ten x reinette

tinyconfusion  asked:

wouldn't it be cool to flip 'the princess bride' and instead make it the 'the prince and his bride' and make rose the pirate and ten the damsel ? and imagine reinette being one of the princesses in the castle who can barely stand ten but is in love with the pirate bad wolf (not knowing she's actually a woman .. or does she??? ;)) .. and just .. i have a lot of feelings for this world i've created and i just wanted to share lol

Oh please oh please oh PLEAAAAAAAASE somebody write this for us. I very desperately need Rose in the Dread Pirate Roberts garb, like yesterday. And Humperdink!Reinette and Prince Ten. Everything else is gravy. This is just. Everything.

lady in waiting: prologue

Characters: Reinette Poisson/Madame de Pompadour, Rose Tyler, Mickey Smith, Tenth Doctor, King Louis XV, Queen Marie Leszczyńska; featuring Reinette Poisson/Rose Tyler, Tenth Doctor/Rose Tyler, Reinette Poisson/Louis XV

Summary: A Moffat-unfaithful, historically-more-faithful GITF retelling. Rose Tyler, through the fireplace. Also, I did not rewatch the episode nor did I read up on it to write this. Dialogue, plot-points and scenes will mostly differ from the canon episode. This is my take on how this story should have been. So aside from the premise and bare bones of the plot, things are gonna be original.

Rating: R, for violence and horror. Sorry, don’t think there’ll be sex in this one. At least not onscreen. Who knows what Reinette will be getting up to…

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