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On an unsuspecting street in Hull, England, sits “The Hostel” - a home allegedly rife with paranormal activity. In May of 2016, Andy Yates opened the doors to his home to those who are brave enough to enter. After being forced out of the house by unseen forces, Andy attempted to rent the house out but all of his tenants fled the house. They too experienced a variety of paranormal activity. “I lived in the house by myself and I cam downstairs to find steak knives balanced on the plates in the drying rack,” Andy recalled. Furthermore “I once saw a child’s shadow come out of the fireplace and hover for about 15 minutes,” he said.

In fact, a group of paranormal chasers decided they would check this bizarre house out for themselves. As soon as the group entered the home, they felt a bizarre and unexplainable force. “Things moved and three people even vomited. Doors opened on their own and one man even had a ball thrown at him,” one of the guests said.

The group held a seance and brought along a Ouija board in an attempt to contact the spirits. They later reported that the house was haunted by several spirits. One of which was a 10-year-old boy who hanged himself in the home as well as a man who abused and murdered several women and children and buried them in the courtyard.


Chilean House in Los Lirios

These two houses designed by Smiljan Radic, of which there´s only one built, recall the houses of tenant farmers in the Chilean countryside: the existing walnut trees haven´t been touched, the outside has been denied thanks to a whitewashed perimeter wall. An inner courtyard with the possibility of being covered with an agricultural tarpaulin fixed to its wall to provide shade, an austere living room with bits of an exterior spread throughout the courtyard, a roof of painted untreated wood and bedrooms painted in bold colors.

Speaking of ponds!

So you guys remember that chicken that the previous tenants abandoned at this house I’ve been helping my folks fix up?

Apparently someone traded me these goldfish for her.

I’d been feeding her and I saw her every time I was there but I kept debating about what to do with her. Wasn’t sure it was a good idea to introduce her to my two Nuggets since they are both about three time as big as her so I kept putting off bringing her home. She had a coop to get into and plenty of fresh water and food so she was doing well there. Even snuck into the house and laid an egg one day, haha.

The folks that left her also had a piss-poor excuse for a fish pond dug in the backyard that was full of tadpoles and minnows. We need to drain it because it’s ugly and a hazard so the most awesome @valkyrietears came over a week or two ago and helped me net all of the minnows and tadpoles out of it. There were hundreds of these tiny minnows, maybe more! Anywhere from a couple inches long to less than a quarter of an inch long. So I brought them all home and let them go in the pond out in my horse pasture where they’ve been thriving.

Hadn’t had a chance to drain that pond yet but it was totally empty of critters…

…until this weekend when suddenly at least four nice-sized goldfish appeared in it.

And my little chicken disappeared.

Apparently one of the neighbors around there traded me some goldfish for a chicken. Not sure how I feel about that trade. :/

Caught all the goldfish and brought them home today. That’s them going into my pond (where the rescued minnows, tadpoles, and the newts from my last post live!) in the above video. That red and white one was super pretty! There may still be one in the pond at the house but I ran out of time to catch him today.

Who knows what’ll be in there next time I go back, haha.

Being Human ||Seventeen 95line Au Part 1

{A/N} Hey guys, so this fic is partially based off the tv show Being Human, but mainly the only thing that’s the same is supernatural beings sharing a house in an attempt to try and appear normal to the outside world. There is a werewolf and a ghost like in the show, but the other two are something else that will be revealed later. 95line will be the main characters, so you will see them the most, but the other members will pop up occasionally. Also I know the picture has Jeonghan’s shorter hair, but in the story he still has his long hair.

You stared at the door. You had to try again. It hadn’t worked yet, but you needed it too. You needed to believe that it would work because the alternative was too painful for you to bare. You took a deep breath. (Well technically you did. Breathing isn’t exactly something you can do anymore, but you can still do the action and somehow it still feels like you are breathing even though it’s physically impossible) It gave you enough confidence to make your way across the room to the door. 

Standing just a few feet in front of the door, you began to raise your hand out in front of you. You watched as your hand disappeared through it. This is a good sign. Although, it has happened before and it still didn’t work. But, you couldn’t think of that right now. You needed to focus on this. You took a step forward and your foot disappeared through the door now too. 

