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it’s pretty neat when you turn on japanese voices for FE:Awakening bc you get to hear these people!! One of M!Robin’s voice is old Joseph from Jojo’s Venture (and F!Robin is Jolyne’s!). Validar is Dio’s…..

Marco Seems to Watch (Or Be Familiar With) Lesbian Romantic Comedies

So Disney is known to now and again sneak in innuendos for its more adult audience, and although I’m sure someone has spotted this already, Marco asks during “Red Belt” if the guy in the VHS store has “a pair of scissors”. Thanks to Marco we quickly find out in the SVTFOE universe there is a romantic comedy called “A Pair of Scissors”, which granted calling a lesbian romantic comedy that would be a bit odd (more likely a film with this title would be considered adult as opposed to romantic comedy) but in terms of Disney or the writers trying to sneak in an innuendo it seems plausible that this was the intent.

And when I was younger discovering who I am I had a tendency to watch a lot of lesbian romantic comedies myself.

At a duration of 3 hrs and 14 mins, I give you a collaborative playlist on everyone’s favorite clown princess – the Ultimate Harley Quinn Playlist!! All songs were contributed by the DC fandom on tumblr. A big thanks to everyone who contributed!! 

Contributors: @al-khuffash@awesomest-fangirl-alive / @baeson-todd / @bannrishinight@blueiben / @captainatalya / @fantasma-pumpkinhead / @galaxydetective@jaysontoddz / @itsabeautifulmidnight@m-alesg@rhymingwithpurple / @rockitz / @someonescreamingfromhell / @vigilante-tendencies / @watch-me-break / @zombie-todd


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I was watching JJBA:Battle Tendency in class…

    • The Pillar Men remind me of the saiyans and I particularly like the dynamic between Joseph and Wammu
      • Wammu and ACDC pretty much betting with JoJo’s life like a couple of frat boys was funny to me…
  • Reeses in Pieces Mark the German
  • Lisa Lisa’s fucking introduction… 👌 👌 👌
  • Caesar’s a bit of a dick but that’s okay, so is Joseph.
    • Jonathan’s head is gonna be rolling at the bottom of the ocean by the time part 3 rolls around…Boi, act like a gentleman!!!