ten years ago!

honestly,,, i’m so tired of seeing ppl reblog my gif sets and just shit talking kate for reasons that are stupid af and imma tell you why

  • “kate mckinnon is transphobic” – kate did a shitty ass sketch show EIGHT-TEN YEARS AGO that was transphobic as hell, yes. i recognize that, we all get that. HOWEVER, don’t act like there wasn’t a huge difference between the conversations about trans now than there was then, don’t act like you can’t grow and become educated in months let alone ten fucking years. she hasn’t done that show in years??? she’s literally NEVER wanted to hurt people with her comedy??? she stated in an interview that she never wants anyone to take something she says and be offended by it when she never means to offend which is why she doesn’t have social media. she genuinely cares about people, so fuck you for holding something she did a decade ago over her when y’all sure as hell werent the same person you were ten years ago. 
  • “kate mckinnon believes in gold star lesbians” – kate was asked in an interview if she was gay. she stated “i am 100% les. i have never seen a human penis in my life.” two separate statements. quit reaching so far to act like she was stating you can’t be a lesbian if you’ve seen a dick. even if she HAD meant that, which i HIGHLY doubt she did, it was almost a decade ago again. quit acting like you can’t change in a decade. 
  • kate mckinnon didn’t defend leslie during all the twitter shit” – kate doesn’t have social media, which is where all that shit happened. what was she supposed to do? tweet about it on the twitter she didn’t have? yanno what she did since they are BEST FRIENDS? texted her. called her. yanno, visited her to make sure she’s alright. but yeah fuck her for not tweeting about it??? when she don’t have a twitter?? k.
  • “kate mckinnon had trump host snl” – kate is under a contract as an actress, she doesn’t choose who hosts. the producers do lmao. do you have a brain at all? 

y’all fucking stupid bc y’all try to find small reasons to hate every fucking one when y’all 100x more problematic than a lot of ppl. i honestly, 100% hope to god at some point someone finds something you said 10+ years ago and holds you accountable for it today like y’all do to kate and every other celebrity. it’s a form of dehumanization and it needs to stop bc it’s fucking tiring. 

It’s 2am, Neil’s shuffling into the kitchen to get a glass of water, he flicks on the light and turns around to find himself face to face with a giant tabby cat, who’s been sitting there on the countertop watching him, with it’s eerily sentient eyes. He jumps, and, on his instinct driven backwards step, trips over the water bowl behind him in a cacophony of clattering metal and grunting, before landing on his ass in a painful thud. Andrew, instantly awake and already running out of the room, ready to beat an intruder to death, half blind given he was dead asleep 2 seconds ago, falls over Neil on his way into the room and the both of them end up sprawled on top of each other on the kitchen floor. The cat jumps off the counter and sits on Andrew’s back.

“You fucking idiot,” Andrew says.

“They’re your cats asshole.”


└ Sakumoto love-hate relationship with rollercoasters.

Jun loves them; Sho hates them.

Anonymous asked:

I have little to no idea about tenses and persons… I think I’m writing in third person, but apparently there’s more than one third person? How do I know which style is mine? What other ones can I try to see if they suit me?

Let me start by clarifying what you’re talking about by “tenses and persons.” These are actually “narrative tense” and “point of view,” and they’re not a style that you have so much as a style that you choose because it suits the story.

Narrative Tense

Narrative tense is basically the difference between when the narrator is telling the story and when the story, scene, event, moment, or action actually happened. If the narrator is “now” and the whole story took place ten years ago, the story will be told in past tense, because the events happened in the past. If the narrator is “now” and the story is actively unfolding, the story will be told in present tense. Here are some of the different tenses you’ll see in stories:

Past Simple: is the form of past tense you will see most often in a story. This would be like, “Alice followed the White Rabbit and watched him disappear down the rabbit hole.” It is used to describe something that began and ended in the past, like a vacation you took in 2006.

Past Progressive: is used to describe a past event or activity that is on-going during the scene being described. For example, “I was driving down the street when a large bug flew into my windshield.” 

Past Perfect: is used to clarify that one action or event ended before another began. For example, “The lake’s water level had fallen three feet before residents became alarmed.”

Past Perfect Progressive: is used to describe an activity or event that was on-going but has now ended. For example, “I had been driving down the street when the bug flew into my windshield and caused me to slam on my brakes.”