“Here goes nothing,” you say out loud. It didn’t matter that Hoshi was sitting on the couch 10 feet from you. He had never heard, or even seen you once in the years that he has lived here. So you paid no mind to him and whatever he was watching on the TV. You walked the rest of the way through the door.

OH CHEESES!” You found yourself, once again, standing at the bottom of the stairs. Any time you try to leave the house you always end up back here. At the spot where you died. You don’t remember exactly how it happened, you just remember falling. Then it was like you woke up, except you weren’t ever asleep. It was like you woke up from living. You know you had hit your head though, that’s what actually killed you. You saw your own body, lying there dead on the ground, until people came and took it away. You watched while your mother sat next to your body crying and then cowering in your step father’s chest, unable to watch as they stuffed you, her eighteen year old daughter, in a black bag and took you away. 

They moved out soon after and there have been several people to live here since then. Although they all left not long after moving in because they claimed the house was haunted. Not that they were wrong, the house was haunted. By you. But it’s not like anyone in the real world had believed them. You don’t know why they were so upset either. It’s not like you ever hurt anyone, you would never hurt another living creature. You just wanted to be noticed, be touched. You just wanted to feel something, some connection of any sort with someone, you didn’t even care who. But that would never happen. You are a ghost. A ghost who can’t even leave from the house she died in. Even if there was a way for a ghost to have that connection with someone that you so desperately craved, you would never be able to find it while stuck in this house. This house. Where the only people you saw were the occasional new residents, oblivious to anything even being there, until they were scared out of their minds that the lights would start switching on and off or the house would lightly shake like there was a small earthquake occurring. 

Hoshi had been around the longest, but that’s just because he’s the house’s landlord now. He bought the house from your mom and step-father after your death and now he rents it out. So, he’s not around enough to be scared off by you and this house, although, you’re sure it must be frustrating for him to be constantly going through tenants because they get scared off all the time. You feel bad, but you can’t help it. You just want someone to see you and you aren’t going to give up hope that one day it could happen, so you keep on trying. 

Hoshi checks the time on his phone and a look of worry comes across his face. You have to admit he is very adorable, but also attractive aswell. You’d think chubby cheeks wouldn’t be attractive on a man, but oh lord does he pull it off. You never had a boyfriend when you were alive, not even a first kiss, which makes your desire to have a connection with another person so much more powerful. You were shy, a bit naive, and quite sheltered from other people when you were alive so it made connecting with other people hard, but you wish that if you had had a boyfriend when you were alive that he would have been like Hoshi. He was cute, happy and from what you have seen he’s one of the sweetest boys you’ve ever seen, even if he wasn’t always truthful, especially when people come to look at the house before they decide to rent it or not. 

While you were daydreaming about him, Hoshi had turned off the Tv and begun cleaning up the room. 

“I should’ve been paying more attention to the time. They are going to be here in an hour and I still have to make sure the pipes are still working properly.”

Whoops. Okay maybe you had gotten really frustrated last week after trying desperately to communicate with the last tenant and maybe several of the pipes all over the house had burst, as a result. Atleast no one was hurt. Just one really freaked out tenant who left the next day. Wait, did he say someone’s coming? You’re surprised. Usually it takes him a bit longer to find someone interested in renting the house. 

You leave Hoshi downstairs to finish his work, while you wander upstairs to sit by your old window. The view is of the front of the house. You can see the road, a few neighboring houses, even part of the sky. Since the house is near the main part of the city, most of the houses are crowded close together here, so the houses across the street block the rest of the sky from your view. You can’t even see the sunset in this house because of them. 

A car pulls up on the street in front of the house and parks. You assume it’s the new tenants that Hoshi is expecting. The house doesn’t have much of front yard, so the street isn’t far from the window. You see three figures emerge from the car, all guys. One has short black hair and is in a simple T shirt and some jeans. Another has long black hair and is wearing a hat, so you can’t see his face. You can’t see the face of the third one either. He is in a black sweatshirt with the hood pulled up over his head, but you can see bits of brown hair peaking out from under his hood. 

