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How to get a Tribble to fall in love with you.

Cook for him

Read with/to him

Play awesome shit on awesome shit for him

Watch gay porn with him

Play games with him

Go to the movies together ((10/10 nailed it))

Tell him how beautiful he looks without makeup

Compliment him on his outfit choices

If you managed to go through all of the above steps, you now should be in a happy and prospering relationship with a Tribble! Congratulations!


“-Babe caught me slippin. Love him anyway.”

#nomakeup #morning #natural

R. O. U. L. E. T. T. E. [Archive of Our Own]

Two men sit facing each other in perfect symmetry in the middle of a room. Five feet apart, they are seated on the floor with their legs crossed like well-behaved schoolboys.
The first man, with a wide grin on his face, raises a gun to his temple. He begins to giggle. The other man smirks, but does not break eye contact.
He pulls the trigger, but nothing happens.

words:  473 [OneShot]
pairing: MorMor