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my bpd ass: i have literally no idea who i am

some fucko: but do any of us really know WHO we are? surely it is the deepest part of human nature to question existence, and wh-

me: thanks denise, but every time i look in a mirror i dissociate five inches to the left, i forget what my name is, and if you asked me what things i enjoy i would be UNABLE to tell you unless i had already made a list


“Hello?! Will someone please explain to me what the hell is going—”


Brace yourself, Flash Bastard, for I am Hastur, Duke Of Hell.

I find Hastur oddly fascinating. He’s just so inhuman in every way that it made me physically sick at one point of the book (maggot Hastur freaked me out big time). He’s a man-shaped creature in its most fundamental meaning: if you’d stare at him long enough, you’d see that he’s not flesh and bone and human – but something ancient, terrible and misshapen. I don’t think he’d resemble an angel anymore, either.

I just really like his character and I wish there was more meta and analysis about him (especially comparing him to Crowley), not to mention fan art.

so is anyone else suuuper unimpressed by the advertising for the FFXV mobile app? I’m like, squeenix, have some pride – refrain from the generic-sexy-live-action lady gently beckoning people to “join the battle, my lord” while emphasizing her cleavage

you are a triple-a game company, squeenix, it should at least be a specific canon character doing the fanservice pandering


David Tennant’s left eyebrow on Top Gear.

Maybe it’s time you went h o m e.

anonymous asked:

If you're talking about the "vanity issues" joke from the special, I don't think Moffat meant Ten all the way through. If you remember the episode when Ten regenerated back into himself, then you'll remember that he actually said (when asked why he looked the same, and I quote) "You see? Used the regeneration energy to heal myself, but as soon as that was done I didn't need to change. I didn't want to. Why would I? Look at me!" So I think the vanity comment made sense.

And I think you just made the same surface judgement of Ten based on that comment that Moffat did. If you really think that Ten actually meant he didn’t want to change his face because he liked how he looked, than I think you don’t know Ten very well, especially not his proclivity for making light of situations. Ten is the sort of Doctor who is quite frequently joking in the midst of hard situations, that doesn’t mean he’s genuinely being serious with the things he says. I explained this to someone else yesterday (because yes, Nonny, I haven’t forgotten what he said):

There are so many reasons why he chooses not to regenerate there; because he’s just found Rose again and he doesn’t want to change for her, but also for Donna, and Jack, because they’re in the middle of this massive fight and he can’t change now, and yes, because he doesn’t want to go, but not because he’s VAIN. You want to know a part of the full cause? Just keep watching the scene:

ROSE: You’re still you? 
DOCTOR: I’m still me. 

People need to learn to look a little bit deeper. But then, it wouldn’t surprise me that Moffat, at least, is incapable of such a thing. He’s a very surface-level type of person when it comes to character development. But come on now, fans who love the Doctor should know better.