tenchi muyo ryoohki

A very rare Tenchi crossover pic featuring Achika from Tenchi Muyo in Love, Mayuka from Daughter of Darkness, and Sakuya from Tenchi in Tokyo.

Mayuka and Sakuya shared the same voice actress in the English version but not in the original Japanese.

This pic came from a 15th Anniversary AIC source, from the early 00s.

Thanks to Alex.


Here are some hi-res Tenchi Muyo video game covers from the 1990s.

The first couple are from a Sega Saturn game Tenchimuyō! Rensa hitsuyō (連鎖必要) published by Pioneer LDC.  It’s a drop down tetris type game from 1997.

The second couple are from a Sega Saturn game Tenchi Muyo! Mi onkotowari onsen yukemuri no tabi (天地無用! 魅御理温泉 湯けむりの旅) by publisher Yumedia, from 1996.

The third couple are from PC Engine game Tenchi Muyo! Ryoohki (天地無用! 魎皇鬼) by Publisher NEC Avenue (NECアベニュー) from 1995.

The last three is a magazine preview of one of the PCFX games.