You head downstairs. You like being there for the house tour. It gives you the chance to get to see how the new tenants are and to backtalk Hoshi when he lies to the tenants to make the house look better than it actually is. You would never have the courage to speak to someone in real life like you do to him and the tenants, but since no one actually can hear you, it doesn’t bother you and it even gives you a little entertainment in your otherwise boring existence.

You stood at the bottom of the stairs playing with your sweater paws in your over-sized sweater that you died in, so it’s now a permanent part of your outfit for the foreseeable future. The doorbell rang and Hoshi answered the door. 

“Hi, I’m Hoshi, the owner. Please come into the livingroom.” The three stepped into the livingroom and their eyes scanned what they could see of the house. When their eyes looked in your direction, you could’ve sworn that you had made eye contact with each of them for a second or two, but you knew better than to jump to those conclusions. No one else could ever see you and these boys are no different. 

“Hello Hoshi, I’m Jeonghan.” It was the one that was wearing the hat. Wow, they were all very nice to look at. So nice that you didn’t want to remove your eyes from any of their beauty. If looks could kill the dead again, you would be a goner just from a glace at one of them. Jeonghan’s face was very fair and his hair looked so shiny and smooth that you bet it feels like silk; you wanted to run your hands through it. He even has a kind of heavenly glow coming from his skin. “That’s Seungcheol by the door, but we call him S. Coups.” He gestured to the man with the short black hair. Now that you can see him closer you notice his muscles. They are huge and they look amazing peeping out from under his shirt sleeves. “And this is my brother, Joshua” He gestured to the one in the hood, who was currently standing off to the side of the room, just out of reach from the sunlight. If you were alive, looking at Joshua would have made your heart stop. He has a fair face just like his brother, only instead of a heavenly glow it was almost like he had a dark aura surrounding him. Although that was overseen the second he gave Hoshi a smile and a slight head bow. His smile was addicting to you, no it was more like a magnet. It attracted you to him, made you want to come closer, even though his smile obviously wasn’t directed at you. You stayed where you were and Hoshi began his tour. 

He took them through the kitchen and the dining room which where the only other things on this level other than the living room and a bathroom.

“This is the kitchen, it has tile counter tops and its cupboards are oak wood. The last tenants had me replace the fridge so this one is brand new.” He said as he tried to direct their gazes around the room. 

“Ha! New. That’s funny Hoshi. New to the house, yes, but I wouldn’t count a fridge you bought off the street for probably 50 bucks as actually new.”

Hoshi had kept his tour going, oblivious to you or what you had said. You were to his side sitting on one of the counter tops. The three other guys standing not far to your other side. While you were talking, it seemed like their eyes were flashing over to you occasionally, then back to Hoshi or other places around the room. S. Coups even took another look at the fridge after you had mentioned it. That’s a weird coincidence. Maybe they are more open to presences than other people and can somewhat like subconsciously sense you and what you say. Hopefully you can manipulate this a bit more before they decide to move out like everyone else, that is if they even decide to stay in the first place. 

Hoshi led them back into the living room and to the bottom of the stairs. You stayed just to his side as you were before, only now the three guys were standing to your side, while the stairs began at your other side. They had a great view of your death spot from where they were standing. 

“Ah yeah, the tile on the stairs is broken here at the bottom. The owners before me were trying to take some furniture up the stairs and one fell back down and broke the tile there. I haven’t been able to fix it, yet. Sorry.”

“Pffft furniture. I didn’t realize a daughter was a piece of furniture, Hoshi. Also aren’t you legally supposed to disclose when a death happens on the premises? If anyone ever found out about you hiding my death from them before they move in, you could end up in alot of trouble” You turned to look back at the guys. They were all staring at you, wide eyed. You. Not behind you. Not at Hoshi to the side of you. At you. You were shocked. 

“Omigod, can you guys see me?!” You walked a little closer to them and all their eyes left you and were obviously trying to avoid you. They were trying to look at Hoshi and listen to whatever he was talking about at the moment aswell. But, you couldn’t care less what he was talking about. THEY COULD SEE YOU! How?

