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Fluffy Klance- Lance gets so flustered whenever someone flirts back and Keith doesn't know this until this one alien girl flirts back and Lance just flushes and starts stuttering a bit. Keith has been pining on him for a while now so he musters up his willpower and then lays a really good(bad) pick up line on Lance. Lance just stops processing for a good minute and Keith starts to wonder if he broke him when Lance stutters out a reply before running and hiding his red face behind his hands


Volton parkour au where keith, lance, allura and shiro are all runners, pidge sets the tracks, hunk commentates.
keith and lance always manage to trip over each other at some point, shiro keeps getting lost because he takes the wrong turns, allura wears sparkly sneakers (which distract her opponents), and coran holds the record for fastest time & is team coach

bonus: every. single. time. lance. jumps. he. yells. ‘PARKOUR!’. everyone tells him to stop but coran finds it amusing so he allows him to continue.