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Episode 20 was such a blessing honestly, Akko…

Or Diana turning her back to Akko because she feels bad for something and doesn’t want Akko to see and this little ball of energy, FOR ONCE IN HER LIFE, is gentle as she tenderly hugs her (girl)friend from behind. Bonus point if Diana indeed turns in Akko’s arms to hug her back.

YES holy shit soft tender comfort hugs are equally as wonderful as tight energetic excited ones


A/N: This is a part II of Braids. Please please please read that first so you may understand the intimacy of their close friendship. I really hope you all like it - please send me your feedback here. Thank you, love you, and happy reading :)

Harry doesn’t remember the last time he felt this giddy.

He thinks it was the time you had finally agreed to see him perform, and he had found a bouquet of flowers in his dressing room with a small card that read “If you were a flower, you’d be a damndelion”. There was no signature on the card, but he immediately recognized your scribbled handwriting. He had worn a grin for the rest of the night, feeling utterly enamoured by your silent act of kindness, wondering how someone with that much heart fell into his crazy life.

Now that he was thinking about it, he had always been showered by your good nature. It was what had attracted him to you in the first place. Your gentle personality had the ability to touch others in a way that made them feel like the most important person on the earth. And now that Harry’s watched your kindness spread through the hearts of the ones he loved most, he promised himself to finally be honest with you … even if it meant crossing the blurred lines of your close friendship.  

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Fulfilment (Sebastian x Reader)

A/N: Hey guys!! I’m so sorry that I took quite a bit of time before uploading haha😅 Anyways, this is my first time writing about Seb so I hope it’s good? Enjoy!!

Request: @imagine-all-the-fandoms: Hello 😊 can I ask for a Sebastian imagine where you’re married and have a few month old baby boy who’s totally in love with his dad. One time Seb comes home he finds you asleep and decides to cook for you and take care of the baby (who’s in love with sebs long hair). At the end of the day you lay on the couch together and cuddle and enjoy being with each other ? ❤️

Sebastian opened the door, stepping in as he ran his fingers through his hair. Today’s filming had ended a lot earlier than expected and he was home before seven. “Sweetheart?”

There was no response and he frowned slightly, you would usually be there by the couch and would have greeted him the moment you could hear the keys jingling in the lock. He knew you missed him, because god knows how much he missed his wonderful wife as well. The two of you were apart for a week because Sebastian had to go to another state to film, having finished some of his scenes so he could come back for a few days.

Heading to the room both of you shared, he peered in, a smile tugging on his lips as he finally found you. You were sleeping on your stomach at the middle of the bed, yours and Seb’s seven-month-old baby boy, Daniel, sitting on your back, tugging lightly on your hair.

Sebastian’s smile widened as he walked towards the bed and sat on the edge, little Danny turning his wide eyes to look at him. Danny immediately gave Sebastian a toothy grin as he reached out his small arms to him. Sebastian reached out and carried him, kissing his cheek, making Danny giggle as the child reached out to hold Sebastian’s long hair, the one he had to grow to play to role of Bucky in the new Avengers movie.

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“Love is an ocean of emotions, entirely surrounded bye expenses”

-Lord Dewar

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody and with this whole day of love I decided to make a edit of this lovely wayfinders made it specially for the followers of the “Hooked Wayfinder” and don’t worry I’m still working on my draws of this two, but it’s gonna take more time than I expected but anyway I hope you guys like it as much as I do

Maui’s tattoos reference by @chouly-stuff


Elijah x reader

#2(Have you lost your damn mind!?)

#9(Don’t you ever do that again!)

#29(I thought you were dead.)

You woke up in an unfamiliar bed, in an unfamiliar room. Instantly you sat up, looking around you frantically to find any clue to where you might be. Your head was pounding, and when you looked down you saw you were dressed in raggy, bloodstained clothes. Tentatively you lifted your shirt, to find that the skin underneath was spotless, without a scratch on it. Slowly the events of the night before, was it the night before? Began to come back to you. Your memories of what had happened were hazy at best, and you had no idea how you had escaped. You assumed that you had, by the fact that the room you were in was rather luxurious, and that your wounds had been healed, most likely by a vampire. You flung the covers off you and set your legs on the floor before standing up, a little wobbly and weak. Holding onto various items of furniture to keep your balance, you made your way to the door and carefully pushed it open. Peeping your head outside, you began to recognise your surroundings. You were in the compound belonging to the Mikaelsons. Well, at least you were in the company of friends. Though you doubted Elijah would be best pleased, after he had made you swear that you would stay at home, safe and out of the way. Useless. 

