I really don’t like Eleven and Rose and I was thinking, it isn’t just because of River, I’m big River and Doctor shipper but I was and I still am a big Rose and Doctor shipper too. 

So part of my dislike it’s of course because I do believe people need to move on and etc, but big part it’s because of Human Ten. I really liked him. I did read fics about Rose and Ten 2.0 a few years ago and I think Rose is happy with him and I never believed she is a weak person or whatever because she settled with a clone ( I hate this word) like people says sometimes. 

And I really don’t like when people says she will be very upset because The Doctor have someone else. Of course she would be a little upset but she probably have her husband now too.

A big Hug to Human Doctor lol, I think I’m the only one who cares about him and was genuinely happy about Rose’s end


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