Present Simple: is the form of present tense you will see most often in a story. This would be like, “Alice follows the White Rabbit and watches as he disappears down the rabbit hole.” It is used to describe action that is currently unfolding.

Present Continuous: is used to describe an activity that is on-going as the scene unfolds. For example, “Alice is following the White Rabbit, watching to see where he goes.”

Present Perfect: is used to describe an action or event that has ended but is currently relevant. For example, “Alice has followed the White Rabbit all day, and now he disappears down the rabbit hole.”

Present Perfect Continuous: is used to describe an action or even that started in the past but just ended and is still relevant, or will continue into the future. For example, “Alice is exhausted from chasing the White Rabbit all day.”

Point of View

Point of view tells us who the narrator is and whose perspective the events are being filtered through. 

First Person POV: tells us that the narrator is either the main character or another character who is involved in the story. The events are being filtered through the narrator’s perspective. For example, “I followed the White Rabbit all day, but I gave up when he disappeared down the rabbit hole.”

Second Person POV: the second person narrator can be a character in the story or not, but the reader is put into the position of the main character, so the events unfold as though from the perspective of the reader. For example, “You have been following the White Rabbit all day, but you give up when he disappears down the rabbit hole.”

Third Person POV: the third person narrator is not a part of the story. They can be known or unknown, but they either describe events as filtered through the character’s perspective (third person limited) or from a more detached, all-knowing perspective (third person omniscient.)

You can read more about point of view here.

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I don’t know what to write. I thought, then, that I wouldn’t write at all and not worry about it any more. I thought I felt no need or desire to feel demonstratively about all this stuff; I don’t need to feel it in public for me to feel it. then I thought back to how I felt ten years ago tonight.

I thought about how I felt watching the lady in the aa group that would become my home group take her ten year coin at the start of the meeting. I looked at her and I thought she was fucking impossible, fucking intolerable, a goddamn magician and a liar and oh, oh god, oh god how I wanted what she had. Yeah. Ten years?

I used to mistake attention for affection. I used to think I wouldn’t live to see 30 let alone 40. I used to think I would die alone and unloved because I was alone and unlovable. I used to be ashamed of being mentally ill. I used to be ashamed to all for help. I used to think I was on fire all the time. I used to spend my days pouring booze and drugs on what I felt because I didn’t want to feel it. Good or bad, I was on fire and wanted oblivion. I used to do that stuff. I used to.

Ten years. I am fucking impossible, fucking intolerable, a goddamn magician, and I swear its all true. I don’t know how but it started in a room with a bunch of old drunks and a shitty cup of coffee and hearing for the first time that attention and affection are two different things. I showed up. I listened. I didn’t get fucked up that day. That was how I started.

Lots of people get clean and sober lots of different ways. I’m agnostic and aa worked for me; theres other ways. What matters is: getting clean, getting sober, can will and does happen, even to those of us that confuse attention for affection.

It’s the dark time of year here. When the temperature moves the forest sheds a mist that comes up from under their canopy of branches and eats the daytime straight out of the sky as it rises. It’s okay. In the dark and the quiet we can see even the tiniest of embers. I’ll light a candle for you. I’ll save a seat for you.

When I was an undergrad at this school, the library had a modest collection of Wodehouse. When I came back, they had all been obliterated from the catalogue, and I’ve been trying to figure out what became of them. Today I discovered that they were all checked out in January of last year and never returned.

I don’t know who this person was but I need to track them down so I can compliment them on their good taste before yelling at them.

the signs as shit my percussion section has done
  • aries: takes endless horrible pictures of our band director and posts them on twitter
  • taurus: took naps in the percussion locker
  • gemini: whipped and nae nae'd in the halftime show
  • cancer: worshipped the percussion instructor
  • leo: got themselves locked in the tuba locker and the band director had to pry them out with a crowbar
  • virgo: filmed our band director falling off a hoverboard and posted it all over twitter
  • libra: went to a dinner theater, and after lined up to get one guy's autograph bc he was hot
  • scorpio: made our drumline shirts say 'make percussion great again'
  • sagittarius: kept a shard of a conductor stick the director threw at the percussion section ten years ago taped in the percussion cabinet as an ancient relic
  • capricorn: shoved food wrappers in a percussion locker and caused an ant infestation
  • aquarius: padlocked other people's pencil cases to the bongos
  • pisces: got tired of waiting for the director to order new mallets and snapped five pairs to speed up the process