After some controversy, a new design for the Bank of England £10 note has now been chosen. Here’s an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek at what we’ll soon be calling the Ben Pound Note, or “Benner”! If it’s a success, the government is considering switching the entire UK permanently to the Cumberquid. Can you imagine it? A British currency that the whole world will be desperate to get its sweaty hands on…

the other day after i met nat i was walking through town n like this group of scene emo ppl walked past me n one of the guys shouted ‘mcr saved me life’ at me (bc i was wearing my hoodie) but like i couldnt tell if he was mocking me bc he said in a really weird way idk how to describe it tbh, it didnt bother me or anything but like im just curious as to how mcr fans are perceived?? especially by other ‘emo’ ppl who arent necessarily into mcr

I'm a Special Boy

I’m sure everyone’s had one of those moment in there lives were they thought of something, ether funny or trivial, and then uncontrollably just blurted out exactly what they were thinking. Well…..I had one of those moments earlier today, in the middle of ASDA….yeah. Get some popcorn kiddies, this is gonna be a long story.

So last week was one of those weeks were no matter what I did, money had to go somewhere, leaving my bank account looking very sorry for itself, but filling up my wallet so I could do all that needed to be done.

After paying bill’s, feeding myself, and the purchasing of birthday gift’s, I was under the impression that all that was left in my wallet was a £10 note and some loose change. Not good for me since this was all I had to feed myself with for the next week, good thing I don’t eat much.

Skip forward to today, Monday the 28th, as per my regular routine Monday is my food shopping day. So after a mind numbing afternoon at Zodiac I head to are local ASDA store for the purchasing of what was gonna be this weeks food rations, and as I’m walking around the store making careful note of how much everything I’m picking up costs.

Ones I got the essentials, and made sure I had enough change to get more milk later in the week, I head to the checkout, line up, and wait for my turn.

The checkout lady was old and didn’t look to impressed already, probably from all the heat, but was pleasant enough when it came to my tern to be served. She asked if I needed a hand packing my shopping, I said no, things went on as they were meant to be, me packing my food away as quick as possible so I could get out of that super heated death trap.

Ones everything was bagged she tells me how much I owe and I get my wallet out my bag, putting my fingers on the £10 note and pulling it out.

As I’m about to hand her the note I look at it, to make sure I wasn’t handing her a reseat for anything she didn’t need to know about….I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusion on that one…but I notice that I’m about to hand her a £20 note.

At this point in my mind I’m saying “WOW! I’ve got 20 pounds!” and started to hand it to her, and realise she’s looking at me funny, as well as the people standing behind me in the queue.

It didn’t take me long to twig at what I’d just done, quite enthusiastic shouted “WOW! I’ve got 20 pounds!” at the checkout lady in the middle of this transaction. Probably in a way that made it sound like I’d never seen that much money before in my entire life! Or at lease nothing beyond £19.99.

I could feel myself wanting to giggle but was still standing in the queue, I handed the lady the money, who was giving me a dodgy look, and to be quite honest how could blame her, and the moment I got my change back walked to the exit as fast as I could.

By the time I got outside I couldn’t hold the laughter in any longer, its not often I do something that special and now the checkout lady probably thinks I escaped from Bede Wing, but what can ya do but laugh it up. It amused me on my trip home and I’m sure someone else in the queue probably got a kick out of it too.

Apart from checkout lady, she’s probably at home now, worried that I’ve followed her home, and that I’ll brake in, and to unspeakable things, to her cat…….

doctorpcnds asked:

slides my url over in a £10 note

my opinion on;

character in general: eleven is ‘my’ doctor in that they were the one that my entire family would gather round and watch. and i will fight for them bcs they’re my favourite and the ponds (eleven is an honorary pond ok) are just the best? i will get emotional and i will fight they were one of my favourite characters when i was like. 12 im sorry eleven river beat you to first spot and they’re just so important to me aaaaa 
how they play them: i s cream? i love writing w richard’s eleven it’s like my childhood coming back to bite me in the behind… in a good way… but. seriously? there’s all that and the fact that they’re agender (which i am. sometimes) and sex repulsed and on the aro spectrum (which i also am. sometimes) and im so happy???? bcs there’s hardly any muses, let alone blogs of one of my long time favourite characters ever that have that kind of representation and have the Best portrayal ever? i cry

the mun: richard is so nice wtf… i think we’re friends… i hope we’re friends bcs i am just a shy and autistic potato who does not know when friendships happen but i think he’s great and so nice….

do i;

follow them: hell yes
rp with them: h e l l yes
want to rp with them: [snape voice] always
ship their character with mine: i will fight for queerplatonic river/eleven all day

what is my;

overall opinion: !!!!!!!!!!!!! v happy dragon sounds!!!!!!!!

Is It Really Treason To Rip Up British Money?

One of the biggest pub trivia facts is that you can get arrested for destroying money in Britain as it’s completely illegal - and even an act of treason.

However, is this actually a fact - can you be handcuffed and placed in a prison cell for taking a five or ten pound note and ripping it to shreds? Or is it simply nothing more than an urban myth?

As it turns out, there are elements of truth in it but also a lot of falsehoods that may mean a few pub quizzes will have to be completely ripped up themselves if they tell you definitely that it’s against the law.

Police (or pretty much any other person) might take a dim view to you tearing up banknotes in front of them - and the Queen might take an even dimmer view as it’s her head your destroying - but they can’t arrest you.

In fact, it is not illegal to destroy money, according to the Currency and Bank Notes Act 1928 - however, it IS illegal to deface a banknote by printing, stamping or writing on it.

This may sound bizarre but there is a valid reason behind this thinking - once money is destroyed by tearing it up or setting it on fire, it is gone for good.

Not around for long: Five pound notes have an average lifespan of one year (Rex)

There’s no coming back from that - indeed the £5 note has an average lifespan of just a year, according to the Bank of England.

However, if a note is defaced then there may be an attempt to keep it in circulation - and that could mean pictures of Her Majesty with a comedy moustache or a scribbled face still being used to pay for your weekly shop.

Apparently the law takes a very dim view of that and the penalty could reach as high as £200.

There is precedent for this in the shape of art pranksters The K Foundation, who got away scot free with casually burning £1 million in 1994.

However, they had previously defaced another £1 million-worth of £50 notes by nailing them to a wall - which saw them slapped with a £9,000 fine and an extra £500 reprinting costs.

Coinage Act: Destroying coins could get you into a little trouble (Rex)

When it comes to coins, things are slightly different, and little more complex.

The Coinage Act 1971 made it an offence to destroy a metal coin that has been current in the UK since 1969, unless a licence to do so has been granted by the Treasury.

You can also get into trouble if you destroy or drill into a coin if the intent is to defraud - however, if you just wanted to wear a penny round your neck in some kind of fashion statement, then you’re unlikely to have an arrest warrant put out in your name.

In terms of treason, there is nothing in various Treason Acts over the years that state that you can be charged for anything to do with destroying money - killing the Queen or other officials tends to be the main no-go areas if you don’t want to fall foul of the law in that regard.

So no, you won’t go to prison for screwing up a £50 note and ripping it apart - why you’d want to do that in the first place is probably more cause for concern.

Top pic: Rex