ten facts about me

tagged by @cvetko

1. I’m too lazy
2. I’m too lazy
3. I’m too lazy
4. I’m too lazy
5. I’m too lazy
6. I get bored of things pretty fast
7. I take things personally
8. I hardly ever give a shit, but when I do I give too much of a shit
9. I’ll be seventeen in August
10. if I suddenly get ignored for too long, I’ll probably kill myself

I wanna tag certain people but idk if I can yet: @castastik @miss-not-so-atomicbomb @renedalyn @fluffyblackdemon @girly-guro
if you see this and I haven’t tagged you, I’m not sure if I can, or I forgot about you, but I mean if YOU see this, yes YOU, then I haven’t forgotten, and the first thing applies to you.