After a few wrong turns, you managed to find your way downstairs to the courtyard, which was almost empty apart from Elijah, sitting on the opposite side to you. “Elijah?” you called, your voice weak and scratchy. You coughed in an attempt to relieve the feeling. Elijah looked up with a start and you realised you must look quite a sight in your torn and bloody clothes.

“Y/N. You’re awake.” His voice was almost monotone, emotionless, with no sign of the tenderness which he usually displayed towards you. You frowned, knowing the most likely reason for this. You had broken your promise to him, and you were aware of the value he placed on promises. Slowly you made your way over to him, having to concentrate every step on your still unsteady legs. He made no attempt to help you, he just sat there, watching.

“Elijah, I’m sorry-”

That was when his composure broke, and you realised just how angry you had made him. “Had you lost your damn mind?!” he shouted at you, and you flinched. He continued as if he hadn’t noticed, though you knew he had, however his voice did regain some of its earlier composure. “You promised me, swore to me that you would not get involved, Y/N. Do you think I did that for no reason? That I did not desire your company? You know what I think of promises! You have broken my trust, Y/N, and you put yourself and this family in danger. And all you can say is that you are sorry?! You are lucky that I arrived when I did, or you would not be saying anything at all.”
Tears pricked at the back of your eyes and a lump arose in your throat; you weren’t used to being spoken to like this by him. But his apparent fury had arose your own anger, though you knew deep down that he was right. “I can’t, Elijah. I can’t just sit at home feeling helpless, useless, whilst you all go off and risk your lives! I know I promised, and I know it was stupid and reckless but if you would just let me come with you in the first place-”
“That was not possible! You should trust in me to know what is best-”

“That’s just it! You never make me make my own decisions, I feel like a child! I want to be a part of what goes on but you just continuously shut every door in my face. I may as well not be here, as you clearly place no value on my opinion.”
“And you clearly place no value upon your own life.”

Both of you paused for breath, staring at each other and taking in what the other had said. Finally a tear escaped your eye and trickled steadily down your cheek. You refused to raise a hand to brush it away, refused to acknowledge its presence. Not knowing what to do, what to say, you turned to walk away. You had no idea where you would go, but you couldn’t stay here. Just as you thought that Elijah would let you leave, he spoke softly. “I thought you were dead.” You turned your head back to look at him, waiting to see if he would continue. “I got there and you were just lying there, covered in your own blood, barely breathing. I tried to give you my blood to heal you, but you wouldn’t take it, not at first. I thought you were dead! And if you were, then it would be my fault. I brought you into this mess, and your death would have been on my conscience.”

“You know that’s not true,” you responded, your own voice softening. For a moment, neither of you spoke. “I am sorry, Elijah. I know that doesn’t begin to make up for it, I know that I can’t have your trust, not now, but I am truly sorry.” You raised a hand to wipe away the tears that were now falling steadily, though you had only just noticed them. Before your hand touched your face, Elijah was in front of you, wiping them away for you. You looked up at him, desperately searching his face for the forgiveness you craved.

“Don’t you ever do that again,” he murmured. “I don’t just mean last night. You can’t just let all these feelings and emotions build up inside of you, you have to speak to me.” You nodded.

“I won’t,” you replied. He nodded his head in response, then pulled you into a tender hug. You smiled through your tears, wrapping your arms tightly around him and resting your head on his shoulder. You clung to him, still feeling weak. He seemed to realise this at the same time you did, and before you knew what was happening he had swooped you up and was carrying you back into the compound. “You need to rest,” he informed you, and you smiled. 

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My request: Chocobros having a stable relationship until their S/O starts feeling left behind because of amount of work their boyfriend has. She finds THAT GUY who cheers them up - no cheating, as in sex, involved - but Chocobros notice the sudden change of S/O behaviour. Good thing they do, because oh boy THAT GUY turns out to be obsessed with you. In the end, I just want a scenario with Bros being knights in shining armors saving you from a weirdo with a knife. (inspired by Love Artifact AMV)

OOOH YES! Omg this has so much alpha-male chocobro potential! Ah, I am so excited to write this *starts writing immediately* I wrote Noctis a really long scenario because I realised that I always neglect him in my fills and write his scenarios too short LOL :/

