ten's was so hard to get right

Awkward things that happened during claps that the fab four doesn’t want you to know about:
  • Kobra bringing everything to a standstill because he lost his contact lens. Had everyone, including Dracs, looking for them.
  • Party losing his pants and refusing to put them back on.
  • Everyone pointing at Korse and yelling ‘Bald!’ because the sun was reflecting just right and it blinded them.
  • Jet tripping over his own feet because he couldn’t see through his hair.
  • Party trying to jump over the hood of the Trans Am dukes of hazard style and hitting himself right in the balls.
  • Ghoul torturing a Drac by reciting vegan brownie recipes
  • Kobra punching out an exterminator so hard they were flung back like ten feet but no one seeing it.
  • Kobra karate chopping a blaster in half when no one was looking
  • Poison’s gun jamming and him throwing it at a Drac before freaking out and trying to get it back
  • Jet ‘accidentally’ suplexing Ghoul
  •  Ghoul ‘accidentally’ kicking Korse in the balls so hard that Party felt so bad he called off the fight
  • Kobra pantsing Korse during the middle of a clap and no one knowing what to do
  • Ghoul and Kobra accidentally making out
  • Jet stopping the fight because he found someone’s finger and needed to make sure it wasn’t any of the guy’s.
  • Party and Jet getting into a fight with a group of maggot babies because they kept touching their hair
  • Ghoul forgetting to fill the Trans Am with gas so their ‘dramatic’ escape took several hours.
  • Party being so sleep deprived he started fighting the cacti instead of the Dracs

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How do you write conflict scenes? Verbal or physical? And do you find it difficult?

Conflict Scenes.
Oh boy, a can of worms! 

Are conflict scenes difficult for you to write? They are very easy to write. They are extremely, undeniably hard to get right. I have a blast every time I sit down to write a conflict scene. Editing and reworking each of my major conflict scenes ten different times is less fun, but the eventual outcome is worth it.

Tips on writing conflict scenes. I have to admit upfront that I am not the best person to ask about this. I write good conflict scenes because I have good critic partners, and I make an effort to edit thoughtfully. I have learned some things from my mistakes though, so here are the pointers I can give.

- Everything is about emotions. Whether it’s a traditionally emotional argument, or a lone character battling a frightening monster, the emotion behind the character’s choices is always going to be what makes or breaks your conflict scenes. 

This doesn’t mean the emotion of your pov character needs to be stated at all times, but it must make sense to the reader, and it must be strong enough throughout the scene that the reader feels the emotion for themselves. The pov character needs to have a realistic and well defined reason for feeling the way they do, and those feelings need to result continuous action from the character.

*Some characters make decisions based primarily on logic instead of emotion, but this doesn’t mean the emotion isn’t present, just that the character is, on occasion, actively choosing to act against it. 

- The stronger the set up, the stronger the scene. Just like emotions can’t come from nowhere, information, skills, relationships, and general atmosphere can’t be properly explained during the conflict itself. The more tension you build before the conflict scene, the most tense the conflict itself will be. 

For minor conflict scenes, this tension can start anything from a few paragraphs to a few pages before hand. For the sort of traumatic conflict scenes that bring your reader to their knees, the tension should be weaved into multiple scenes of minor conflict leading up to the major conflict.

- No conflict without a goal. This seems like an obvious statement, one which should apply to your entire story, but it’s still worth a mention. Always make sure your character has a defined goal during every conflict scene. The reader won’t know what to root for, or what to fear, if the pov character can’t even decide those things for themselves.

How do you deal with conflict scenes?
My tips are far from complete. Please add your own!

no one said anything to my face at the family dinner, and whatever they have to say behind my back isn’t worth worrying about.

told my brother that mom and i probably aren’t gonna be on speaking terms for a couple days, and he declared that because of this he wouldn’t be on speaking terms with her either. he always shows such immediate solidarity with me and i’m thankful for that.

him and a family friend and i sat in the basement and talked shit till we were laughing so hard our ribs hurt. i ate a lot of good food. i didn’t get upset or dysphoric once. i’m exhausted but i survived.

my throat is still killing me so if you need me i’m gonna take a massive shot of nyquil and sleep for ten hours. there are fifteen messages in my inbox right now and i just want to say that i love all of you dearly. hope the night treats you with kindness. hope your holiday is full of love


So, I’ve never done on of these new year posts, but I have a few things to say about this year, and maybe I’ll mention something that someone needs to hear.

