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(1/2) In light of the fact that Gillian has eyes on Tumblr, I am submitting this message to a few favorite blogs in the hopes that Gillian might see it and knock some sense into Chris Carter should there be a XF Season 11. If Mulder and Scully do not have a close encounter of the sexual kind (WITH EACH OTHER) in the next season, I swear to god I will ship a truckload of sharpened pencils to the office of Ten Thirteen Productions to symbolize how Chris Carter continues to stab the heart of fans.

(2/2) Seriously though, it angers and saddens me every time I think about what he did to MSR. No matter how he tries to twist it, it’s obvious their love will be ever-present. Mulder and Scully have earned some happiness in their lives after all they’ve been through. And I think the fans, especially those who have been here since the original run of the show, also deserve to see these two heroes hold on to something good in this gloomy world. Save us, Gillian and David. You’re our only hope.


Once it’s announced, we should go demonstrate in front of Ten Thirteen.