“Hey, I know you can see me. How can you see me? No one else can. Hey, don’t ignore me. I don’t care if Hoshi is going to think you’re crazy. Someone answer me. Please?” They still tried to avoid your eyes and focus on Hoshi, who was apparently the only one in the room who didn’t know you were there. Actually, the other two avoided your gaze, but Joshua, he looked you right in the eyes. But, it was only for a moment. Then Hoshi was leading the three of them up the stairs and he broke the eye contact to follow, just behind Jeonghan. They all made extra care to avoid the dent you made in the floor when you died, except Hoshi, he, as always, just walked through it. Finally, someone has seen you! You’re not going to let this chance just slip through your fingers. They need to become the new tenants. They just have to.

[a/n]- The idea for these characters came from reading stories on the account @95boysbe. I love all her writing and while I was reading her newest series I got the idea to make this series.

Hoo boy. The previous tenants of this house never closed out their Electric account and because of their bullshit we’ve had no power since about 3PM and wont until at leaST tomorrow because National Grid is the fucking worst and didn’t want to listen to us. 

We can’t cook, we have no lights in a house we barely know. We’ve got like four candles. It’s like camping but stupid. 

Tainted love

For six months now, I have been the current tenant of the murder house. Well not just me, my parents, younger brother and our dog too. And for four and a half months now, I have been the girlfriend of Violet Harmon. I still don’t know what I’d have done without her, especially as I began to uncover the secrets of this house.

Some of the ghosts here are friendly; Nora Montgomery, for example, is like a second mother to me. And Moira o'Hara as well. Violet’s told me the types of things Moira can do, though, and I’ve made her promise me not to try anything with my dad. Violet’s family are also wonderful; her mother and mine clicked right away which is definitely a relief.

However, some of the ghosts in this house are truly bone-chillingly disturbing. The infantata, for example, is a terrifying creature - Nora and Charles’ deceased baby who was dismembered and reassembled by Charles himself. I don’t often see Charles, but from what I’ve heard, he’s someone I don’t want to cross.

Then there’s Tate. He doesn’t really fit a category, though if I had to find him one, I’d place him under ‘Jealous Creepy Ex-Boyfriend who Often Tries to Hit on Me’. It’s strange, because after all this time, he’s still so infatuated with Violet - a little awkward on the current relationship front - and follows us everywhere, lurking behind doors to watch us.

He’s like anathema to me, and if ever I encounter him when Violet isn’t with me, I retreat to my room immediately, and he doesn’t follow. Today, however, is different. There’s a strange air around the house today; even Violet seems very uptight and anxious about something, though she won’t tell me what. So, we’re lying on my bed, listening to a playlist full of songs we both love, matching breaths and holding hands.

There’s a crack in my ceiling which I hadn’t noticed until now, despite lying under it every night. I open my mouth, about to ask once again what’s wrong with her, when - as if some jolt of electricity bolts through her - she sits up suddenly.

“Alright, I’ll tell you.” I push myself up next to her, concerned eyes meeting hers. “Today’s the anniversary of my death.” The silence that falls between us is more intense than the one before. The soft buzz of Morrissey playing through my headphones is the only noise heard for at least a minute.

“I-I’m sorry.” I say finally, realising how stupid that probably sounded to her. She shrugs.
“I’m gonna go to the bathroom. I’ll be right back.” She gets off the bed and walks out the room, tucking her brown hair behind her ear as she leaves.

As soon as she closes the door, I sigh. God she’s probably really upset and I’ve done nothing but bug her all day. I sit back, leaning against the headboard, and close my eyes, chewing anxiously on my lower lip.

“I can’t believe she never told you about that. Some girlfriend,” a voice scoffs.
“Get out, Tate.” I reply, without even opening my eyes. I hear some shuffling, and open them. Tate’s leaning against my wardrobe, arms folded over his chest, smirking at me.

“You know, she’s probably gonna be mopey like this all day.” He pauses to walk closer to my bed. “Come down to the basement and I’ll show you a good time.” I roll my eyes at how forced and generic that sounds, but he doesn’t care. There’s a shit-eating grin slapped onto his face, and a mocking amusement in his eyes.

“Come on, Y/N, surely you must be sick of the same thing by now.” I stand up, my frame reaching a height just a little shorter than Tate.
“If I go with you will you leave her alone?” I think of all the times he’s bugged her, or cornered her with his attempts at an apology. Sometimes he just stands, watching her. Violet’s told me she can feel it when he does it, but she never points it out.

