See, It Wasn’t So Bad - Conor Mayndard

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 A/N: This is one of my favorite lines from the prompt list. I know I had fun writing this, so I hope you guys enjoy!

14. ”Just go get me some fucking tampons!”

I was sitting in a chair behind a camera. In front of me was some dorks. The same dorks that I have been hanging around lately, and frankly I love it. They all make me laugh so hard, especially my boyfriend, Conor Maynard. We had been dating for just five months now, and I really liked Conor. He was charming, funny, handsome, and pretty much the man of my dreams. So far in our relationship we haven’t done much. We haven’t said “I love you” yet, but I could feel myself falling for him. We haven’t moved in together, but I pretty much live at his house. 

“Y/N!” yelled Jack, who was sitting on the couch in between Joe and Conor. I whipped my head towards him, pulling me out of my thoughts. “Are you ready yet?” 

“Yeah yeah. Get on with it. I don’t have all day.” I say sarcastically. 

“Really?” asked Joe, raising his eyebrows. “Weren’t you just telling us about how you had nothing to do for the rest of the night?” The two brothers snickered at this comment.

“Oh shush and start the video.” I tell the boys. As they get ready I pull out my phone and go on Snapchat. 

“Hello, my name is Jack Maynard and today I’m joined by Joe Sugg,”

“Hello,” says Joe, going cross eyed and doing a funny accent.

“And Conor Maynard.”

“Shalom.” waves Conor. 

“Today we are doing the Say Anything Challenge.” I drone out their voiced and put my attention back to my phone. Throughout the game, the boys get covered in tape and marker. The video is just about over, when I feel a pain in my stomach. Immediately I recognize it as a period cramp. My period isn’t supposed to be starting for another ten days, I thought. I didn’t come prepared for this. I don’t even have any tampons with me! I shot up off the chair. All three boys stare at me, their eyes wide. 

“Is something wrong love?” ask Conor. I look at him with pleading eyes, hopping he’ll understand whats going on, but all I get is a look of confusion. I mentally sigh. 

“Yeah, I mean no, nothing is wrong. I just, uh, need to use the restroom.” I say, stumbling over my words. 

“Okay, you know where it is.” said Conor. I briskly walk to the bathroom, my cramps getting worse by the second. I get the bathroom connected to Conor’s room. I close the door and lock it. I frantically look in all the cabinets, searching for a tampon, or even a pad, but nothing is there. I pull down my pants and sit down on the toilet. I see a huge red stain in my underwear. I groan. I pull out my phone and pull up my text with Conor. 

“conor IT started and i have nothing here with me. pls come to the bathroom.” I text him, hoping that he’ll read the text. I wait and I wait. I wait some more. I wait twenty minutes, but no reply. I decide the only thing I can do I yell. 

“Conor?” I yell softly, trying not to disturb the video. I listen for a response, but all I hear is laughter. I start to get frustrated. 

“Conor?” I yell louder. Again no response. I am now angry. 


“Y/N, I’m right here no need to yell. Can you unlock the door?” he ask me. I can tell he’s embarrassed by my outburst, but I can also tell that he’s concerned. 

“No Conor, I can not unlock the door.” I say still a little angry. 

“Okay, okay. Just tell me what happened.” says Conor trying to sooth me.

“Well, I fucking started my period ten days early and I have no tampons at your house. You know this wouldn’t be a problem if you just asked me to move in with you already.” I tell him, throwing my hands up in the air, even though no one could see me.

“What do you want me to do babe?” he asks through the door. I roll my eyes at his obliviousness. 

“It actually quite simple what I want you to do. I want you to go to the store and buys me some heavy flow tampons. Okay? Take Jack and Joe along with you. I don’t care, but just go get me tampons.” I say slowly. I can hear him whine on the other side of the door. 

“But Y/N, that’s embarrassing!” he whines. 

“Just go get me some fucking tampons!” I yell. I soon hear the door close I put my head in my hands and groan. 

