Since I’m not going to buy any of these CDs, I have a hard time decide which cover is my most favorite XD
96猫 and 店長 in Matryoska
  • 96neko: *cough cough cough*
  • vipTenchou: Kuro-chan, are you okay?
  • vipTenchou: Wanna wear bloomers?
  • 96neko: Yeah, I'm fine... WAIT! What do you mean by "wanna wear bloomers"?
  • vipTenchou: Allow me to explain...
  • vipTenchou: Bloomers are essential attires sported the period of physical education and are necessary sports shorts that will...
  • 96neko: Yeah!! Alright, alright!! Thanks for collaborating with me, Tenchou.

anonymous asked:

3 ( ^ω^ )

Oooh dear anon, thank you for playing!!

3. what song(s) do you listen to when you do art?

Over the years I collected a lot of music that just plays on shuffle most of the time. I divided my music into different playlists as you can see here:

Most of the time I’m listening to “Musik :D” - that’s all music that’s not a drama nor instrumental - or Japanese music. I often chose a certain anime to listen to its OST, too. Although, most of the time I listen to OSTs while studying. (especially Tokyo Ghoul’s OST.)

When I’m not able to concentrated well I listen to one song on repeat for hours. It’s helpful for me, since I’m too focused on sounds from the outside when no music is playing or, when music changes, I’m too focused on the music.

The numbers of plays are not completely correct since they reset when I’m exchanging the former youtube download with the track from a CD after I bought it and I’m also listening on spotify every here and then. But nevermind, here are my top 20 plays on iTunes~ (Feel free to ignore the Akaashi track, it’s literally just Bokuto and Akaashi saying each other’s names, but it makes me very happy!! :’D)

And while we’re talking about music, let me rec some of my favourite songs (that aren’t shown on the Top 20)~

四季折の羽 shikiori no hane - iMochi & Leon

宵々古今 YoiYoi Kokon - Reol

Dogfight - m.o.v.e

Nobody Reason - m.o.v.e

Nevereverland - nano 

Clock Strikes - One OK Rock

Go-On - UVERworld

The end of the World - angela

下弦の月 Kagen no tsuki - 96neko

紡ぎ歌 Tsumugi-uta - vipTenchou


+Movie :お菊様
+Vocal: Vip Tenchou &  96neko