Tate’s smile widens, and he nods before pulling me down the stairs - me almost falling over - and finally, down into the basement. I never liked it down here. It’s dark and dank and there’s a constant chill down my spine like someone’s watching me.

“Alright, Tate. What do you want.” In the darkness, I can see the outline of his figure move around, walking closer to me until I can vaguely make out the features on his face. He lunges forward, and rams me against the wall. I can feel the pain shoot up my shoulder blades, and my face contorts in an effort not to cry out.

“Stay away from Violet.”

The Skull of Broome
Pencil/digital, 9x12

At Higher Farm, opposite the church, is a “Screaming Skull” which according to a tradition current in the 18th century belonged to Theophilus Broome, who died in 1670 and “…requested that his head might be taken off before his burial, and be preserved at the farm-house near the church ….The tenants of the house have often endeavored to commit [the skull] to the bowels of the earth, but have been as often deterred by horrid noises, portentive of sad displeasure.”

It’s said that Broome was a Royalist during the English Civil War, but defected to the Parliamentarians after witnessing horrors perpetrated on civilians in the name of the king. In particular, he despised the Royalist habit of severing the heads of victims and spiking them on rails as trophies. On his deathbed, Broome made a plea to his sister that his head should be separated from his body and secreted away in the farmhouse, so that even if his body were exhumed, no head could be taken or presumably violated as a trophy.

A manuscript account from the Farm dating from 1829 contains statements from various parishioners confirming the tradition. It is “…remembered when the Scull was brought down stairs, and put in the Cupboard.” A farm tenant “…bought a new Spade, and went to his Relation … who said ‘Now Uncle Doctor, let us go and bury the Scull, when we have had a crust of bread and cheese,’ he said no he would not; but after some time he went, but with an ill will, to bury it in the Churchyard. The Spade broke off at the first spit, and so they took it back again, he thought it presumptuous to attempt it, as the Man had begged that some part might be buried there and the rest in some other places.” This tenant, an Ann Dunman, had also heard that “Brome was a great Warrior, and begged that his body might be laid in three Counties” - a theme also found in the lives of saints, and undoubtedly arising from the fact that their corpses were frequently dismembered for relics.

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it's illegal to destroy somebody else's mail ya know

only mail that’s specifically addressed to them, not unpersonalised flyers

also, unrelated but interesting fact, if a package is delivered to someone else but at your address (e.g. a previous owner/tenant) it actually IS legal for you to open the package and keep the contents, which is why you should always make sure you get your mail redirected as soon as you move house

i’m actually pretty well up on the laws around this because of an ongoing dispute my mum had with a former tenant of our house lol


Upsetting news from Sirius. Full statement from the Sirius Foundation:

This morning the NSW Government is taking action against public housing tenants in Millers Point.

At Sirius the assets branch of the NSW Government is erecting a cyclone wire fence around the site. Family and Community Services (FACS) has informed residents that the fence is being installed to improve public safety.  
The fence around Sirius appears to be poorly located for protecting public safety but it is well located if it is in preparation for demolishing of Sirius and its ground-floor courtyards. In the meantime it alienates more of the common areas of Sirius from its residents. Effectively, the government is evicting the remaining tenants of Sirius an inch at a time.
All of the interior common areas have been locked away from the tenants of Sirius. Recently, senior FACS officers cancelled Myra’s booking of the Phillip Room which had been booked for a studio session in which people were to draw her. The Phillip Room was subsequently covered in black plastic so that it could no longer be used. Myra’s drawing studio sessions were moved to the courtyards of Sirius and proceeded with great success and without incident. Similarly, Myra has had guests for Friday Night Sirius, a barbecue event in the courtyard. Myra has been looking forward to the next Friday Night Sirius barbecue on 2 June. Also during the past few months, the Sirius Foundation has conducted dozens of tours of Sirius which have been booked by more than 1000 people and are conducted by Tao Gofers, the leading architect of Sirius. Initially tours were allowed inside Sirius, but as their success has grown, the areas they are allowed into have contracted.
Watching the fence being erected at Sirius one is reminded of the Berlin Wall going up. If Sirius represents the Heart of Sydney, the NSW Government appears determined to destroy it.

