okay but Giotto grew up on the street right? i can just imagine him meeting somebody when he first made his family and he hasnt learned Etiquette yet. the other boss is like “fine we’ll duel” after there was a disagreement for a ceasefire. giotto thought they were both just gonna throwdown and beat the other’s face in not have an old west gun show down. he’s so confused when he’s told to step ten paces away and draw like “whats this rich bullshit come over here and fight me”


Colour Palettes:
I used my latest piece as a chance to experiment with colouring technique! I found a thing online somewhere (I forget where) which suggessted using the ‘crystallize’ filter in photoshop to create colour palettes from old photos, found images etc as guides. I decided this could be a useful way to make myself think more about the colours I use and it turned out to be a pretty successful experiment!

Above you can see two different crystalized colour palettes I tried, next to rough mock-ups of colour schemes using those palettes and the finished image. Although it adds an hour extra to my photoshop time (this image was 16+ hours after intial line drawing), I think this technique is definitely worth the effort. My colour balance appears much more refined. I think I’m going to carry on using it for everything I can, until choosing successful colour palettes becomes second nature!