Ten Things I Hate About You

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Prompt: based on the poem on the movie that I absolutely love. 

Pairing: Theo Raeken x Reader

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I hate the way you make me smile so easily
—  10 things I hate about you #4
I hate the way just one smile of you can take my breath away
—  10 things I hate about you #5

okay y'all *cracks knuckles* i heard you like AUs so hear me out: Ten Things I Hate About You AU where Lance is trying to get Allura to go out with him but protective older brother Coran (could’ve had Shiro or Matt here but for whatever reason I chose Coran) won’t let Allura date unless her cautious little sister Katie is dating. So Hunk helps Lance get money together to pay Keith to take Pidge out, him being the weird loner that no one wants to talk to and Pidge being the tech geek girl that doesn’t even hate time to bat an eyelash at pining boys. Naturally, Keith is opposed to it because he’s too busy being emo but who can say no to Hunk (my hc is that Hunk is an 11/10 wingman)?? And at first it doesn’t even work but Lance and Hunk are persistent (also in this AU there is no competition for Allura’s attention because in my head she pines for Lance LOL) and keep paying Keith until Pidge finds out. Cue angst and upset pigeon because at this point she’s ACTUALLY fallen for him and he’s ACTUALLY fallen for her and. You know how it goes.