tender hug

There are just too many sad people in this world and how I wish I could ease their heart and their pain. I wish I could be the tender hug that cures it all. I sincerely wish every one of you out there, find peace and love that you deserve.
—  kissmylime
Excuses 💐

A/N: This is a part II of Braids. Please please please read that first so you may understand the intimacy of their close friendship. I really hope you all like it - please send me your feedback here. Thank you, love you, and happy reading :)

Harry doesn’t remember the last time he felt this giddy.

He thinks it was the time you had finally agreed to see him perform, and he had found a bouquet of flowers in his dressing room with a small card that read “If you were a flower, you’d be a damndelion”. There was no signature on the card, but he immediately recognized your scribbled handwriting. He had worn a grin for the rest of the night, feeling utterly enamoured by your silent act of kindness, wondering how someone with that much heart fell into his crazy life.

Now that he was thinking about it, he had always been showered by your good nature. It was what had attracted him to you in the first place. Your gentle personality had the ability to touch others in a way that made them feel like the most important person on the earth. And now that Harry’s watched your kindness spread through the hearts of the ones he loved most, he promised himself to finally be honest with you … even if it meant crossing the blurred lines of your close friendship.  

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It's Ok

I frequently vascillate back and forth between wanting to feel fulfilled while single and wanting to be held so badly that I skirt the edge of a breakdown. After the past few months of emotional numbness, I’ve reached the point where I feel my only cure lies in two loving, all-encompassing arms. And I’ve realized something.

It’s ok.

It’s ok to want someone to love, to understand, to love back. It’s ok to want to feel valued and cherished and important in another’s life. It’s ok to want to hold someone together as they fall apart and know you’ll be held together as you fall apart. It’s not weak, it’s not childish, it’s not superficial…

It’s ok.


Elijah x reader

#2(Have you lost your damn mind!?)

#9(Don’t you ever do that again!)

#29(I thought you were dead.)

You woke up in an unfamiliar bed, in an unfamiliar room. Instantly you sat up, looking around you frantically to find any clue to where you might be. Your head was pounding, and when you looked down you saw you were dressed in raggy, bloodstained clothes. Tentatively you lifted your shirt, to find that the skin underneath was spotless, without a scratch on it. Slowly the events of the night before, was it the night before? Began to come back to you. Your memories of what had happened were hazy at best, and you had no idea how you had escaped. You assumed that you had, by the fact that the room you were in was rather luxurious, and that your wounds had been healed, most likely by a vampire. You flung the covers off you and set your legs on the floor before standing up, a little wobbly and weak. Holding onto various items of furniture to keep your balance, you made your way to the door and carefully pushed it open. Peeping your head outside, you began to recognise your surroundings. You were in the compound belonging to the Mikaelsons. Well, at least you were in the company of friends. Though you doubted Elijah would be best pleased, after he had made you swear that you would stay at home, safe and out of the way. Useless. 

After a few wrong turns, you managed to find your way downstairs to the courtyard, which was almost empty apart from Elijah, sitting on the opposite side to you. “Elijah?” you called, your voice weak and scratchy. You coughed in an attempt to relieve the feeling. Elijah looked up with a start and you realised you must look quite a sight in your torn and bloody clothes.

“Y/N. You’re awake.” His voice was almost monotone, emotionless, with no sign of the tenderness which he usually displayed towards you. You frowned, knowing the most likely reason for this. You had broken your promise to him, and you were aware of the value he placed on promises. Slowly you made your way over to him, having to concentrate every step on your still unsteady legs. He made no attempt to help you, he just sat there, watching.

