Catch up with Xenoblade Chronicles X

I missed this video presentation yesterday, and maybe you did too. Or maybe you just want to watch it from your Tumblr dashboard, I don’t know.

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My mum calls it ‘’tiger stripes’’ and i think that’s beautiful. They’re beautiful.

How to in insult Oikawa in three words:

1. Aliens

2. Aren’t

3. Real

Oikawa: *horrified gasp and hand put over his heart* how dARE YOU

All You Had to Do Was Stay Stay Stay // Mashup

so I decided to do a mashup of two songs that seem like they have a similar theme, like one is a sequel to the other. I did the cover on my ukulele and I LOVE the way it turned out. this is the first time I’m posting my singing since my majorly invasive lung surgery in February, and it feels good to be back at it.

ps if it’s awkward or pitchy, please reread the part about my lung surgery, because having sucky lungs sometimes makes it hard to sing