic removed his glasses and set them on a small shelf. Then he returned his hand to Sniper’s back, gently tracing the line of his spine until the soft beating of the heart so close to his slipped into the easy cadence of sleep.

Hi guys! I hope you enjoy this sappy smutty one shot! xD

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Imagine #41

Merry Christmas everyone! And here’s a gift to you from me hope you guys like this short and simple imagine :) I love Stiles (who doesn’t, right?) here and I love using him to make situations lighter or cheery. 


With brows furrowed, your eyes opened and saw the meager brightness the dawning light was shining onto the plain cream colored walls of the room you were sleeping in. But it wasn’t the only thing that was troubling you in going back to your comfortable sleep.

“Hey,” a husky voice greeted you that somehow made the insides of your stomach flutter at the sound of it while a comfortingly warm hand, the same hand you felt just a few seconds before you groggily woke up to it drawing circles on your bare arm, caressed your cheek making goose bumps spread throughout your exposed arm and back.

“What’s wrong?” The tone in his voice wasn’t really of worry but just of concern.

Not bothering to answer him, you instead snuggled closer to his side and inhaled his masculine yet soft scent that reminded you of fresh clean laundry and a small hint of cinnamon. Noticing the goose bumps that decorated your skin, Isaac only brought you closer to his warm chest with a smile, one arm circling your shoulders and the other pulling the soft white comforter up to your neck before the hand rest on the curve of your waist.

It was only after an hour or so you woke up again. A deep and raspy voice cracked as it greeted you a good morning, making you open your eyes and be met with beautiful blue orbs looking back at you while a small smile was playing on his lips before he leaned down and pressed them to yours. It lingered longer than usual, not that you were complaining or anything, you quite enjoyed it.

Your hand made its way to his nape where you tugged lightly at the curls which elicited a light growl from the werewolf as he tugged on your bottom lip, making you gasp and him deepening the kiss. His plump lips made their way to your jaw and neck placing kisses and occasionally sucking on your tender skin, leaving patches of discoloration that you’d hide later on to hide whatever ministrations you two were doing in the bedroom from the pack.

Earning a moan from the nipping Isaac continues to do on your neck, his hand slid down on your waist while the other cupped your cheek before he placed his lips back on your bruised ones and continued the fevered kisses.

“Hey guys breakfast is-OH MY GOD!” At the sound of the voice, the both of you stiffened before Isaac sat back down to his side of the bed while you sat up with your cheeks reddened.

“STILES,” You yelled while Isaac jumped out of the bed and opened the door attempting to lock it but not before he had a word with the other half of the dynamic duo, however the door was already slammed shut and the loud footsteps that ran down the hallway of the cabin the pack rented was heard along with Stiles shouting loudly, “I hope it’s a boy!”

“We’re not taking any requests!” Isaac screamed back just as loud.

Extracurricular ; Kim Seokjin (M)

Because what’s a school year without a couple of distractions?

Word Count: 1.4K

Warning: Contains sexual content.

(a/n): daaaaaamn kim back at it again with the dirty smut. LMAO NOW THAT I CAN WRITE KINDA DECENT SMUT NOW I CANT STOP….IM THIRSTY AND A HOE. anyway, jin is so under appreciated and it’s not fair so here i am to say, i love kim seokjin and you should too dammit. i kinda put two requests together bc someone asked for these three words then someone asked for a college!au so here ya go you two lovely anons. hope i did all right >.<

1. glasses

It’s the way his eyes move behind the lenses of his glasses, first to glance at you then to dart quickly out of your gaze once you catch him staring at you. You hide the giggle that itches at your throat because you saw what he did and it made you blush.

Your friend gave a nudge at your elbow everytime his eyes traced back to you when you weren’t looking. She nudged at you so many times that your elbow was growing tender but like a good tender because cute guy was especially distracted today and it was because of you.

“I counted 18,” your friend hummed as you and the whole class started packing up after being dismissed from lecture.

“18 what?” you asked as you slung your backpack over your shoulder.

“18 times that he’s stared at you in the past hour,” she wiggled her eyebrows and just to hide the slight blush on your face, you shoved her slightly.

“Oh come on, don’t act like you don’t love it. The guy is hot!” she trilled and it got a school-girl giggle out of you.

“Do you think I should talk to him?” you whispered as you hoisted your book bag around your shoulders, standing up with your eyes no doubt on him.

“What the fuck do you think?” she said and before you knew it and before you had the ability to use your motor skills to stop her, she was pushing you towards him before bolting out the room. You shook your head, laughing slightly to yourself before approaching him.

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sing for me, sing for us

Read on Ao3

Summary:  It’s not that Keiji had a good singing voice. In fact if Keiji had any say in the matter (which, Bokuto assures him, he doesn’t) he would say he has an average voice. Mediocre at best, honed only by faint humming on train rides and gentle singing in the shower.

Smut and Fluff, NSFW, 

Words 1905

It’s not that Keiji had a good singing voice. In fact if Keiji had any say in the matter (which, Bokuto assures him, he doesn’t) he would say he has an average voice. Mediocre at best, honed only by faint humming on train rides and gentle singing in the shower.

It’s not even something he particularly enjoys. None of the exhilaration of volleyball nor the tiny thrills of satisfaction he gets from solving a particularly nasty puzzle or even the relaxation he gets from gardening. It’s just… something to pass the time.

The fact that his boyfriend treats it like a big deal only makes it even more irritating.

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Part Six. Part Five. Part Four. Part Three. Part Two. Part One (and One-point-Five)


- - -

Lips parted, eyes wide, she stared up at him, a small soft noise echoing from the back of her throat. The sound was enough to break his soul, but the sight of her seemed to shatter it. Raven’s cheeks were flushed, her hands had fallen away from him and gripped the bedspread beneath her with enough force to nearly tear the cotton. Beast Boy watched with bated breath the sight of her muscles tremble and shake, her abdomen twist and turn under him, and his fingers stilled over her body as they simply stared at each other. The only sound in the room was that of their labored breaths and hearts beating out a strange and frantic rhythm.

Raven’s eyes fluttered closed and her back arched as a low moan broke through the tension like a hot knife. It was that sight and that sound that was his undoing.

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