As soon as I hear the door re open, I start yelling. 

“Where are they? Did you get them?” I yell. 

“We got them.” yelled Jack. 

“You should have see the look on the check out lady’s face when she saw us with your womanly items.” yelled Joe. I laugh for the first time since they came over. I heard the door being opened and Conor popped his head in the door frame. 

“How’d you open the door? I locked it.” I ask. He smirks at me. 

“I have my ways.” he teases. “He are your bloody tampons.” He threw the bag at me. 

“Thank you Conor. See, it wasn’t so bad.” I tease. 

“You have no idea.” he says before slipping through the door. 

“Love you!” I call after him.

“Love you too!”

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Belle goes into labor early and Rum has to hurry back from filming to make it in time for his child's birth even if it means breaking a few traffic laws. Bonus points if Mal is involved.

One of the runners was standing off camera waving her arms around, and Gold furrowed his brow as Mal yelled ‘CUT’ and went over to investigate what was going on. 

A moment later, Gold knew exactly what was going on when Mal waved him over and the runner thrust his phone into his hands. 

“Rum?” Belle’s voice said. 


“Yeah… I’m contracting one in seven and my water just went. I just called a taxi. How quickly can you get here?”

“I’m on my way! I love you, hang in there!” he added before cutting off the call and haring off the set in the direction of the studio entrance, vaguely aware of Mal running after him. 

“Rum! Rum, for fuck’s sake, slow down! How are you even going to get there?”

“I’ll grow wings and fly if I have to!” Gold snapped back at her. “Belle’s gone into labour ten days early and I am going to be there for her!”

Mal rolled her eyes, and held up her phone. “Luckily for you, whilst you were talking to Belle, I got you a ride.”

There was a screeching of tires outside the studio and Gold looked out of the main doors to see a very familiar black and white Panther parked up haphazardly across three reserved spaces. 

The passenger window slid down and Ella’s voice yelled.


Gold was too panicked to argue that his impromptu chauffeur might well kill him before they arrived at the hospital and just got in the car, ignoring the crunching of gears and squealing of wheels as they sped off towards the hospital. 

“Don’t you think you’re a little bit overdressed for the occasion?” Ella asked. Gold had completely forgotten that he was still in costume and was wearing a tuxedo for this particular scene. Still, it couldn’t be helped. These things happened. 

They made it to the hospital in one piece, with Ella careening to a halt in the ambulance bay, although Gold dreaded to think how many laws they’d broken in the meantime; he’d lost count of the speed camera flashes. The nurses gave him a rather strange look as he entered in his finery, but duly took it in their stride and showed him down the corridor to Belle’s room, his heart beating in his mouth all the way.

He wasn’t too late. 

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Happy Christmas! Can we possibly get a New Year's fic rec list? Thanks in advance

Teen or below ratings
Adult ratings

A two shot for the lovely Mod Z who asked for “ reincarnated henry noticing the growing antlers?”….um, I got part of it? :)


The nurse looked at the baby in her arms, looked away, and then did a double take.

Maritza Martinez was a perfectly normal and healthy newborn. Ten fingers, ten toes, born two days early but that was fine, a thick swath of black hair on her head-

And popping out of that hair, two tiny little nubs that looked like….like…antlers?

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the fate of ten

I’ve seen that people are starting to get the book early (like, ten days early) so this is what you do if you want to post spoilers/live blogging. and before someone tells me “don’t tell people how to run their blog, ew!” it’s spoilers. I’m sure no one in here wants to read spoilers.

  • the most important thing, tag all spoilers as ‘tfot spoilers’ and if you have a liveblogging tag, let your followers now so they can block those tags
  • this ^ doesn’t work on mobile. put a read more cut above your spoilers. a cut doesn’t always work too, so try to caption your spoilers

reading spoilers is very annoying and it ruins the element of surprise in a book so let’s try and make sure everyone has safe spoiler free reading, especially the fans out of the USA, alright?

happy reading everybody and try to survive!