Opening to Aoi Honoo (Blue Blazes) pays homage to:


96neko & VIP Tenchou

Since I’m not going to buy any of these CDs, I have a hard time decide which cover is my most favorite XD

+Movie :お菊様
+Vocal: Vip Tenchou &  96neko

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Hi akui I was wondering if you were still willing to do the translation of rinrin's drama cd (from midnight jiang shis tenchou yuugi)?

Heyya! (*´・v・) Yeah, I still plan on doing Rinrin’s CD translation. Same with Riei. I was just waiting until school ended so I can have time to work on them hahaha. School was really crazy this semester. I’ll get started on the translations soon!

Utaite names

Why utaites named themselves like they did.

Soraru: Because he likes the sky. (sora=sky)

luz: His real name has the letter “light” in it, and luz is light in spanish.

Yuuto: because it’s easy to search in tags.

Lon: because she was in London when she uploaded her first video.

Kogeinu: He gets this when he writes his real name twice and make a mistake.

Touyu: When he was thinking up his screen name, he saw kerosene(=touyu) nearby.

96Neko: Likes the color black,(96=Kyuu+roku=kuro=black) likes cats(=Neko), and likes black cats.

Kakichoco: Her friend recommended food names, and she had kaki(persimmon) seeds covered in chocolates. She thought that choco sounded cute.

Itou Kashitarou: because he’s the Itou Kashitarou of Shinsengumi.

vipTenchou: he was dubbing Mizuki Hajime(Tenchou=manager) at the time.

Rumdarjun: the name of the sword in an online game.

Wotamin: When she first saw NND, she thought it was for otakus, so Wota and she just thought the min was cute.

Amatsuki: His real family name has the letter “sky(=ama)” in it and he likes watching the moon.

Dasoku: he was thinking up his screen name when he saw the words “Dasokudesu”(kinda means by the way or for your information, or it’s not very important, but-)

Mafumafu: because his real nickname is mafumafu. (his real name is Aikawa Mafuyu)

Mucchi: Some girls call him Mucchi because of his real name.

Nodoame: It was originally “Anon” but she saw a comment saying “Get some nodoames(neck candy)”

Michan: because his real life friend calls him that

Pico: had a dog named pico

Anima: he just wanted something cool, and later just added the meaning to this screen name. (“soul” in latin and is also a philosophical jargon meaning “the womanliness in men”)

Jack: from a character he likes

Zebra: He planned to dance unexpectedly in the school assembly and was wearing a black and white mask. his friends started to call him zebra because of that.

Kettaro: He was playing Dragon Quest but he could only input four letters for his name so he shortened his real name into Kettaro and used it for games.

ShounenT: Shounen because he didn’t want to forget how boys feel, and T because his real name is Tomohisa.

Yoppei: the name that his brother used to call him

Ayapons*: Just