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The Signs as Witches

Aries: leader, brazen, creative, original, youthful, passionate - An Arian witch is very similar to their element, Fire: they are quick, driven and uncontrollable. They are leaders and often bring together witches to take the place of their leader. Arians initiate, they create, they are the ember. Creation is their art. The art of manifestation comes naturally to them. But, like Fire, so does destruction. They have the tendency to rush and use brute force rather than finesse in their spells. Tangible spells are more comfortable to them.

Taurus: faithful, steady, earth, healing, growth, natural, balanced - Taurean witches are strong and independent. They keep very detailed records and notes in their Book of Spells. They work with the earth and plants, taking advantage of the nature surrounding them. They know what plants are safe to eat and how to use them not only in magic but in medicine. They make potions and tinctures, this is their art. They speak with the spirits of the forest; the nymphs and fae are their guides. Their craft is highly physical, much like the other Earth Signs.

Gemini: bold, adaptable, fringe, logical, united, chaotic, innovative - Gemini witches work in covens or, at the very least, find partners to work with. Despite this, they march to the beat of their own drum. They make their own spells and have books upon books full of them. Sigils decorate their bodies, from head to toe. Their craft is focused on verbal incantations and movement. Meditation and astral projection are employed regularly and thus mastered by these witches.

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I know I know, comic pages are taking forever ;-; I’m working on them I promise!! As a lot of you know or have figured out, time and lack of energy make comics really hard for me. When I have an idea I have a tendency to rush into it before really taking the time to figure out how I want to make it look, which leads to burn out frustrations later down the line feeling like my drawings have no consistency. So I decided to take some time and try and remedy that, in an effort to make the new pages feel more consistent. Then after the whole 14 page comic is all finished, before I get it printed I’ll go back to the first few pages I’ve finished and rework them to fit as well. So… here are some of my notes! Not perfect drawings, I whipped em up early this morning but this is definitely more the way I want them to look.

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What about Capricorn sun with Gemini moon?

these people are determined but have the attention span of a squirrel. probably has a wide range of interests. impatient and a tendency to rush through things. becomes confused in emotional situations and over-intellectualizes.

Taurus Sun - Libra Moon - Leo Rising

You are widely regarded as fun to be around and a good friend, because you make others feel at ease. You always seem to look on the world with optimistic eyes and there are rarely ever things that can bring you down. Enchanting others with your wit and tendency to never rush things is one of your greatest strengths and one reason why you are almost always surrounded by your favourite people. Everything that is stressful or pressures you, is something you can not really handle. Whenever something destroys your inner balance, you are completely off the track and need some time to recover and find your strength again. You have a tendency to go through life with an easy-going attitude, when it actually requires ambition and endurance, neither of which you often use because comfort is of higher value to you than challenges and changes. It is generally very hard for you to lose control over things and when you do, your inflexibility to adapt to situations leaves you helpless. It is possible that you are especially interested in the arts and have a special sense for the beautiful and elegant. Your genuine warmth and diplomatic qualities make it easy for others to like you but when it comes to love you search for a real connection and passion paired with consistency. Your relationship must be completely fulfilling (emotionally and physically) and you need something you can rely on, someone you can come home to. 



Astrology Witch Aesthetic: Aries

leader, brazen, creative, original, youthful, passionate

An Arian witch is very similar to their element, Fire: they are quick, driven and uncontrollable. They are leaders and often bring together witches to take the place of their leader. Arians initiate, they create, they are the ember. Creation is their art. The art of manifestation comes naturally to them. But, like Fire, so does destruction. They have the tendency to rush and use brute force rather than finesse in their spells. Tangible spells are more comfortable to them.

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Sun Card Spread

With Beltane coming up, a spread dedicated to The Sun seemed appropriate! Cast your cards around The Sun card. Here’s how my reading for myself went!

1. How do I let my highest, best energy flow through me? Knight of Pentacles. I am at my best and most energized when I am fighting for what I know is right and standing up against injustice.

2. How do I retain innocence? Knight of Swords. I have a tendency to rush into things headfirst without entirely considering every outcome. While this is something that I should keep in check to avoid becoming destructive, I should make sure to hold onto that spirit of enthusiasm.

3. Where can I let down my guard? The Fool. Anywhere and everywhere. I’m a unique individual that marches to the beat of my own drummer. The worst thing I can do is do anything but let my true self shine through.

4. What do I express to others? The High Priestess. I have a very feminine energy, and also a bit of mystery. I”m interested in the esoteric and that comes across as interesting and intriguing to others.

5. What is magical about my life? Temperance. I have found a happy blend between the magical and the mundane that many others struggle to find. I am not bound by the mundane but I am also not completely swept up in the magic of life that I lose sight of the mundane things that matter.