As far as competitions go, this year was pretty crappy for me. I dropped in placement at every single major that I’ve ever been to. I had teachers telling me I’d win things that I barely broke the top ten at. Some I didn’t even get that far. It sounds like I’m complaining about silly things; stupid Oireachtas champion problems, right? But it was hard. Especially when you think you did your best, but the judges don’t agree.

At first, it really frustrated me, you know? I felt (and I know I’m not the only one) like I was disappointing my teachers, parents, friends. Bipolar marks made me feel like nothing was under my control in dance, anymore, and I went crazy half the year trying to figure out what in the world I was doing that the judges hated SO much. I had to start seeing a sport psychologist to keep my head on the right way, and for a little while I forgot that I love Irish dance.

Sometimes when you get so into something - whatever it is that you do - you begin to expect things of yourself that you didn’t at the start. And that’s not a bad thing. It’s what makes you better. But when you start to expect things of yourself without forgiveness when you fall short, you’re setting yourself up for so much disappointment. This year, I - stupid perfectionist that I am - had myself so. freaking. stressed. because I thought perfection was the end goal. I fought myself for a solid 10 months before I realized what I was doing.

Thing is - and I’m a control freak, so I hate this - sometimes there are things you just can’t control. You can’t control what the judges like, can’t control the stage, can’t control the venue or who you dance with or if you get the flu two days before you dance. And you have to learn to be proud of yourself, not for the number you get, but for the improvement that you see in yourself. It took too long for me to understand that, but it really does change your perspective. If you compare yourself to anybody but you, you’ll never see how far you’ve really come.

There’s always another competition.

You can always go to another feis, do another major. You can always try again, and marks don’t stop you from trying as many times as you want to. Only you do that. So, for this year, I am proud of all my crap placements because I know that I worked hard and that I WILL do better!

(Jesus, I’m sorry this is so fricking long, Happy New Year, yall!)


Dammmmmmit, Half Price Books!!!! I drove by it on my way to the library and they had a huge “20% Off Everything” sign up. Obviously, I had to stop. I allowed myself ten minutes of only shopping on the used shelves and only looking for books already on my Goodreads to-read list. Not a terrible compromise! Right? Right.

I’m going to have such a hard time getting back into a work routine–it’s so nice just throwing on some mascara and not even bothering to brush my hair.

You guys had such wonderful comments and insights regarding my earlier posts–I am forever grateful for how wonderful you guys are!! 😍 I want to respond to some of them, but my brain is barely functional past 9:00pm. 😂 We got a new weight routine at the gym today and it kicked my butt…I could probably go to sleep right now!


hey ya’ll!!! i’m opening up commissions for a bit to test it out !!! i’m sticking to just single character commissions since times are very busy and hard right now. but i need that $$$ to live so let’s try this out.

if you are interested at all shoot me an email @ rumbleroarsloudly@gmail.com or just message me here! either is fine. thank you !!!!!!

SM: alright johnny it’s your time we’re gonna debut you in NCT 127’s new comeback

Johnny: ah lit guys thanks so much ya know I’ve been training so hard for nine years a-

SM: but you only get two lines…


Johnny: ya know what fuck it, I need to makin’ some cash supportin mah baby ten debut me ma

Just Once More - Stiles Stilinski Smut

- All right anon, I’m sorry for the quality of this, I hope it’s okay :)

Request: Hello! May I request a smut stiles oneshot where he ties you up to see how amny orgasms can you stand? thaaaanks and you know rough and dominant hehehe

Warning: smut, overstimulation and hand tying I guess. Also, rough and dom!Stiles, swearing (like a bit I guess - some may call it a lot idk)

Kind of found it hard to do this because in my mind, Stiles is a freaking ball of fluff and sunshine, so I would have expected this more from Void!Stiles, but I tried to make it fit for Stiles, I’m really praying it fits. Hope it’s all right for you anon :) You’re dating in this, by the way.


It was the summer and with no Supernatural disasters to tend to, you and Stiles have had way too much free time on your hands, if you get what I mean…

Even today, the plan was to just hang out at the Stilinski place for lots of cuddles and movies and food (probably take out because both of you are always too lazy to cook) where you’d both see who could quote each movie better. So a usual Stiles and Y/n date, really.