“Elijah, I’m sorry-”

That was when his composure broke, and you realised just how angry you had made him. “Had you lost your damn mind?!” he shouted at you, and you flinched. He continued as if he hadn’t noticed, though you knew he had, however his voice did regain some of its earlier composure. “You promised me, swore to me that you would not get involved, Y/N. Do you think I did that for no reason? That I did not desire your company? You know what I think of promises! You have broken my trust, Y/N, and you put yourself and this family in danger. And all you can say is that you are sorry?! You are lucky that I arrived when I did, or you would not be saying anything at all.”
Tears pricked at the back of your eyes and a lump arose in your throat; you weren’t used to being spoken to like this by him. But his apparent fury had arose your own anger, though you knew deep down that he was right. “I can’t, Elijah. I can’t just sit at home feeling helpless, useless, whilst you all go off and risk your lives! I know I promised, and I know it was stupid and reckless but if you would just let me come with you in the first place-”
“That was not possible! You should trust in me to know what is best-”

“That’s just it! You never make me make my own decisions, I feel like a child! I want to be a part of what goes on but you just continuously shut every door in my face. I may as well not be here, as you clearly place no value on my opinion.”
“And you clearly place no value upon your own life.”

Both of you paused for breath, staring at each other and taking in what the other had said. Finally a tear escaped your eye and trickled steadily down your cheek. You refused to raise a hand to brush it away, refused to acknowledge its presence. Not knowing what to do, what to say, you turned to walk away. You had no idea where you would go, but you couldn’t stay here. Just as you thought that Elijah would let you leave, he spoke softly. “I thought you were dead.” You turned your head back to look at him, waiting to see if he would continue. “I got there and you were just lying there, covered in your own blood, barely breathing. I tried to give you my blood to heal you, but you wouldn’t take it, not at first. I thought you were dead! And if you were, then it would be my fault. I brought you into this mess, and your death would have been on my conscience.”

“You know that’s not true,” you responded, your own voice softening. For a moment, neither of you spoke. “I am sorry, Elijah. I know that doesn’t begin to make up for it, I know that I can’t have your trust, not now, but I am truly sorry.” You raised a hand to wipe away the tears that were now falling steadily, though you had only just noticed them. Before your hand touched your face, Elijah was in front of you, wiping them away for you. You looked up at him, desperately searching his face for the forgiveness you craved.

“Don’t you ever do that again,” he murmured. “I don’t just mean last night. You can’t just let all these feelings and emotions build up inside of you, you have to speak to me.” You nodded.

“I won’t,” you replied. He nodded his head in response, then pulled you into a tender hug. You smiled through your tears, wrapping your arms tightly around him and resting your head on his shoulder. You clung to him, still feeling weak. He seemed to realise this at the same time you did, and before you knew what was happening he had swooped you up and was carrying you back into the compound. “You need to rest,” he informed you, and you smiled. 

More DJD facts acquired today!

  • I asked both Roberts and Milne who the best hugger of the DJD was and Milne said Tarn would be the best hugger and Roberts said that Kaon would give the best hugs, Roberts described Kaon’s hugs as “tender” (and that he also gives good pets). Milne went on to say that Helex gets too warm to hug for long, Tesarus may get too excited from hugging and rev up his grinder and Vos is too lanky for good hugs.
  • To the anon that asked the question, “do the DJD know each others real names?”, Roberts said that they do all know each others real names and that is was, “a trust thing”.
  • Also this

We could have had it all……

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Elorcan number 14 please!

Be prepared for the roller-coaster of emotions…and a little twist of an ending!

Pregnancy/Birth Headcanon:

- Once the war ended Lorcan and Elide returned to Perranth to begin a peaceful life…or has peaceful as it cane be for those two who keep each other on their toes!

- For years they tried to become pregnant, but this was no easy task considering Lorcan’s was fae lineage and Elide’s witch blood running through her veins.

- Each month it became increasingly clear that Elide might not ever bear their children.

- Elide and Lorcan kept up a brave front every year that passed when a baby was not born.

- Then one day Elide discovered that she was pregnant - and Lorcan quickly became known to the fact after he returned on a month-long scouting mission and could scent the change.

- Lorcan twirled Elide around, but quickly became nervous of harming the child and made it a point to be extremely careful when hugging Elide.

“Lorcan you are not going to squash the baby!”

“I am not taking any chances Elide.”

“If you don’t hug me like you mean it Lord Perranth then there is a good chance I’ll squash your balls myself.”