6. How can I remain open? Justice. Be open to seeing things logically as well as emotionally. I should not allow my emotions to blind me in all situations.

7. How do I find truth? The Chariot. I must not be afraid to take my own journey. Once I find my own path and go for it full force, the truth will be uncovered.

8. How can I radiate warmth to others? The Lovers. I am full of love, and when I am able to show that to others without guardedness, my true warmth will shine through.

Spread from Sasha Graham’s 365 Tarot Spreads

Grimm: Theresa Rubel [ESTJ]

OFFICIAL TYPING: by Charity / the mod.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Trubel believes in a direct line of communication and that behavior says more than words; she often takes matters into her own hands when it comes to taking care of the people she cares about and ensuring her friends do not get hurt. Her tendency to “take charge” and “rush in” with the first logical solution that presents itself (going undercover, slamming around guys who want to harm Nick, etc) sometimes gets her into trouble. She is straightforward, and makes purely tactical decisions, without sentiment or allowing emotions to get in the way; at times, she pushes Nick to do the “logical” thing (“You gotta do what you gotta do”); the facts are the facts, and there’s no getting around them. She especially loves studying Nick’s books, because they contain all kinds of facts-oriented information about supernatural creatures.

Introverted Sensing (Si): Her traumatic upbringing, starting with an attack in a garage and escalating through various other creatures trying to kill her, has made Trubel shy away from allowing others to get too close to her, because she expects a cycle of betrayal, fear, and abuse. She expects the same things to happen over and over again, and until she meets Nick, they do – people try to prey on her, they woge, discern she is a Grimm, and then try to kill her. Her makeshift family matters more to her than anything else. She feels relieved to know what she is, what her purpose is, and to have guidance in the form of the books, which links her to a greater Grimm legacy and heritage. Once she becomes aware of the books, she starts reading them to get as much knowledge as she possibly can in dealing with unknown creatures.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): She is used to doing things on her own, but over time she learns to brainstorm with the others and bounce possibilities off of them. Trubel senses things about people based on observation and experience; she knows when she is being threatened or followed. Often, Trubel thinks in big picture terms – what her presence in the house means for Nick and Juliette, how being a Grimm when he isn’t might endanger them, and that she is needed elsewhere.

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Whatever Trubel cares most about, she prioritizes – and that is Nick. She becomes devoted to him and his friends, but doesn’t say as much very often and shies away from any kind of emotional communication; she says goodbye to him but no one else because she doesn’t want to appear vulnerable. Trubel often acts on her emotions rather than talk about them – including threatening to beat the crap out of anyone who even thinks about hurting her friends. She does what she likes – whether or not the others are okay with it.

Rachel’s Herpes Pamphlet FTW

I did it guys.  And I’m soooooo giving this to Soft Lips next time I see him because more than likely he will want to rip my pants off (If I decide to wear any)  and bang me right when I walk through the door.

Now this is totally rough and super quick, but it gets the job done.  This is meant to be a tri-fold so you’ll have to imagine it that way.  And yes, I realize the inside pages are first rather than the outside covers.  Whoops.  I have a tendency to rush into things when I’m super excited and not plan them out carefully.  Whatevs.  

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Welcome to the Datascape!

Sora always had the tendency to rush into things head on without thinking of the consequences, but this just takes the cake. Riku didn’t know whether to laugh or sigh at his friend’s expense.

In front of the journal’s vessel, he found Sora trapped by blocks above him, the brunette dangling in mid-air. 

“Do I… Even want to know what happened?” the silver-haired boy asked, raising a brow, with Sora responding with “Just shut up and get me down from here! I’m feeling like I’m in Wonderland again, except stationary!”

“Alright hold on, lemme just–” Before Riku could even approach the brunette, barely having taken a step forward, an unusual thing happened. A Backdoor had opened up and practically spat out something, or rather someone. “A User…?” Riku mused out loud, with Sora giving a shrug that the other didn’t catch.

Rey Canon

She salvaged a flight simulator and would spend hours in it daily when she was bored

This is real, in Before the Awakening it explains how she knows how to fly all the shit

She isn’t just sooper OP for funsies, like, there is a background explanation to everything

JJ Abes has a tendency to rush things in his movies but Disney seems to be using their books and comics to fill in the gaps.

Yay! Finished her~

Since I was born in May, I picked Emerald for my gemsona. She represents things I envy, like strength, confidence and the ability to act. Of course, the downside is that she has a tendency to rush forward and only look ahead. Brute force tends to be her main tactic. However, get on her good side and she will protect you.  Emerald is extremely loyal and will fight till the end for those she believes in.