tender hug

My favorite Klance things

Keith sitting on Lances lap. He’s just curls up there and it’s,,,, just,,,, so freaking cute. I can’t


Keith pulling Lance in for kisses. Like please, my heart can only handle so much.

Lance calling keith babe. Like babe please.

Either of them laying their heads in each others laps and playing with their hair;;

Keith coming up from behind lance and hugging him. Like real domestic, they’re in the kitchen,,,, lance is cooking and, Keith, oh keith just comes up and gives lance a soft tender hug from behind. And lance just smiles and says good morning babe~….shit I gave myself the feels..

Lance grabbing Keith’s hand at any moment and keith lacing their fingers

Cuddling. Either keith is curled up into lances chest or lance is the little spoon.

And lance just sleeps like a rock most nights, and so keith just gets to watch him sleep and he’s like goddamn I am so in love with this idiot. (Some times hell catch lance snoring or drooling and he just falls harder)

then on the rare nights that lance wakes up before keith, and he just lies there with a dopey grin on his face while keith has his mouth wide open, hair splayed everywhere, and in general just a hot mess. In other words, it’s hella cute and lance can’t handle it.

Idk man, just klance. Klance ok.

I just…I can’t get over the Johnlock hug and I’ve realized why. That’s how I would normally touch my boyfriend, my INTIMATE partner. There was nothing platonic about that hug and it was just so tender and loving. They nailed it from the way Sherlock hesitated to the way John ever so gently scooted closer. That was in no way a casual thing between “bros”. Remember, once you open your heart up you can’t ever close it again, and that was Sherlock opening up to John. That was a confession.

“Love is an ocean of emotions, entirely surrounded bye expenses”

-Lord Dewar

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody and with this whole day of love I decided to make a edit of this lovely wayfinders made it specially for the followers of the “Hooked Wayfinder” and don’t worry I’m still working on my draws of this two, but it’s gonna take more time than I expected but anyway I hope you guys like it as much as I do

Maui’s tattoos reference by @chouly-stuff

I headcanon that makkachin is like my dog in that he is incapable of letting anyone experience physical affection if he is not included. A bleary-eyed morning Yuuri wraps his arms gently around Viktor who is eating breakfast. Makkachin leaps up and leans his front paws on Yuuri. Yuuri and Viktor are watching a movie together and start to lean on one another. Victor leans in to kiss Yuuri, and Makkachin suddenly appears between them. Viktor and Yuuri are holding one another in a tender hug. Makkachin shoves his face between their knees.

Makkachin. Must. Be. Included.

The Hug

Not just a hug, but such a tender hug. A hug that says “I know you just went through hell and had memories of your dead and/or estranged father stirred up and you just found out you’re part Galra: you know, our sworn enemies. But know that I’m still here and I still love you and always have your back. You might not be okay, but we’re okay and always will be. ”

Too Much

I crave what everyone craves, to be loved in my entirety
I need what I need, to be loved for all of my extremes
To revel in dance and song and you to revel with me
To understand a sunset can move me to tears and simply hold me
Let me dance in the rain and rage with the thunder when I need
To put me back together when humanity has shredded my heart
Someone to tell when a turn of phrase has broken my soul
For the passion and desire of my kiss, for what I need to take
I have to be wanted for what I want…which is everything
Hands fisted in hair, muscles restricted from causing too much pain
Nothing forbidden, nothing taboo if it’s passion between
Flay me open, scoop out my spirit if it’s what you seek
I’ll do the same with a lascivious grin and a gentle laugh
Then maybe tender kisses and hugs, bodies moving together
Silly jokes told under sweaty sheets while the world turns
For your need to be whispered in subtle gestures only I can see
To know I fill the chasm in you which you fill in me
Alas, I think mayhap I expect too much for all I am

All i want is a minisode of johnlock cuddles

Just.. 5 minutes of Sherlock and John being soft and tender and hugging on the couch together in 221b playing with eachothers hair and also please have it cut in a way that i can make it into a perfect loop and just watch it continuously until s5/the end of time

One Matters
One sin caused condemnation 
One life offers grace 
One act of faith brings salvation 
One comment 
One blog 
One letter 
One email 
One Tweet 
One Facebook post 
One phone call 
One hug 
One tender touch 
One verse 
One smile 
One dollar
One can change a life 

Be the one…
[Lyrics] Shinhwa - #Chocolat

Lyrics: Lee Minwoo

The refreshing lemon light has a sweet scent
Like the sunlight that surrounds me, it’s romantic
Even though I see you daily, you’re like an angel
I want to be with you
Ooh baby, make you feel my love

Filled with your scent, oh
Whenever I see that tender smile
I want to hug you
Filled with your warmth, oh
Your warm breath is like a dream
Oh baby

Why are you so pretty
Why do I like you so much
When you look at me
It makes me go crazy
You’re my girl

Chocolat, like a chocolate
It sweetly melts my heart, come to me
Chocolat, like a chocolate
Sweetly and softly melts ooh

Rap) Call me any time, I’ll go pick you up
If it’s for the pretty you, everything is okay
My feelings towards you are always growing
I’m so curious about what’s next for us
The more time passes, the more it is so
I’m excited at the thought of you again, today
I wasn’t like that to begin with
Through you, I’m changing again, today

Love is like a really sweet kiss
(Um) The deeper it is, the more you feel it
Even with my eyes closed, you become clearer
You’re my love (my love)

Why are you so pretty
Why do I like you so much
When you look at me
It makes me go crazy
You’re my girl

Rap) Yo my love is growing
My story to you, get ready to take off
Time with you is like a dream
I never want to wake up
Don’t say good bye bye
Take a ride on my love, get on
I recharge by imagining our future again today
Love on that full tank baby!

Why are you so pretty
Why do I like you so much
The more I see you, the more I fall for you

Rap) You’re getting finer and finer
I’ve fallen into your blackhole
My body and heart are playing separately
My beating heart is already a ticking bomb
Countdown, 4, 3, 2, 1, shall we go now
Towards that cute girl
The night sky is glowing from our excitement
What happened that day, shall be treasured just by the two of us

Why are you so pretty
Why are you so lovely
(You’re getting finer and finer, you’re a shining star)
You make me shine