Okay here is anothe illo for Ten Paces and Draw
It was actually a fashion swap, but the costume that I got to draw was so unconventional (you will see when you go to the website) that I couldn’t just draw a pretty girl with a lovely dress.

So it became a kind of sea monster who disguises as a coral to catch cute fishes.

It doesn’t fit in the slideshow of the fashion swap though. Sorry!
But it was fun again, as always.

Head over to Ten Paces and Draw to see the other participants’ illustrations!


I did a drawing for this fun illustration project called Ten Paces and Draw after I saw them featured on Illustrationmundo. Every week, they have a different theme and you submit a sketch. They all get put into an Illustration Hat, jumbled around a bit, and then fed out to all the illustrators who submitted to take to finish. You only get 48 hours or so between when you get your sketch and when the final is due, so it keeps things nice and light.

This week’s theme was “world culture” and through pure coincidence, I got my buddy Derrick’s sketch of a tanuki laden tree, which I promptly made weird and creepy.  I submitted a sketch for a portrait of Ann Druyan recording her brain waves for the Voyager Golden Record project (admittedly, I had the thumbnail for this sitting around gathering dust; a rejection from another project) and you can see the results here.


That was the hashtag that the super rad MICA student, Jon Stollberg, chose for the swap his class did with a few Ten Paces & Draw artists!

Each Maryland Institute College of Art student was paired with a professional. We created our sketch based off of an insane/amazing/unreasonable hashtag from popular social media and then did the usual Ten Paces swap!

It was super fun to see what everyone came up with so I strongly suggest you check out the two sections worth of imagery here & here!

Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabies iiiiiiiiiiiin Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace.

Alright I’m out.

Hooooo man it’s almost the weekend!

So the Ten Paces & Draw crew have a nifty tangential component to their website where a few lucky illustrators create images based off of fashion (be it a garment or full wardrobe).

This past week I joined the fun and this was the result! If you want to see what the image is based off of, or you want to check out all the other rad subs, click THIS word.

I was deeply saddened over the loss of Maurice Sendak, like most kids I’m sure, “Where The Wild Things Are,” was one of my favorite books growing up. I remember getting it at the library with my first library card, I was always drawn to the books with big, big illustrations. So anyway when the girls at Ten Paces & Draw asked me to illustrate something for a Sendak tribute post, I jumped at the chance to be apart of it. 

I didn’t really sketch it out, I just put the pencil to the paper with a general idea and this is where i landed. I went with the idea of Max but I did a gender swap, much like Natasha Allegri’s gender swapped Adventure Time characters. I just wanted to have a very somber looking Max holding the boat that she comes to the island on. 

Click here to visit Ten Paces & Draw to check out other Maurice Sendak tribute drawings.

I’ll be offering prints of this piece eventually because I know a few people on instagram (I’m @dannybrito on there) asked for it. 

Check back tomorrow for some progress photos of this piece! as well as a few other surprises. 

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