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Three different covers for James Tiptree Jr’s Ten Thousand Light-Years From Home. There’s a sweet one with an elephant on it, but I couldn't find a good image of it anywhere.

Anyway, this is the last of my images celebrating 10,000 followers. I could keep going, but you guys get the point. Thanks for everything!


Just a few of my absolute favourite fics that I’ve read. This list will keep being updated as I read more, and as I rediscover the links to the ones I’ve already read but lost in the sea of my likes!! Also feel free to recommend fics (PLEASE DO) bc i am down to read all of them ✨

Also, absolute must reads : 💘 ; smut : 🔞; new additions! : 💥

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Person A - Dude, have you noticed that your voiced has changed?

Person B - What, you mean how I sound like a man and you squeal like a piglet on helium?

Person A - YOU TAKE THAT BACK! >:c

Person B - Sure, when you ask me like a man.

Person A -  I AM A MAN! >:v

Person B - Really? ‘Cause right now you sound like a mouse whose parachute won’t open.


Tv Person - You have won this antique crystal decanter worth over ten thou-    -crystal thingy blows up-


Person B - Augh! Okay! Okay! I take it back.


Shmi Skywalker’s journal [Tatooine Ghost] - part I

Anyone who read Tatooine Ghost by Troy Denning probably remember that Leia got from Beru’s relatives journal that once belonged to Shmi Skywalker. Shmi recorded things about her (and Anakin’s childhood friends) life through the years, in hopes to give it to her son, once he come back to Tatooine, so he would know that Shmi was always thinking about him, believe in him and loved him no matter what. The recording also helped her to stay mentally strong after Anakin’s departure, while she was left in slavery.

I think this journal is pretty interesting source to know, especially since it helped Leia a lot to learn about her family she never knew - or in case of Darth Vader - never wanted to know. This is really touching to see Shmi Skywalker through Leia’s eyes, especially since women from Skywalker family have so rarely a chance to interact. The journal gave Leia an unique chance to “meet” her grandmother, to learn of Shmi’s quiet dignity and unconditional love for son. To learn how Shmi met Cliegg Lars, more about Watto and their relationship and Jinn’s part in freeing Shmi from slavery. For all interested, I copied and pasted below entries from Shmi’s journal (and Leia’s reaction / commentary). This part is focused at the first years after Anakin’s departure:

The question ENTRY? appeared on the display. Leia asked for the first one, and a time stamp appeared in the lower corner. There was a place for a date stamp opposite, but a message read "Calendar file corrupted.” A moment later, a dark-eyed woman appeared on the screen. She had a small upturned nose and brown hair pulled back, and she looked a little tired, her face lined by worry and weather. Despite her fatigue, she was still attractive in that hard Tatooine way, with a quiet dignity and serene composure that Leia perceived despite the small display.

No… not perceived, Leia realized. Recognized. It would be difficult to discern such traits in two seconds of viewing a tiny electronic image, yet Leia did know they were qualities possessed by this woman. She felt them much as she had felt Mos Espa growing more familiar, much as she had known when she entered the slave hut where her father might have lived.

The Force again, carrying her into the Skywalkers’ past. “All right. Who are you?” Leia leaned forward, studying the image more closely. “Luke’s Aunt Beru?”

The mystery woman remained in the display, her brow furrowing as she concentrated on something. Her lips began to move, but no sound came. Leia adjusted the volume to maximum… then nearly dropped the journal when a warm female voice suddenly blared from the little speaker.


… this thing still is not recording.

A gravelly voice, not as loud, said, “What are you doing, woman? told you to clean my shop. Memory chips, you clean at home.”

The woman’s image was replaced by a bald blue head with large selfish eyes, a hoselike proboscis of a nose, and a huge mouth containing a handful of chunky tusks. In the background fluttered a pair of wings, moving so fast they were a blur.

“Where did you get this?” the being demanded. “Is it yours?”