This morning the sheriff was scheduled to evict Peter Muller from 32 High Street, Millers Point. Currently he remains in his home, surrounded by residents and supporters. The staff from the assets branch of the NSW Government were keeping a close eye on proceedings from a safe distance.

40 Random Halloween Prompts (For Writers)

1.       The new tenants of the house I’m haunting are being haunted by another ghost. War ensues.

2.       I sliced my hand open trying to carve a pumpkin for my crush and s/he saw the whole thing and now has to drive me to the hospital. FML.

3.       Trick, or treat?

4.       My crush invited me to a haunted house and I agreed even though I’m a complete scaredy-cat.  

5.       I’m, like, 85% sure my neighbor/roommate is a supernatural creature, even though they technically shouldn’t exist.

6.       I was invited to a costume party my crush is attending but wasn’t able to shop for a costume until the last minute and everything left is terrible. The problem: costumes are mandatory.

7.       Supposedly, Halloween is the one day when the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead is the thinnest. I take advantage of this and try to summon the spirit of my [someone important], but end up summoning someone—or something—else instead.  

8.       Harmless Monster.

9.       I found an old storybook in my basement and, having nothing else to do on Halloween night, decide to read it. I somehow got sucked in and now I’m trapped and please help.

10.   I give my crush cupcakes for Halloween. S/he has an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients in them.

11.   Only on Halloween are vampires able to enter one’s home without permission.

12.   I was abducted by a supernatural creature for reasons unknown. 

13.   I allowed myself to be peer-pressured into staying in a haunted house overnight with my crush.

14.   I have to take my kid/sibling trick-or-treating. The only thing making the night even remotely tolerable is the fact that my their best friend’s sibling/parent/guardian/etc, whom I’m hopelessly attracted to, is coming along.

15.   Some people celebrate Halloween. Others celebrate Samhain.

16.   Speed Dating. In costumes.

17.   I got lost at a Halloween parade. Whoops.

18.   Masquerade Ball.

19.   Pumpkin Spice Lattes &  Halloween Decorations.

20.   Halloween night always brings out the crazies.

21.   I got stuck in a time loop. If only I could figure out what I need to do to get out of it.

22.   Interspecies relationships are hard. However, they can rewarding too.

23.   I don’t have a problem with supernatural creatures, but come the f#ck on, I can’t seriously be the only human in this damn house/dorm/etc.

24.   On Halloween you’re supposed to line your windows and doors with salt and place mistletoe in front of your house or else they will come. I…kind of forgot to.

25.   I work in a costume shop and you keep coming in to try things on but never buy anything.  I don’t care how hot you are, if you don’t pick something soon I’m going to punch you.  

26.   A Halloween Festival.

27.   Halloween is the only day of the year I’m allowed to enter the human world.

28.   Um, thanks for the compliment, but this isn’t actually a costume…

29.   I’m a supernatural creature. My best friend/crush/partner isn’t.  It’s especially hard to hide what I am on All Hallow’s Eve.

30.   Every year, on Halloween, I dream of someone I’ve never actually met.

31.   Creepy Courtships.

32.   Based on episode 6.02 of Buffy, “Halloween,” wherein people take on the characteristics of whatever costume they’re wearing because magic.

33.   IT LIVES!!!

34.   Why can’t I ever have a normal Halloween?

35.   So, not to sound paranoid or anything, but I think I’m being stalked by a supernatural creature? Is there someone I can call for this?

36.   Rituals & Unexpected Consequences.

37.   My birthday is on October 31st

38.   Angels and Demons.

39.   Death comes to visit.

40.   Sic Gorgiamus Allos Subjectatos Nunc: We gladly feast on those who would subdue us. – The Addams Family Motto

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i don't,, get, what is real and what is not. the abilify and the trial day meltdown point out to some kind of disorder but? the umbrella man still adresses "Seth" after the white ending, implying it's real. so yeah i'm a bit confused. love your work btw c:

Thank you~!! Ooooh, that’s how it’s supposed to be, otherwise it wouldn’t be called a surreal game ;3c The whole world Charlotte lives in is pretty fucked up, so her being “a lonely girl who’s dwelling deeper into schizophrenia and seeing things” is actually the least messed up thing that’s happening in the HC universe.
Another fact: Umbrella Man is a character that exists in Hello Charlotte, Mindless Terror and Aether Almanac (both are unfinished/planned projects) alike!

