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Three different covers for James Tiptree Jr’s Ten Thousand Light-Years From Home. There’s a sweet one with an elephant on it, but I couldn't find a good image of it anywhere.

Anyway, this is the last of my images celebrating 10,000 followers. I could keep going, but you guys get the point. Thanks for everything!

Mr. Goldman, please collect your embarrasing son Moffat and his friend GaHtiss

As you may have seen in this post, I was wondering what on earth would Mr. Goldman think about TFP. Because is such a piece of work, it needs to be closely observed.

Basically I will discuss each one of Goldman’s ten commandments on writing and try to figure out what Moffat and GaHtiss did to disgrace it. Long rant, so under a read more. 


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“Thou shalt take thy time, as well as that of others.
Thou shalt count to ten before speaking.
Thou shalt strike when the time cometh.
Thou shalt greet thy peers with a little hand wave.
Thou shalt always have the correct time.
Thou shalt swallow a spoonful of oil each morning to keep the cogs turning.
Thou shalt ensure thy bandages are fastened securely before each teleportation.
Thou shalt never be late without first presenting thine excuses.
Thou shalt have tactics that are full of tick tock.
Thou shalt respond in a timely manner when asked the hour.
If thou dost not follow these commandments, thou shalt walk around the dial twenty-four times as a sign of penitence.
Praise be to Xelor, the faceless god!”




Xelor - MintChocolateChimp

Villager #1 & #2 - TheJABELL

Villager #3 - ShadowRing123Dubs

Bakara - Alexis Noire

Julith - TotalSpiffage

The Ten Commandments

I Thou Shalt Fight Conformism

II Thou Shalt Be the Messenger of Freedoms

III Thou Shalt Make Use of Sex

IV Thou Shalt Reinvent Life

V Thou Shalt Grab the Soul

VI Thou Shalt Give thy Love

VII Thou Shalt Create Artificial Art

VIII Thou Shalt Have a Sense of Purpose

IX Thou Shalt Not Know Exactly What Thou Dost But Thou Shall Do It

X Thou Shalt Give Something Back