Just to let ya’ll know- if the whole post does not show up, just copy and past the permalink into your browser (for mobile phone users) :D If you have any issues, just DM me and I’ll help you out! :D

Tagging: @the-regalia, @blindbae, @itshaejinju, @airlea-sicarius, @rubyphilomela, @hypaalicious and @the-lucian-archives :D

Noctis: You sit by yourself at lunch for the third week in a row, your chin cupped in your hands and your lips parting continuously to let you tired, sad sighs. You wanted to spend time with your boyfriend, but that was becoming difficult with high school graduation looming in the next month. Noctis was not a normal student, after all, he was the Crown Prince of Lucis. On top of exams and college applications, he was also well into his magic training, his physical combat training and his advanced political science classes. Noctis was a busy young man, and you appreciated that fact- but you did feel a little lonely. It had been over a month since you got to feel Noctis’ lips against yours, and you missed his lazy little smiles and his impromptu naps on you lap in the park. You just missed him so much, but you felt like a whiny girlfriend every time you thought about asking him to meet you in his down time. He was probably tired and needed his rest. So you refrained from contacting him lest you ended up annoying the busy prince- after all, you were nothing but his commoner girlfriend. In the grand scheme of things, you probably didn’t matter too much to Noctis anyways.

Weeks of thinking along those lines led you to conversing with the resident ‘bad-boy’ in your grade. He’s relatively good looking- nothing like the art that is your prince though- and he knows how to hold an intelligent conversation. So on the lead up to your graduation, he spends lunch time with you and the two of you become good friends- or so you think. Resident bad-boy invites you to a party during one of your lunch time chats, and you tell him that you’ll think about it. That night, you scrounge up the courage to call your busy boyfriend, only to be re-directed to his soft-spoken voice mail message. You groan in frustration, disconnect the call, and then dial your new male friend’s number, and tell him you’ll be at the party.

That weekend, you and the bad-boy Tak hit it off, and you’re starting to feel very comfortable with him. You start to feel a little shy and bashful around him and you also find yourself flirting lightly with him. Nothing too serious, just some giggling, some arm touching and some flirty smiles exchanged across the room- but every time he tries to make a serious move, you remind him that you are already spoken for. This tactic seems to work for a while until Noctis is back at school, and sitting with you at lunch for the first time in a very long while.

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I will never forget the day a fan told Ishida on twitter that they loved his manga and that they were from Mexico, and sensei was SOOOO surprised to see that he had fans in Mexico, he said that he had no idea that his manga was popular in there 😂  I just thought his reaction was the cutest, I love him so much 💖

Show Me

Summary: {Pairing- Nat x Reader} You’re training with Natasha when things get heated.

Warnings: lesbian sex, orgasm denial

A/N: I can’t believe it took me so long to write something gay. But, this is my first attempt at writing a fem x fem fic with Nat. I hope it turned out to your liking!

“Throw a punch.” Natasha barked orders at you as you fought with Clint. “Dodge!”

“Fuck!” Your back slammed against the ground as Clint kneed you. “Nice one, Oliver Queen.”

“That makes you a crazy, one-eyed Australian who’s love interest I killed and made-out with.” Clint smirked as he helped you up. “Although, at least if you were Slade you’d have some fighting abilities.”

“Funny.” You chuckled and accepted the water bottle Nat had passed to you. “Thanks.”

“You’re dismissed, Barton.” Clint nodded as Nat turned to you. “(Y/N)’s been slacking on her training and she needs to be punished.”

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*pokes head out* I've been following your art for quite a while now and I love how there's always this element of softness/sweetness/brightness/light to it. It's in the characters' expressions and the way they look and move and it's just there in general in all your artwork. I just take one look at your art and go "Ah, there's so much love in these artworks!" Something about your artwork makes me happy when I'm having a bad day no matter how many times I look at it. *rolls shyly back into cave*

*pulls you out of cave and gives you an aggressively tender hug* i love you. you’re too kind to me. i’m crying 

I headcanon that makkachin is like my dog in that he is incapable of letting anyone experience physical affection if he is not included. A bleary-eyed morning Yuuri wraps his arms gently around Viktor who is eating breakfast. Makkachin leaps up and leans his front paws on Yuuri. Yuuri and Viktor are watching a movie together and start to lean on one another. Victor leans in to kiss Yuuri, and Makkachin suddenly appears between them. Viktor and Yuuri are holding one another in a tender hug. Makkachin shoves his face between their knees.

Makkachin. Must. Be. Included.