Except during these months in your relationship where you’d been able to get to know each other a lot because of your free time - and I don’t just mean get to know about the likes and dislikes, you’ve been way over that - Stiles was becoming more and more confident around you. You liked it, of course, but he’s wanted to try something for a long time. And he was quite determined to try it out as soon as possible.

After watching a Marvel film, you sat between his legs, which were opened for you, and leaned back into his chest with a blanket over the both of you, continuously asking him what movie to watch next, but he just hummed at times, his hands at your stomach, pulling you into his body more.

“Okay, what about Batman? Dark Knight Rises?” you asked, finding the movie on the screen, picking up one of his hands from your stomach and holding it in your hand, intertwining your fingers together.

“Hmm, I don’t know,” he sighed out and put his chin onto your shoulders, looking up at the screen as he tried to occupy himself with anything but the feeling in his stomach. “Why don’t you choose?” he asked, taking in a deep breath after finishing and then regretting it immediately. He loved your smell, even if it was just the shampoo, or deodorant or whatever it was, he would always prefer cuddling with you than anyone else.

“Stiles, what’s up with you?” you asked, suddenly putting down the controller and turning around in his hold, straddling him instead so you could actually see his face. His expressions usually said a lot more than his words.

“I don’t know,” he groaned and leaned back into the sofa that you were sitting in front of and put his arms around your waist. “I had this idea and I can’t get it out of my head,” he admitted.

“Stiles, I’m sorry to say this, but your ideas don’t always work out well. Stop dwelling on it,” you said with a smile and he felt more uncomfortable by the minute, due to your position and now your smile. God, everything you did turned him on, how was this possible?

“Stop it,” he almost whined as you let out a laugh. “Trust me, you’d enjoy this idea a hell of a lot,” he said, going back to the previous topic.

“How exactly?” you asked, absolutely clueless. But then his expression made you get an idea. “Wait, was this more a dream than an idea?” you asked, getting a slight smirk on your lips.

“Maybe,” he replied sheepishly.

“Your dad’s at work for a while right?” you asked, leaning into him a little. He nodded, excitement replacing the discomfort.

“A long while, yeah,” he told you, his hands tightening around your waist. “You better be up for it because now I’m not sure I can forget about it,” he said, his tone turning husky before he cleared his throat, trying to seem normal, in fear of you rejecting him.

Why would you? This guy? You’d be stupid too.

“I’m so up for it,” you whispered, leaning into his ear as you added, “Do what you want with me,” you said in a low voice and his hands quickly slid to the small of your back, pulling your torso into his roughly before he pushed his lips to your neck and you could only let out a quick gasp at the movement. The other times you two had done something like this, it was sweet, normal, fun but nothing out of the ordinary. He knew what you loved now, and he would use all of those against you.

He let out a small moan as you pulled your hand down his chest and palmed him through his joggers, which was what both of you were in. Why would you dress up for a day in?

“Stiles are you actually going to fuck me today or what?” you asked, also having to moan at the end as his hands touched you in all the right places. “Stiles,” you moaned again as his hand started kneading at your butt, the other attached to your breast. “Fuck why-“

“Shh,” he chuckled before kissing you roughly and making you lose all of your strength, grinding into him as he attacked your tongue with his, mainly kissing you with an open mouth, which only made it harder to not just let him do whatever he wanted. You knew that eventually, at this rate, you would definitely just give in, but you wanted to have some fun with him too.

So you dipped your hand into his sweatpants and palmed him through his boxers, a lot closer, which made him groan into your kiss, but only be more forceful with his tongue and lips, now feeling the need to move his hips also, grinding into your hand.

“Holy shit, yes,” you moaned as his lips travelled down again before he stopped all together and then picked you up, one arm under your legs, the other holding your torso, standing up and taking the stairs two at a time. “You can’t do that!” you exclaimed as he just stopped all of the movements that granted you pleasure, but he didn’t answer. Instead, he threw you onto the bed, making you bounce a couple of times, thanks to the cheap mattress.

“Strip,” he told you before disappearing from the room. You didn’t know where he went, but you took off his plaid shirt which he let you borrow and then pushed down your sweatpants, throwing them on the floor next to the bed. You were laying on the bed in your underwear when he walked in with a tie in his hands as well as a pair of handcuffs.