“I bought it with my memory-chip earnings,” the woman said. “I thought-”

“Maybe I should sell it for disobeying me, eh?” The image in the display whirled as the being turned the journal over. “But it’s not worth much, I think. Back to work, or I will.”

The display went blank-the end of the first entry.[….] Leia looked down to find the journal flashing ENTRY TWO? She told it to continue, and the woman’s face appeared in the display, smiling.


You might enjoy something to remember Watto by, so I left that as entry one. He’s not so bad, as masters go, and I do believe there are times when he truly misses your mischief.

Annie, this diary is for you. I know you’ll be gone a long time, and that you’ll be very lonely at times. So will I. This diary is so that when you come home someday, you’ll know you were always in my heart. But your destiny lies in the stars. You will achieve great things in the galaxy, Anakin. I have known that from the moment you were born. So you must never believe you were mistaken to leave Tatooine. Wherever you go, you carry my love with you. Always remember that.

The journal nearly slipped from Leia’s hands. “Annie” and “Anakin” had to be Anakin Skywalker, who had once been Watto’s slave. The woman was his mother… and Leia’s grandmother.

Leia paused, taking a breath, then asked for the next entry. Her grandmother’s face appeared in the display and began to speak to her.


Watto came back from a trip to Mos Eisley today with bad news. He told me that Qui-Gon Jinn had been killed in a battle on a world called Naboo. No one knows whether he had a boy with him, but I’m terrified, Annie. Do I still have a reason to keep this diary?

Watto keeps saying that I should never have let you go, that you would have been better off staying his slave on Tatooine. I can’t allow myself to believe that… Qui-Gon promised me he would take care of you, that he would train you as a Jedi, so I must trust that you are still all right. But who is watching after you? Who will train you now?

Annie, I’m so worried.

The entries for the next few months ran in much the same vein-though many had been destroyed by the data skips Silya had mentioned. Anakin’s mother put up a brave front, recounting day-to-day events as a matter of faith that her son had survived and would one day hear them. But she also continued to search for news of his fate. One spacer reported hearing that there had been a boy at the battle, another a wild tale about the boy actually striking the critical blow.

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anonymous asked:

If anyone ever says you can't have morals without religion, point out that if atheists had written ten commandments, "thou shalt not kill" would be number one instead of number six.

Finally, a decent question! I’ve longed for the chance to have a good conversation on here again. 🙃

Yes, that is something I always bring up when people talk about morality and religion, it takes to number SIX before the rule about not killing people begins. Like, seriously, it’s as if the commandments are the Terms and Conditions of Christianity and people just read to “Thall shall worship God” and was like “meh, I’m sure that’s all I need to know before I click Agree.”

Ten Commandments of Teaching

Thou shalt…

1. Always smile, always be yourself. Children can smell a fake from miles away.

2. Always be honest - don’t be afraid to tell pupils when they have overstepped their boundaries. If they have angered/upset you, let them know, be honest.

3. Realise that some pupils will slip through the net, and that’s okay. You can prepare pupils for their exams, you cannot sit the exam for them.

4. Be relentless - if pupils have slipped up and have to face the consequences of their actions, do not be afraid to pursue them. Make sure they do that written exercise, that detention. Its in their best interest, and yours.

5. Always take an interest, take the time to get to know your pupils and what makes them tick. A few weeks learning names and interests, and their yours for the year.

6. Be enthusiastic about your subject - why are you teaching? what does your subject bring to the table? What skills can pupils obtain from you? How does this benefit them?

7. Make lessons relevant - if you don’t know why you’re teaching it, they won’t understand why they have to learn it. 

8. Make no empty threats. Mean what you say and say what you mean

9. Not re-invent the wheel - there are hundreds of free and good resources out there. See what is out there first, and use it to complement your lessons, giving credit where it is due.