I’ll go into some spoilery tl;dr rant below, hopefully that’ll get some things clear!

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It’s almost better not to have planets in a house. Of course every placement comes with its pros and cons, and there are countless variables that will have an influence on your experience with them, but the neutrality of empty houses causes them to overflow with options & possibilities, whereas a planet’s presence will draw to it all attention from the matters of the house. They become the owners, the inhabitants, the tenants. They take over.

Empty houses are generally much easier to live with. Their relevance and centrality will depend on the person and the arrangement of thematic energy in the natal chart, but when they’re strong parts of your life (which is still possible even without planetary influence) the way they manifest or the way your experiences relate to them can be so natural and effortless. I’m very glad my favorite house is empty because it would probably be less enjoyable otherwise.

What will happen on AHS: 6

Finn Wittrock and Evan Peters will play each other

The main three cast will all live to the end of the season

Unless there’s a dumb twist where they’re all actually dead

There will be awesome visuals that will get lackluster/inadequate/no explanation

Evan Peters will fall in love with somebody.

Probably Emma Roberts as a ghost pilgrim, that sounds about right.

Angela Bassett will shoot people, only to find that guns won’t work on them

The Pig thing will probably get resolved mid-season.

Kathy Bates will make us all sad

When Lady Gaga shows up we’ll be plagued with gifs of her for months

There will be a flashback to the original Roanoke Colony, before it at went to shit.

Several episodes will be dedicated to prior tenants of the house in different decades, because Ryan Murphy loves period pieces but hates committing


And that’s what you missed on Glee.

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Hey! I'm not really very educated in the differences between political sub-groups like the ones mentioned in your blog. I think I at least get the basic ideas/stances behind the names but I'm not positive--would you mind laying out these differences for me? Particularly of the leftist groups. I love your blog by the way!

No problem, I’ll try to give a basic lowdown. 

Socialism is the broad term that encompasses many different leftist systems. It is an organizational mode beyond capitalism that seeks to democratize society’s infrastructure as much as possible so that human needs can be actively met, with workers controlling workplaces, tenants controlling collective housing, and people in general controlling the economy. 

Within that umbrella, a variety of sub-groups crop up. Socialism can involve government or it can be stateless. In general, advocates favor democratic planning, but as you’ll see below there are groups that favor markets. There are also a variety of views on money. 

Communism, in the Marxian understanding, is a post-scarcity system beyond even socialism where social stratification, the state, and money wither away. Post-scarcity and common ownership/control over the means of production is likely to have this effect.

All consistent anarchisms are socialist in practice. Anarchism means self-organizing societies without the state, rulers, and classes, and that means the things I described above as elements of socialism. Anarcho-capitalism is not a form of anarchism because capitalism is a class-based system that involves private property, a concept that requires a state to enforce it. 

Mutualism is a socialist system that utilizes markets for allocation. Think worker cooperatives in a market economy. This is beyond capitalism because labor is not subordinated to capital, and those who use or contribute in turn become the owners. Certain strands of “market anarchism” advocate similar proposals.

“Democratic socialism” and social democracy are philosophies that advocate reforms in the capitalist system, or in some cases they advocate a slow transition to a socialist society. Often, they will defang what socialism means by equating it to a bigger welfare state within a larger capitalist society, alongside subsidized education and collective bargaining and the like. There are intense debates within the leftist camp over whether or not social democracy sets up the conditions for genuine socialist ideas to take root, and I believe those debates are worth having. Ultimately, I believe reforms should always be understood as stepping stones; elites understand them as mechanisms to keep capitalism afloat, and if those reforms aren’t pushed beyond their basic implications that’s how we should view them too. 

There are many other important ideas within leftist thought that I left out, so I strongly recommend exploring a bit further. The internet is a super helpful resource that helped me gather most of my own knowledge, alongside books and conversations with admin Greg.

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