“What?” you asked, seeing him holding both up.

“This is literally the only choice you get,” he shrugged.

“The metal will cut into my wrists,” you told him.

“Good,” he nodded and walked over, still fully dressed, before hand cuffing you to the bed post, then tying the tie around the metal so it wouldn’t cut into your skin at places.

“How considerate,” you chuckled, watching him work. He looked down at you with a small smile before climbing on top of you and kissing you roughly again. You pulled at the restraints, unsuccessfully, while he just smiled into your kiss before grinding into you and you whimpered at the contact. “Stiles, come on,” you whined as he ran his hands all over your body, admiring early inch of your skin and body before he started to suck hickeys onto your neck and slip one of his hands into your underwear.

“You didn’t strip,” he told you, sounding mad about it.

“I’m sorry,” you shivered as his fingers started to move and press, stroke and pleasure you in ways he hadn’t done before, making you more and more wet, as well as his fingers which were just playing with you now. “Oh my-“ he cut you off with his lips again as you moaned more and more before he slipped a finger into you, moving it in and out, the other hand pulling your underwear down your legs, which you couldn’t help with due to the intense pleasure you were being put under.  “Stiles,” your voice had amplified as his mouth helped out his fingers, sending you further over the edge, almost ready to just jump down, but you didn’t feel it until he curled his fingers up and your moans continued rhythmically with his fingers. “Fuck, Stiles,” you let out as a warning before you had fallen and were already slowly advancing down from the high. You tugged at your restraints for the hundredth time as he smile, finally looking up from his work. “What the-“ you were panting from the exhilarating ride he took you on, but soon enough, his fingers had dived into you again.

“It’s about you, all right?” it was only a rhetorical question, seeing as you really couldn’t answer as he eased you into the rhythm again and you could feel another round pooling up in your stomach, your legs shaking as his fingers pumped. “Come on, Y/n, tell me how it makes you feel,” his mouth was by your ear as he whispered those words, which sent another shiver up your spine and after a few more words from him, you had come undone again, swearing and moaning all through it.

“Stiles,” you puffed out before his mouth was placed on yours again, kissing you roughly, like his fingers had worked, and you could taste yourself on his tongue while he had let you try and calm down for the two highs he lifted you to. Pretty soon, he put himself between you before he pulled his sweatpants down and he started to grind into your hips, making you arch your back. He took your chest into his two hands, massaging the best he could - which you’d never be able to describe - while also continuing his assault on your mouth. You’d done as he wanted twice already, and you could feel the beginning of the third as he kissed down from your mouth to your neck, sucking and licking in a few places, groaning quietly each time your skin touched the fabric of his boxers. You wanted to touch him and pleasure him as he had done for you, but you couldn’t. Why didn’t he want to feel pleasure? Why would he do this? It must have been killing not just you, but also him…

“Stiles, I need to touch you,” you whimpered as his mouth was at the top of your breasts.

“No,” he looked up, staring into your eyes. “I just want to see you writhing in your place from the pleasure,” he told you before starting to place a hickey on your collarbone.

“You’ve seen it twice,” you moaned out.

“More,” he told you simply before you had had enough and lifted your legs, your feet pushing his boxers down quite expertly. He chuckled before looking down at himself before averting his eyes to your face and smirking.

“Where’s that XXL condom now, huh?” you asked breathlessly as he grinned and reached into his bedside table’s drawer, pulling out one condom, which he opened before rolling it on.

“You should know, I used it on you,” he whispered before kissing you again, a little soft than previously, but only until he entered with a hard movement, making you almost scream out as he went deeper than you were ready for.

“Fuck, you-“

“Dick?” he helped out as he started to move and both of you started the climb to the high point before he sped up and pretty soon, he understood your suffering as he also came down. However, he still kept going.

He continued to try and please you in any way he could until you had to tell him it was enough because you couldn’t even feel anything anymore. At that point, he let out a loud sigh and fell into the bed next to you. “Holy shit, I hate you,” you managed to say as you closed your legs and tried to calm down from the last orgasm.

“You know you love me,” he chuckled before pressing a kiss to your neck one last time and reached over to undo your restraints. Once the handcuffs clicked open, you immediately ran your hands through his hair and kissed him, making him smile into it.