- Lorcan smiles at Elide and her fierceness even as her belly swells with their child. She look positively adorable yet divine an Lorcan always finds himself on his knees before her and kissing her stomach.

- Accidentally Lorcan will swear in front of Elide and this results in her swatting his arm.

“Don’t swear in the front of the baby!”

“Elide I’m fairly sure they can’t hear me.”

- Elide then grumbles that the first words that come out of their baby’s mouth better not be a colorful curse. Though Elide imagines the Cadre would get a laugh out of that along with Aelin. 

- For months they prepared the home for their latest addition. 

- Lorcan even built a crib for the nursery while Elide knitted and sewed blankets and clothing.

- Elide even made little booties with paw print designs on the bottoms to match Lorcan’s animal form.

- But without warning Lorcan was stirred from sleep in the middle of the night to the to Elide shaking him and gasping his name.

- He woke instantly and his nose flared at the scent of blood. Elide’s blood.

- This was no enemy that Lorcan could conquer. Nor was it anything that Elide could prevent as a miscarriage robbed them of the child they had dreamed for years about.

- Elide was despondent for weeks afterward as she blamed herself, but Lorcan would not allow her to take fault.

- He comforted her - promising that if they never were to have a child that he would still be the happiest male to ever live. Because Elide had provided him a home and she was the family he never thought he could have had.

- Months later while Elide was visiting the capital city she came across a child on the streets who was homeless.

- He was a fierce little boy who was part fae. Elide slowly came to realize that this youngling was the oldest out of a small group of children who were without a place to call home.

- The children were cast-aways from Doranelle for being demi-fae. Something that brought a surge of fierce anger, sadness and protectiveness from Elide.  

- The little boy reminded Elide of Lorcan in how he protected the other children and wasn’t quick to trust strangers. He even had a fierce scowl that matched!

- Each day for the next two months during her stay in Orynth she visited the children and brought them food and read to them as Lorcan had done for her when she was learning how to read.

- During an evening days before she departed for Perranth one of the frailest of the girls limped toward Elide. The child had suffered an injury to her knee that caused a permanent limp in her step.

- The little girl looked up to Elide as a role model considering their physical disabilities were so similar. The child wanted to be just like Elide when she grew up: Strong and caring to everyone she met.

- “Miss Lochan do you promise to come back tomorrow?”

“Of course I will my dear. And the next day as well.” Elide pulled the child into her arms for a tender hug. She knew she would always return to these children and was already speaking with Aelin about finding a home for them, but foster homes were already full. 

- The little girl clutched tightly onto Elide. “I wish we could go home with you Lady Lochan…I wish…you were our mama.”

- Those words would have once shattered Elide’s heart, but instead an idea struck her mind.

- “I think we can arrange something,” Elide said and smiled at the five children around her.

- When Elide arrived back to Perranth she had brought quite a few surprises.

- Lorcan’s stunned face at the flock of children quickly morphed into complete joy.

- Especially when all of a sudden that little army is leaping on him and hugging him with all their strength and calling him “papa”.

- Together he and Elide adopted the children as their own.

- That day onward Perranth manor became filled with the laughter of children and evenings filled with bed times stories of their papa and mama’s adventures.

- Lorcan and Elide taught the children how to read, fight and have compassion.

- And every night Elide and Lorcan tucked the children into bed with kisses and gentle words.

- The Lady and Lord of Perranth have never been more happy as they blew out the candles after another day spent with their precious family.

Bonus Headcanons

- The Cadre each help teach the children how to shift and use magic when they are old enough.

- Aelin makes sure to give the children all sorts of ideas to prank Lorcan.

- Sometimes Rowan even helps them out…but firmly denies having any involvement with an icy bucket of water that soaked Lorcan during training.

- Fenrys and Connall will let the youngest of the children ride on their back while in wolf form and race around the property

- Chaol and Elide both help the little girl with her walking by teaching her how to stretch the muscles and even getting her a wheel chair. (Chaol will even race the little girl in their chairs and the youngling always wins by a few meters much to her delight.)