10. Remember to mark jotters and provide individual feedback. When exams and planning become a reality, this can be hard. Take an interest in your pupils, want them to succeed. Tell them this in written form in response to their contributions. 

thebuttholebonanza  asked:

Hey so I am taking an advanced Spanish grammar course and I am having issues with the perfect tenses. I understand present perfect and past perfect but I am having a lot of issues with the others! Do you have any tips/advice to getting those down?

The perfect tenses are most commonly used with present perfect and past perfect (which is also called pluscuamperfect / pluperfect)

Basically, “perfect” is linguistic terminology for “already completed”, so it’s something that took place in the past that still has an effect on the present.

And English uses “have” the way Spanish uses haber in this case.

Como. = I eat. [present]
He comido. = I have eaten. [present perfect]

Comí. = I ate. [preterite]
Había comido. = I had eaten. [pluperfect]

Comía. = I was eating. [imperfect]
Había estado comiendo. = I had been eating. [pluperfect + gerund form]

Antes que coma… = Before I eat… [present subjunctive]
Antes que haya comido… = Before I’ve eaten… [present subjunctive perfect]

Comería. = I would eat. [conditional]
Habría comido. = I would have eaten. [conditional perfect]

Comeré. = I will eat. / I shall eat. [future]
Habré comido. = I will have eaten. [future perfect]

Si comiera… = If I were to eat [imperfect subjunctive]
Si hubiera comido… = If I were to have eaten… [imperfect subjunctive perfect]

The present subjunctive works pretty much like present tense; it’s just that you see it with subjunctive phrases like… es posible que haya roto la pierna “it’s possible he/she’s broken their leg” or ojalá que haya llegado “I hope that he/she/it’s arrived”

The conditional perfect is pretty much like conditional, you’re more likely to see it with imperfect subjunctive used for “if/then” situations… si lo supiera, no habría dicho eso “If I had known, I would not have said that”

Same thing with imperfect subjunctive perfect… si lo hubiera sabido “If I had known” or si me hubieran llamado “if they had called me”… 

But imperfect subjunctive has its own functions aside from if/then statements, used for unlikely things or hypothetical situations, or for subjunctive being used in the past or the future… ojalá que hubiera llovido “I hoped it would have rained” or esperaba a que hubieran llegado “I was waiting until they had arrived”

The one that feels most unnatural for me personally - but it’s totally fine in Spanish - is the future perfect. To me, future perfect feels very aristocratic England like… habré comido feels like “I shall have eaten” but Spanish speakers use future tense for something definitive or for long-term goals, and sometimes supposition: ¿Quién habrá muerto en Walking Dead? which can translate as “Who will die on Walking Dead?” or “Who’s died on Walking Dead?”

Future tense used like that is very common for internet searches. The “shall” is done with future tense, and to me it feels aristocratic because Spanish uses the future tense for the Ten Commandments (no matarás = “thou shalt not kill”)

More uncertain supposition is done with conditional; but for future it’s a foregone conclusion: habrán vuelto ya “they’ll have returned already” / “they’ll be back by now”

*Note: You don’t see hube, hubiste, hubo, hubieron, hubimos + past participle for the perfect tenses. This is actually known as pretérito anterior but it’s obsolete now.

Pluperfect is used instead which is había, habías, había, habían, habíamos + past participle

Ten commandments
1.thou shall bees in the trap
2.Love thy neighbor only if shes not a thot
3.do onto others as youd wish upon thyself so no pig latin
4.You shall kill for thy day one niggas
5.covet your neighbors goods
6.thou shall only steal from fuck boys
7.Keep thy pimp hand strong
8.no mac shall love a hoe
9.Do not blocketh the cock
10.Thou shall pour out for the fallen

Mr. Goldman, please collect your embarrasing son Moffat and his friend GaHtiss

As you may have seen in this post, I was wondering what on earth would Mr. Goldman think about TFP. Because is such a piece of work, it needs to be closely observed.

Basically I will discuss each one of Goldman’s ten commandments on writing and try to figure out what Moffat and GaHtiss did to disgrace it. Long rant, so under a read more. 


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