“I do.”

- I really really would like your reply anon, I’m not quite sure about this, I hope it was okay, some feedback about it would be fab! 



but the reason i ship dexnursey or nurseydex (seriously which the fuck is it) so hard is because like 

imagine nursey growing up in a household where he could get any material thing that he wanted just by asking but the person who tucked him in at night was a nanny who changed every couple of months and most of his birthdays and holidays were spent at andover with quick ten minute phone calls from his parents in between business meetings and having no friends because all of his schoolmates were assholes who raided their parents’ medicince cabinets for fun and hated reading and all the classes that they were fucking privileged to take and he had to attend all these fucking galas where people gave to charity but it was never a real charity it was always something to help themselves mostly and everyone was so fucking cruel to one another no one really liked anyone and without friends or family and crafting his chill out of survival because if he doesn’t care then he can’t be hurt, right? nursey grew up getting everything he wanted but never feeling like he was truly wanted but


imagine dex growing up in a house that was crumbling under the footsteps of his five siblings and enormous extended family who stayed over a lot because heat in one house was easier to pay for than several houses and dammit family sticks together and imagine dex going to school with bag lunches that sometimes weren’t the right ones and his mother knows he doesn’t like ham and cheese but she handed him his sister’s on the way out the door so he eats it because she doesn’t need anything more on her plate and imagine little dex getting made fun of because his clothes sometimes have holes in them and all of his notebooks are second-hand and he can never get snacks on the lunchline because that is an extra dollar he doesn’t have and never getting to go on field trips because yeah it’s only twenty dollars but that could buy a pair of new shoes for his little brother so he doesn’t really need to go to the aquarium anyway and becoming so angry at everything and everyone because his family might not have money but they are good people and why can’t the world see past appearances and damn why does dex want to hit everything? dex grew up with nothing but the endless love his family could give and the, also seemingly endless, torment of his peers because he never had a dollar to his name


they meet and clash because their lives are so so different and it makes them resent one another because they think the other isn’t grateful for the fucking amazing things they had (ie money and love) and they clash so hard at first but then they see it, recognize it in one another, that want, that painful desire for something they didn’t have (love and money) and then they finally realize it- oh, you do get it, but just not in the way i thought


imagine them recognizing this want in one another and it pushing them together and imagine dex teaching nursey what real love and affection and comfort and care is and suddenly nursey doesn’t need his perfectly crafted chill to repel the disappointment because dex does a lot of things but he never disappoints in terms of love and then nursey teaches dex that there are things far more important than money and repairs all of the insecurities dex grew up with and hey, maybe he buys dex an expensive present every once in a while because if nursey can’t spoil his boyfriend, then who can he spoil?

and yeah that’s why i ship dexnursey (or nurseydex seriously wtf)

tldr; nursey and dex are very similar but in like completely different ways and i really want them to smush faces

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When you get this, please respond with five things that make you happy. Then, send to the last ten people in your notifications anonymously. You never know who might benefit from spreading positivity! 🌼

  1. My beautiful friends, and seeing them be happy and safe as they keep on kicking butt in life itself (I’m so proud of so many of them, I really am! ;-;). Eyes the following baes @kujx @inlusicnis @shrillringing @peaceasshcle @teslagravity @artisxagni @cantusecho @bioticiisms @savageorchids @soirao @littlebearwithinthebull because I know you are all just working so hard right now. ;A; <333
  2. Video games and their music, it’s definitely one of few things that are always able to get me through really rough times (And those awful mood drops). Video games have also inspired me to get fitter and to better myself in so many ways, truth be told.
  3. Drawing, animating, honestly, anything to do with creating! I’m just so thankful that I was able to embrace what it was that I have always been interested in since  I was a kid. I can only hope that I get better from here on out. There are always so many things I want to create, things that I hope people will enjoy viewing as much as I have enjoyed working on them!
  4. Dogs, another thing that always brings so much joy into my life besides a good video game. These magical creatures are just able to make me yell and cry with the perking of their ears and wagging of their tails like omg. And, whenever I’m feeling down these days, I can always go down and embrace my old boi, just patting his head and hugging him will make me feel better in a matter of seconds. Also, allergies ain’t gonna stop me, seriously, I had a terrible allergy reaction (Eyes swelled up, had an asthma attack and my arms were covered in itchy bumps) after embracing this one dog during a UK outing, no regrets. 8) )
  5. When people genuinely enjoy interacting with me both IC and OOC whenever I’m on here? I know this sounds really weird but… I hope you get what I mean.

