ten thousand solutions

anonymous asked:

hello hello just when you think i left i popped right back omg how would nct Dream react to their crush and best friend being an insomniac ? -cactus anon 🌵 who else 😂

Thank you a lot for your request! Missed you! 

Mark: is rlly sad bc he doesn’t know how to fix it

Renjun: gives you like ten thousand solutions to it with really confusing names you’ve never heard of rip & bless at the same time

Jeno: that eye smile can heal anything

Haechan: “Oh, yeah, same! I sleep at 12 AM as well.”

Jaemin: “So, basically, you’re trying to cosplay zombies.”

Chenle: hopes food can fix that

Jisung“How?” he’s a sleepy bb all the time

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