Happy Digimon Savers 10th Anniversary!! ♥ It’s hard to believe it’s been ten years… It feels more like the first episode aired just yesterday(?). 

While I don’t make a habit of drawing it, this season remains in my top favourites right next to Adventure. Just like the majority of the digimon seasons it has a slow start yet gets really entertaining in the 2nd half of the series! 

Oh and today is also Masaru’s fictional birthday so… Happy B-day Aniki!

Rules: Answer the questions in a new post and then tag ten blogs you would like to get to know better.

Tagged by the wonderful @dinnerxx Thank you for tagging me <3

Nickname: Nikki

Star Sign: Leo… rawr! ;p

Height: 5′3″

Time Right Now: 1:45 pm

Favorite Music Artist: I don’t really have any favorite artists, I listen to all kinds of music – classical, jazz, Broadway, rock, blues, gospel, bossa nova, pop, r & b, movie soundtracks, techno, indie, OPM – so it’s hard to pick just one. Anything but country (it never appealed to me much, it all sounds kinda the same)

Song Stuck In Your Head: Right now, House of the Rising Sun, the Sinead O’Connor version, and I Can Do Better Than That Lara Pulver’s version (yeah, I know, it’s weird, but they’re both stuck in there)

Last TV Show You Watched: Been watching films, but I’m contemplating starting ‘Stranger Things’ and ‘Elementary’.

What Are You Wearing Right Now: an old uni jacket (with the school colors: green and maroon), a violet shirt and black leggings (yeah, not exactly a fashion statement)

What Do You Post: Adlock, mostly (I have a serious problem, mwahaha!), Lara Pulver appreciation posts, and my *ugh* writing.

Do You Have Any Other Blogs: Eh… no.

Why Did You Choose Your URL: It’s a reference from a Bible story, also I came up with it when I was a teenager (eons ago, lol) and I was a bit of an emo-wannabe (but was too totally cutesy to sell it) back then.

Do You Get Asks Regularly: Occasionally. Not a lot, but I’m open to it.

Hogwarts House: I tried Pottermore several times, and ended up getting sorted to every House except Hufflepuff (yeah, I can’t sell it, no matter how hard i try). But I get sorted into Slytherin most often and I have embraced the dark side.

Pokémon Team: I’m of the crop of kids where there were only 150 of them, so I can barely remember what teams there were. 

Favourite Colour: Clearly, I don’t really do well with ‘favorite’ kind of questions, since my preferences are so varied. I guess my favorites are combinations: black-and-silver, red-and-gold, turquoise-and-violet, dark-red-and-black 

Average Hours Of Sleep: two to four hours during weekdays, half the day on weekends.

Favourite Characters: 

BBC Sherlock: Irene Adler (and pretty much any other incarnation), Sherlock Holmes, Mary Morstan-Watson, Mycroft Holmes, and recently Eurus Holmes; Clarice Orsini, Leonardo da Vinci, and Vanessa Moschella (before they ruined her) of Da Vinci’s Demons; Kate Beckett, Javier Esposito, Kevin Ryan, and Martha Rogers of Castle; Penelope Garcia and Spencer Reid of Criminal Minds; Max Black of 2 Broke Girls (before the quality went down)

Those are only some of the TV characters, I have loads more, but those are the only ones I can think of right now. That doesn’t even include film or book characters yet.

How Many Blankets Do You Sleep With: Just one.

Following: only 34 apparently. I should add more to that list. Especially Adlockers.

I don’t know who else has been tagged or done this, but, I’m tagging: @lyrangalia, @equusgirl, @elinorx, @randombiochemist, @adler-esque, @francesca-wayland, @sayuri-kikyo, @farkhoda, @fireloom, @adler-holmes, @ebdaydreamer. No pressure!

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♡ Hello, wonderful Shipper of the Month! Some questions for you! 1) Who was your first Doctor, is he your favorite and why? 2) Your headcanon about Tentoo and Rose in Pete's World? 3) Do you have a favorite Doctor/Rose novel? ♡

Hello and thank you! I’m looking forward to this. :)

1.) Nine was my first Doctor and I love him and his sarcastic sense of humour and gruffness and I’m sorry we didn’t get to see enough of him. That being said, Ten is my Doctor forever. Ten is smart, sexy, gracious when warranted and has an insatiable need for knowledge but he is also dark, angry and feels the need and right to set hard limits and dish out a bit of retribution sometimes. He is a complete dichotomy and I can’t get enough of it. David Tennant has an amazing ability to convey so much with just a look and I have been been hooked from the beginning. 
2.) In my head they have a lot to work through at the beginning but eventually get to a place where they love each other fiercely and have wonderful lives. Once things have settled they travel when they can and helps the baby Tardis grow and then go back to exploring all of time and space with frequent trips back to spend time with their family and friends. Part of me also hopes that one day they somehow find a way to get back to their home universe and find Ten again. It takes a lot of talking, yelling, crying, tears and frustration but they all deal with everything the way they need to and settle into their life together.
3.) My favourite novel so far is The Stone Rose. There are so many moments that make my shippy heart happy. And the audiobook version is fantastic as well. The way that David reads each character and brings them alive with so many nuances is just amazing. The scene where Rose is finding out that it’s in fact the Doctor who sculpted her statue and that yes every part of that sculpture is accurate ;) and the Doctor says “I was inspired.” just kills me every time.

@thedalektables @chiaroscuroverse

Drabble #4

“What do you think you’re doing?”
      Stiles jumped so hard he nearly fell, jolted out of his thoughts by a very angry looking Beta.
      “I… I was just…” He stammered out.
      Liam glanced over at Y/N- the girl Stiles had been making heart eyes at for the past ten minutes. “Stop looking at my sister like that.” He demanded.
      “Oh, yes sir, I’ll get right on it. Won’t get right on it. As in I won’t be looking at her.” Stiles rambled nervously. “Um…”
      Liam rolled his eyes and shut his locker with a huff. “Yeah, I’m sure you won’t.”

That feel when you’re conflicted because you’re getting other offers and you’re technically underpaid by about 11k for your industry/experience right now, but you don’t want to end up at a job that’s too hard where everyone is a dick.

I like all my coworkers and I’ve never formed pleasant relationships at work so quickly, so I’d feel guilty about ditching them. Plus I have a ten-minute bus commute and can walk home past lots of shops and restaurants if I feel like it, as well as run errands at lunch. Plus it’s always stressful to get smacked in the face with a new codebase, and getting up to speed is going well here. Plus it’s definitely a solid salary, but Idek if that’s just because I grew up poor and most of my family members were in public service and made peanuts and I should be more greedy so I can retire or aaaarrrrrrrggggggggggh.

stonedlennon  asked:

51, 55, 42, 36, 13, 6, 3, 4

3. do you miss anyone?  yeah, mainly my grandpa who died last year over spring break and my ex girlfriend, but otherwise not too many people.

4. what are you looking forward to?  the hwwtw update my braces to be finally taken off, trumps possible impeachment, and sleep. im so tired

6. is it hard for you to get over someone?  extremely. not even just past relationships, but also friends who stop talking to me. especially as of late.

13. how do you feel right now?  pretty okay, i guess. its almost ten and i havent done my homework yet but its all good.

36. 3 dreams you want to fulfill?  being able to sell my art, finding someone who will make me happy, and moving into the city.

42. favourite book(s)  i dont typically like to read novels surprisingly? idk why. but i loved eleanor & park, and i loved the warrior cats series when i was younger.

51. starsign libra. my birthday is october 15th. the fucking scales.

55. tumblr friends you’re the only one i’ve got, tbh. 

thank you so much !!! <3

get to know me!

anonymous asked:

When you get this, please respond with five things that make you happy. Then, send to the last ten people in your notifications anonymously(or not). You never know who might benefit from spreading positivity! 🌼

Hmmm, well this shouldn’t be too hard!

1. Gardening makes me happy, even if the seeds or plants don’t grow right away or super fast, feeling the soil on my hands somehow just makes me feel calm.

2. My kitties. They are my babies that I love to no end <3

3. Cooking and/or baking~

4. Drawing when I get inspiration! 

5. MadaHashi. I love HashiMada but MadaHashi seems to be shoved to the back burner more often than not, so I indulge in that and it makes me super happy ehehehheeh.